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No Romance Allowed part 6

Hancock was in serious problem and Luffy finally decided to postpone his dream for a while.




Colorful colors with extravagant details, completed with huge ribbons in many parts of the pajamas—that was Emporio Ivankov's most favorite sleeping gown. Iva sauntered slowly passing her bedroom, then moved toward her veranda, a personalized Den Den Mushi was in the okama's hands. The Queen of Peach Island actually hated the fact that she had to use the phone, but there was no other way. Besides, she couldn't keep things like this in secrecy any longer.


There was a long silence pause before finally Iva heard a low deep voice answered. No problem, the eccentric okama knew he was always awake after all, especially in the middle of the uncertain nowhere.


"It's been a long time, Dragon." Iva started, smiled widely as if something very funny had just crossed her mind. "Monkey D. Luffy and you is peas in pod, he could be that strong, hard-villed, and as crazy as you vhenever he vants to…" he started talking about Luffy, Dragon's son who had run away with him almost 2 and half years ago from Impel Down. At that time, Iva had just realized that Dragon was Luffy's father. Strange how world could be that small, meeting with the son of your best friend and now taking care of his grandchildren and—his future daughter in law.

"… vondering vhy Straw Boy could be that cheerful vhen you are so gloomy, traits inherited from his grandfather, perhaps? "

"He's my son."

Iva had known Dragon for years, and that kind of response was natural. Dragon only spoke much when he had ideas or strategies, planning to attack countries or getting more soldiers. Iva winked several times, then, the Queen of Kamabacca whispered so slowly, very dramatically one might say.

"There's a bad—terribly bad news about your son Luffy, I can't bear it, hardly close my eyes, crying for hours. I think I should give small visit to psycholo—"

"Iva, stop joking."

"Congratulations, Dragon~! You are lucky to get grandchildren in such young age, fufufu~!" Iva suddenly told the news she had kept for hours to her best friend. "I haven't mention they are tvins, right~? Not to mention they are THE CUTEST babies on earth~!"

"Oh, that's good."



Fine, Iva herself was surprised enough when she failed to make her revolutionary leader shock. Well, that trick worked for her candy boys. Maybe they were too easy to be fooled, and Dragon certainly wasn't part of her candy boys.

Still in a fright, Iva rubbed her temples, and then continued. "Wait, you are okay with that?!"

"I'm younger than my son when I had him." Dragon spoke flatly as if that's a kind of normal conversation about having grandchildren from his child-like son in that young age. "If there's nothing you want to talk about—"

"Have you read the news?" Iva quickly added, realizing Dragon had lost his interest in the subject. True, family matter was should kept in private, but not when it became the source of problems. She just read the news, which told Boa Hancock was once slave. That was probably the reason why Hancock-chan shivered the other day, refused to talk about her connection between Mariejoa. And somehow, that made sense.

"The news about former slave becoming Shichibukai and so on, vhat do you think?"

"There are no slaves or forced workers anymore in the future." Dragon pressed his voice. "The whole systems—Tenryuubito, kingdom and aristocratic who think they are better than anyone, slaves and masters, human, creatures, and animals trafficking—would be part of past, old systems which should be left buried hundred years ago. People may live the way they desire, and I believe we will be able to do everything—like I believe in my son."

"I'm glad you are my best friend, Dragon." Iva smiled, gazed at thousand stars above her head, sparkling so shiny like her golden undies. I do believe Straw Boy could create miracle none could do but him.

"Is she Luffy's mate?"



Everyone in the Thousand Sunny stopped their activities when Nami exclaimed the news about Boa Hancock, their captain's woman, was once slave. However, most of the crew believed deep in their hearts that was just hoax, sensational news specially made to distract their focus on the Governmental issues or the crimes, which took in many places since the last war. Believing Boa Hancock, the Pirate Empress as slave was rather… as if believing Usopp would stop lying—that was extremely impossible.

"SLAVE, WHAT SLAVE?" Sanji looked so emotional he looked like breathing dragon with fire kept spreading from his nostrils. "HER MASTER WAS THE LUCKIEST MAN ON EARTH HAVING THAT MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN AS HIS SLAVE! I WANT HER TOO AS MY SERVA—NO, I'LL BE HER SAVIOR, KNIGHT IN HER DREAMS~!"

Nami couldn't stand Sanji's abnormal reaction, poking the cook's head as hard as possible. She hated when he overreact that way. "That's not the problem, Sanji-kun!"

"I'm so sorry, Nami-swan~! I'm forever slave of your love~!"

Sanji's eyes turned into heart shape, looking happily at his beloved Nami. He had totally lost the objection of asking the beautiful but spicy redhead about the dinner theme that day. In Crow's nest, Zoro who was busily working with his exercises rolled his eyes desperately, wondering why that certain curly eyebrows never learnt his lesson.

"Who is responsible of reporting that news?" Sanji was wondering, after that he stared at Luffy, there was something wrong in his face. Hey that couldn't be… Luffy couldn't be… Luffy could be selfish man who wants the most beautiful woman Hancock-sama to become his own slave, right?! That asshole fucker captain is so hateful! "ARGGHHHHHH!"

