- *BONUS* -

Getting up early on the day after his wedding, when he had already been forced out of his bed by Ariadne on the actual wedding day, had not been on Eames' agenda. However, Arthur could be amazingly persuasive, especially when he was wearing no clothes and giving him that look, so a rather surprised but not unhappy Eames found himself up and about by eight o'clock.

They had breakfast on the terrace, watching Saito doing some sort of yoga exercises, and Arthur had to quickly shut up Eames with a kiss to prevent him from laughing out loud at the sight. But even he had to admit that it looked kind of funny.

Everybody else was apparently still asleep, so they decided to take a walk along the beach.

"You need to take your shoes of," Eames told Arthur, beckoning to his own naked feet.

"And step into something? No thanks."

"Don't be a spoilsport, love. It's fun!"

Arthur made a noncommittal sound, but in the end agreed to take his shoes off. Eames secretly congratulated himself to the first victory of the day.

They rounded some large rocks and a wave splashed Arthur's pants. His look of righteous indignation was positively adorable and Eames simply had to kiss him… thoroughly. Which led to both of them almost stumbling and Arthur's pants getting even wetter. He didn't seem to mind anymore, though.

My, my, easily distracted, aren't we, pet…? Eames laughed in delight.

Suddenly, Arthur grabbed his arm. Eames stopped in mid-movement, frowning. "What…"

"Hush!" Arthur put a finger to his lips, then pointed off to the left. At first, Eames didn't know what to look for, but then he realized that they were not alone.

"Hey, somebody else apparently had the same idea as we did," he whispered, "Only they went swimming, too… that's a cute bikini Ariadne's wearing…"

"Stop staring!" Arthur hissed, hitting him with his elbow.

"Ouch! I wasn't… I just said that it's cute! Wait – why exactly is Robert…? Oh. Oh."

"Oh indeed," Arthur replied mirthfully.

"But why didn't they tell us?" Eames asked, perplexed. "Ariadne and Robert…! Who would have guessed? That's so cute…"

"It seems to be a fairly recent development," Arthur said, watching the oblivious couple shrewdly. Ariadne was standing on tiptoes, leaning in for a kiss.

"I say we sneak up behind them and yell 'surprise!'" Eames suggested, grinning.

"No." Arthur shook his head. "Let's leave them alone, for the time being."

"You're no fun," Eames complained.

"I'm not? I thought I heard otherwise last night… anyway… this will be our 'guess how we found out'-story ten years from now, Eames."

Eames' grin broadened. "Ten years? Nah… that's just us, pet. I say five at the most."

"Two." Arthur stated, after studying Ariadne and Robert for a moment.

"That sounds about right. Robert'll ask her about six months from now, on their anniversary, and she'll decline, because that's what girls do the first time… then it'll take him another year to work up the courage to ask again. She'll agree and that leaves them another six months for the wedding preparations, so… two years. Sounds good. Wanna guess how many kids they'll have?"

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?"

"I suppose you're right. Ariadne and Robert came second with the wedding, so they're second on the kids part, too. We, on the other hand…"

"Hah! In your dreams, Eames, in your dreams!"

"That might actually not be a bad idea. But I'm serious. With our timing, love, we had better start planning right now…"

"You start planning. I'll just struggle, complain and refuse like I'm supposed to," Arthur replied, grinning.

"I love you," Eames said emphatically, placing a quick kiss on his front, "but you need to start thinking about alternative names to call me. Using our shared last name will sound kind of funny to other people's ears."

Arthur's eyes lit up and his grin turned somewhat evil. "I'll think of something…" he promised.

"… I don't like the sound of that…"