First Impressions

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When the commander said that there would be a Jedi coming to bail us out I was expecting somebody older. What we got was a boy who couldn't be older than my little brother, wearing a brown hooded cloak that looked too big for him. I was not impressed.

"Lieutenant Boron Nemis?" he asked as he reached the bottom of the landing ramp.

"Yes," I said. "And you are?"

"Knight Revan," he said. "I understand you need assistance getting rid of Mandalorian raiders."

"Yes, that's what we asked for." I paused, then had to ask: "How old are you?"

He gave me an inscrutable look from under his hood. "Does that matter?" he replied.

"I suppose not," I said. "But I need to know you won't panic when we come under fire." You look like my kid brother, and the most dangerous thing he's ever done is play video games.

"I've been under fire from Mandalorians before, so you need have no fear on those grounds," he said.

"Good," I said. He is a Jedi so it must be the truth, although what the Jedi think they're doing sending a kid this age out to fight I don't know. Never mind. I'll work with what we have.

"Since you've fought these lunatics before, do you have any suggestions on how to get them out of a bunker? This is the situation..."

Ten minutes later we had a plan that seemed solid enough, although it depended more than I liked on the kid's ability to distract the Mandalorians without getting shot down.

Three hours later the battle was over, with fewer casualties in success than I'd managed in four days of unsuccessfully trying to dig them out. I still could barely believe the way they had swarmed out after the kid and his little decoy group and the kid had turned round and knocked half of them off their feet with the Force while batting away blaster fire.

Maybe kid was the wrong word. Revan might be young, but he was clearly not a child. And he was better at this dance of death than I was ever likely to be.

I apologized for doubting him, and he took it graciously enough, although I could see his lips twitching. And as he left, I swore I heard him mutter... "This is getting ridiculous. I need a mask."