Blaine Anderson strutted down the hallway like he owned the place. Which, in his own mind, he did. It was a sight to see- leather jacket, tight jeans, dark, untamed curls- watching the masses part like the red sea as he breezed through the hall, like some sort of badass Moses.

He was accustomed to commanding the attention of everyone in a given vicinity as he worked his magic. Obviously he was put off by the view of a beautiful ass in sinfully skintight jeans, ignoring the main event in the hallway in favor of fixing his hair in his locker mirror.

Naturally, Blaine saw fit to remedy this situation.

He wasted no time in sliding up behind the fair-skinned boy, speaking softly into his ear.

"View is better behind you."

Kurt glared at the reflection of the additional person in his mirror.

"What's so special about a douchebag in leather?" he snapped back at Blaine.

"Oh, baby, don't be like that," the curly-haired boy crooned, sliding one of his hands down Kurt's side towards his ass. Kurt shoved Blaine against the row of lockers and pinned his shoulders to the metal with his hands, a murderous glint in his eyes.

"Don't. Touch. Me." Kurt gritted out between clenched teeth.

An amused expression graced Blaine's visage at the rise he'd received from the taller boy.

Tilting his head up to look at Kurt's face, he countered with a smirk, "Baby, you know I fucking love a good challenge."

"You're disgusting." Kurt shot back.

"That's not what you were moaning about last night." Blaine quipped, the smirk still prevalent on his face.

Kurt rolled his eyes, repulsed at quite possibly the stupidest comeback in the world.

"I think a trip to the Wizard is in store for you," Kurt spat out, "After you ask him for a brain and a heart, maybe you should beg for a growth spurt."

With a final icy glare, Kurt shoved himself off the shorter boy, slammed his locker shut, and took off down the hallway.

Blaine drew his bottom lip into his mouth as he watched that ass put on a show just for him.

Oh, how Blaine Anderson fucking loved a good challenge.