Sanji dramatically dropped his pan, and slowly falling to the floor. "Oh, God why…"

Zoro muttered disgusting or somewhat connected with stupid cook or pervert cook. Brook and Robin wisely watched the scene, meanwhile Usopp was curious, wanted to know what had happened to Hancock. Perhaps Luffy knew about that gossip or whatsoever.

"Oi, Luffy, what do you know—"

"I must meet Hancock at once. I must go to the Isle of Women now." Luffy ignored Usopp's question. He had never looked so serious in the last days, but now he even raised his voice. Something clouded his mind, which of course, barely used. "I need to see her!"



However, Franky laughed seeing his captain acted like that, posing another dirty move. "Great~! Meet her and make children together~! Isn't it great to be pervert~?!"


"What are you thinking about, you pervert?!" Nami scolded the pervert cyborg with Sanji's pan he had left before. "There's little kid here!"

"I found mating as interesting subject, and there's nothing wrong with it. Finding someone compatible with you and want to share the most intimate moments to create newborn is magnificent. Dr. Kurenai had told me she liked travelling to another island to find soulmate." Chopper explained heartily, blushing. "One day, I'll find another blue-nosed reindeer… and ask her to be my mate..."

"Good one, Chopper~!" Franky showed another kinky pose. "I'll make reindeer cyborg if you failed~!"

"That's not funny you said Chopper will fail," Usopp chuckled, pulling Chopper to his muscled body. "I'll paint any reindeers' noses blue for you, then."

"I'll make another robot for you too, Usopp, not to worry."

"Nami, can we sail back to Grand Line?" Luffy suddenly asked. "Where's our position?"

"We're so close with unknown islands with various temperature degrees, and the compass leads us toward hot and icy island nearby." Nami answered Luffy's question. She actually didn't want to follow Luffy's order, moreover, they had reached that position with great difficulties. "Are you sure we will sail back to Grand Line? It took many difficulties to achieve this position—"

"We could be in a weird island where many experimental creatures live, like half-crocodile pirate, or half-bird lady, crazy scientist with dragon horns—" Usopp added. "Don't forget giant-sized children."

"Or I can meet another doctor," Chopper shook his head. "… and we can share our knowledge—but not the one like Doctor Hogback!" the cute doctor quickly added.

"I could be in Nami's body and groped her breasts happily, affectionately…" Sanji smiled naughtily. "I could die smiling and I won't regret anything…"


"KEEP ON DREAMING!" Nami gave another hard punch to Sanji's face, "are you sure we are heading back to Grand Line?"

"Yohoohoo…" Brook was flying to the deck while holding the violin in his hands. "This is the beauty of getting young and pretty, Nami, may I see your underpa—"


"We've reached this far after all…" Usopp commented. "I don't think we should head back…"

"That's captain order! We must follow him!" Zoro finally spoke; a bottle of sake was in his hands. His expression was harsh. "We must follow what our captain decides!"

"Ara, I also consider Luffy's decision is the best." Robin was the first crew, who noticed that the news could be telling the truth, especially when Luffy's honest face mostly explained all. If that truly had happened, complicated problems might appear. That might be interesting as hell, and she couldn't wait. "Zoro's right, we have to listen what our captain wants."

"Hey, if Luffy becoming that serious, so is the news correct?" Usopp brought back the topic, reading the headline once again. "The Truth of the Most Beautiful Woman in the Seas, the Royal Shichibukai Boa Hancock. Escaping from Red Line years ago, climbed up wonderfully as Kuja's Queen in The Isle of Women. She was once slave, forever slave. Is it true, Luffy?"

"That can't be," Sanji protested. He hardly believed that Hancock, the most beautiful woman in the seas was slave. His heart couldn't admit that. By the way, he also couldn't admit that Luffy wasn't virgin anymore but he was. Okay, that's very, very out of topic.

"No way, slave that beautiful, I want to—"

"We want to know, Luffy!" Nami and Franky said, almost at the same time.

"Tell me something I don't know, yohohoho!" Brook joined them, wondering.

Luffy pouted his mouth, rolling his eyes to the other side, whistling nervously. "I don't know anything. I just want to meet Hancock."


"Tell us!"

"Yes, tell us! Tell us!"

"Oi! Oi!" Zoro didn't like if the rest of crews threatened Luffy that way. He was totally against the other when they demand more info about privacy, especially about Luffy and Hancock—his captain lover. "Stop asking Luffy!"

"Ah, Zoro, how could you…"

"You're no fun, moss-head!"

"You curly eyebrows!"

"Fine, fine, let's sail to Grand Line!" Nami finally gave up. She didn't want to know anyway, just wanted to tease Luffy, her captain. One thing, she wasn't jealous. Okay, maybe jealous, a bit. "Franky, move 180 degrees to the west, and follow when the wind blows!"

"Aye, Nami~!" Franky nodded, and ran to the deck.

Everyone in the Thousand Sunny knew Luffy was lying—hiding something—but that's not the point anyway. They decided to follow the captain's order, returning to the wild oceans, Grand Line to meet Hancock.



