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Santana pushed open the bathroom door and headed towards the mirrors, she casually threw out 3 younger girls who were giggling and rather pink faced. While admiring herself in the glass she heard a slight moaning sound, she looked behind her in the mirror and caught sight of a pair of boys shoes in a cubical. The shoes were facing one of the walls of the small cubical, and the moaning noises were definitely coming from that stall. Santana frowned and walked slowly towards the door, behind witch the owners of the shoes were lurking.
"Hay, this is the GIRLS bathroom! And why are you moaning? You better not be giving yourself a little treat coz that's just wrong" she said calmly to the door. The moaning stopped, there was a frantic scarpering and another pair of boy's shoes appeared opposite the original pare.
"Okay what!" she exclaimed looking in confusion at the shoes.

Santana heard the lock turn and the door slowly pushed open.
"Well, well, well" Santana smirked looking at the two glee club boys.
Kurt had his back against the wall and his arms around Blaine's neck, who was pushing himself right onto Kurt. With one of his hands in the small of Kurt's back and the other in-between his shoulder blades. Kurt was very pink in the face and looked embarrassed but Blaine just smirked and winked at Santana who smirked back.
"Oh...hi Santana..." Said Kurt in a breathless whisper.

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