He had been on fire. He had lived homeless. He had been beaten to where he thought he would die. He's been shot. Needless to say, the drugs the hospital sent him were a god-send.

Bido's eyes were heavy in waking up – he had quite enjoyed the sleep he received. Seishiro's head was asleep on his arm, using it as a pillow. A smile crossed his expression – his boyfriend could be so cute. He pulled out his arm and placed it on the the Tensai's head. Seishiro mumbled and looked up. "Hello."

"Hello." Bido smiled back. He wriggled and a few vertabrae crackled. "Where's everybody?"

"Karen and Noriko are over at the Embassy. Yuri and Miroku are confronting the Purists with half of the the entire police force behind them." Bido nodded and fell back into his pillows. Seishiro held their hands together. "How are you feeling?"

"Can't really say. These are some pretty good drugs." Seishiro laughed. "So...is everything back to normal? Because I really want to be blond again."

Seishiro rolled his eyes. It was a small token but he leaned in to kiss Bido's forehead. "We'll have you back and narcissistic in no time." Bido smiled. Seishiro gave him the OK to fall back to sleep.

The day was bright and sunny. Bdio seemed in much better shape than Yuri first saw him. His hair – though still short – was back to its natural golden blond. His arm still had a bandage about it near the shoulder and it hurt in his ribs if he ran too fast or walked too long.

The Yukan Club stood in the cemetary Bido felt the smooth grass beneath his fingers. Miroku stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Ne, this is kind of creepy, isn't it?"

Bido looked back at his friends. "Not at all." He turned back forward. "I think we all want to know what our graves will look like one day. And I think you guys did a very nice job."