What you see, is defiantly what you don't get.

This is my first Zoey 101 fic (and first fic too) so please go easy on me.

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Bye, bye PCA

She cried. Not because it was predictable in this situation, but because it was the only thing she could do, at that moment.

Her life was a mess. Everyone despised her, her friends didn't belief her, and to top it all of, he hated her. Heck he wished she was dead. She cried remembered the words he said to her, only 1 hour ago. Her thoughts went to how cute he looked, even when he was mad or upset.

She sat on her bed in her dorm; she shared with her best friends. Wait, ex best friends. She was all alone remembering Lola saying "we can't be friends with a girl like you" before stalking zoey in tow, not before zoey gave her a pitiful look. She'll always remember the look she gave her. Zoey's eyes were filled with disgust and hatred. Same as Lola.

She looked around the dorm once again before picking up her suitcase and travel bag, and went towards the door. She saw a sticky note and deiced to write something. After fighting with her self, she decided to write something simple, so no one will worry, thinking that they won't care either way.


She walked away not knowing how much that one word will affect the ones that love her.

Walking down the hall was hell itself. People who saw her either started or whispered. She even saw Stacy Dilson shaking her head. She suppressed a cry, and carried on walking.

She knew her friends were out, properly having fun without her. Forgetting her. Stepping out of PCA she went inside a nearby cab that was waiting for her. Telling the driver where to go, and giving him the money, she allowed her eyes wander to sneak one last look at the place she used to call home.

She knew she had to leave. It will give her more pain staying somewhere she's not wanted, by anyone. Sure she hasn't been at PCA for that long, but if everyone hated her, why should she stay?

Maybe she'll come back. Maybe not. Either way she needed to be out of PCA's presants as soon as possible.

Whilst that was happening.

Zoey, Lola, Chase, Michael, Logan walked into the girls dorm room glum. Especially Logan. If his friends weren't there to help him, he'll properly be crying. They all sat down on different beds.

No one said anything, until Lola said,

"Hey where's Quinn?" and everyone looked around, realising that she was no where in sight.

When Lola and Zoey left Quinn, they met up with the guys to find Mark; to confirm what everyone was saying was true.

Turns out it was a lie, so Mark could get attention. It took all of the guy's will power not to hit him. After leaving mark's dorm, they all instantly felt guilty. Quinn told them it wasn't true, that she'll never do such or say such a thing, but they didn't believe her. They left her, some how broke her, ignored her, and now disowned her.

And zoey reading the sticky note on Quinn's beside table, all of their worlds came crashing down, because of that one word.

And of all of them knew that it was a bit too late to say sorry.