Pink atmosphere, pink rainbows, and scruffy-faced okama in not-so-cute-and-what-the-hell sexy bunny costumes were unusual welcome for Rayleigh and Shakky when they came to Peach Island. Rayleigh had never visited that place before, so he was rather surprise to see Iva's candy boys—in large number. Frankly, he felt a bit offended by their hallucinating costumes, and hair all over those legs. Not to mentioned those moustache.

Shakky smiled when she saw those babies, who were playing with Salome, Hancock's beloved pet. Acer and Fuchsia were chubby and fat—exactly shared Hancock's features. "You should leave more often long ago, let them fruitful and multiply."

"I regretted so, Shakky… wait up, there's something I have to discuss something with Ivankov."

"Sure thing, dear." Shakky waved her hand and focused her attention on Acer. "There's a baby-boy born in the Isle of Women, this is surprising. Don't you think so, baby-boy?"

Acer smacked his mouth, and then the small baby showed an arrogant impression—impersonating his mother. The small baby however, could reveal his cold aura towards his visitors like saying that he's special and his existence wasn't your business or so.

"My, you're a cute prick, Monkey must adore you very much if he sees you. And who's this cute little baby with red ribbon?" Shakky was now looking at beautiful Fuchsia, who was looking back at her with full of curiosity. "You're more like Monkey, baby-girl."



Rayleigh walked forward, coming toward Hancock with newspaper in his hands. He had read the news for sure. "I knew you must have known about this and the mystery behind it—that's why I and Shakky came late. So far, World Government is looking for more data, checking your past, Hancock."

Hancock didn't say anything. Knowing her past was revealed for public, she was completely out of it. She actually hated the fact she had to hide in Peach Island, and she detested being under interrogation, moreover, she definitely disliked if people talked about her past.

Those gloomy days she longed to forget, hours of humiliations and begging—no, she had to be strong. No more tears, no more pain. She was no longer weakling with explosive necklace again. She was free nowadays and she would do anything to stay free.

"The bad news is, I heard Saint Sharlia has been asking about her snake pet long ago, and Marineford is taking that job. Well, it could be…" Rayleigh shook his head, "… you, Sandersonia, or Marigold."

"Ohhh…" Hancock bit her lips when she heard that name again. Saint Sharlia! Of course! Who could forget what that bitch had done to her and her sisters! Oh! Those disgraceful orders coming from that young girl who was younger and uglier than she was hard to forget!

Rayleigh realized that Hancock was strong woman, but they had no idea when tears suddenly flew from those beautiful blue eyes and cute, but saddened expression on her face. Yet, Rayleigh continued, "means Sandersonia and Marigold are in trouble too if they found the Tenryuubito's mark on their backs. In whatever condition, your Isle is in danger too."

"I don't… I'm fine…" Hancock swept her tears. "It just… hard to…"

"Is it okay if we discuss with Ivankov about this?" Rayleigh asked, "I didn't mean to make you sad, but I'm sure he could help you."

"Not he, but she!" Ivankov came, showing her magnificent daylight costume that imitate peacock. "It's been forever not to see you, Rayleigh~!"

"Nice seeing you again, Ivankov."

"Of course, I'll help Hancock-chan~! Hey, are you making her cry?" Iva asked the crying Hebihime. She remembered what Dragon had said before about slavery. Slavery was one of old traditions, which had to be removed forever from this world for it was inhuman to treat another like property. Someone's life was so precious, so did their right to determine what they want—slavery, in the contrary—destroy those rights, pressing and pushing away those very precious dreams, stealing their freedom away.

"I'm fine—it just… just…"

"You can cry if you vant to, and you can tell me anything you desire to, I'm in your side after all…" Iva gave a very reassuring smile. "I'll be the sveetest angel, saving you and your romantic love life with Straw boy, fulfilling your hopes and dreams~!"

Rayleigh didn't say anything. That's not the right time nor place anyway.

Hancock closed her eyes, "this mark I longed to forget seems to be heavy burden I have to carry all over my life. I don't know what to do, but—"

"Monkey don't mind that, so do all of us." Shakky joined them, holding Fuchsia in her hands. "You can share anything with us. Besides, it's worth saving for, right dearest baby-girl?"

"The worst possibility right now is telling Luffy's grandfather about your relationship with Luffy, expecting him to conceal the current investigation about you. He had taken Ace as his grandson even though he was Roger's son; he must help Luffy and you as well." Rayleigh said. "Yet, that doesn't stop Tenryuubito and whoever responsible for the news to find out you and your sister's past."

"There's no vay you can hide your past." Iva was still playful as usual, grinning. "Vell, Faking your death is the only vay to solve this, and renounce the Isle of Vomen under the Straw Hat's protection—like vhat Straw Boy did vith the Fisherman Island."

"Faking my death? Renounce the status of my Isle?" Hancock raised her pretty eyebrows. That's crazy idea for sure! Doesn't it mean she finally becoming Luffy's dream obstacle? And how if Luffy knew they had twin babies?




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