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Chapter 1:Introduction

September 19 11:27 AM

"Come on Daddy, come on! It's going to start soon!" the eager voice of an 8 year old girl exclaimed to her father.

"Katey, slow down. It doesn't start for at least 12 minutes" replied the father.

The mother also spoke. "Daddy's right Katey. I know you've waited a long time to see this movie, but take it easy for now. OK?"

Chuck Greene and his wife Samantha were currently escorting their hyper best girl, Katey, through the Paradise Plaza of Willamette Parkview Mall. They had drove here via a yellow truck which belonged to the father. Their destination (or at least, Katey's destination) was Colby's Movieland, which today was premiering Mega Man 2, the sequel to Katey's all-timefavorite film. And she couldn't wait.

Once they arrived at the theater, Chuck paid for their tickets and the Greene's sat down in (coincidentally) Cinema 2 to enjoy the film. As father, mother and daughter were entertained by the adventures of the Blue Bomber, they were unaware of the unfolding of a chilling plot, resulting in horror for the people of Willamette.

After the film, the Greene's exited the cinema room with a smile on the littest Greene's face. "That was awesome!".

Chuck couldn't help but smile. "I'm glad you liked it Katey". As the girl began to ramble on about which parts of the movie she liked she began to feel that large soda she drank creep up on her. "Um.. Mommy?"

Sam smiled down at her little girl. "Yes, what is it, sweetie?"

"I need to go to the bathroom, mommy. Really bad" Katey said with some hesitation. Even at eight years of age, Katey still felt just a bit embarrased to tell someone that she needed the bathroom. After hearing this, Sam turned to her husband. "Katey needs the bathroom. I'll take her".

"I'll wait" Chuck said back. Sam took Katey by the hand and lead her to the nearest bathroom. While he waited he decided to traverse the hallways and have a look around.

As he walked he suddenly heard a voice behind him "Hello there". Turning, Chuck saw a young man who looked to be in his early 30's. He was dressed in a white open shirt revealing a locket, and black pants. The tone of his voice suggested he was of Spanish decent.

Not knowing what to do, Chuck simply replied with "um.. Hey".

The spanish man leaned against a wall, still observing him. "I know you... You are the American motorcross rider, aren't you?".

"Yeah. Well, I was..." Chuck guessed that this guy was a foreign fan of his. "But i gave that up. I'm retired now".

The spaniard continued to observe. "You came alone?"

Chuck shook his head. "No. My wife and daughter are with me... Why do you care anyway?"

The other man did not answer. "You drove here, didn't you?". Before Chuck could answer, the spanish man left his place against the wall and walked closer to him, almost breaching his personal space. In a cold tone, he asked "what did you see in the streets?".

Chuck took a step back from the other man. Then he remembered the drive here...


Chuck drove his family down the roads of Willamette, Colorado. Sam was next to him, Katey occupied a back seat. Soon, the father heard his daughter's voice. "Daddy, why aren't there as many people as there usually are here?".

Looking out the window, Chuck saw what she meant. Even though there was the odd guy or girl out there, this place felt deserted. There wern't even any other cars on the road.

Chuck and Sam exchanged concerned glances, then Sam spoke to the small girl in the back seat. "Maybe they're all at the mall? Maybe there's a big sale on and everyone's rushing to get the latest deals!".

"Or maybe they're like you and just have to see the new Mega Man flick" Chuck joked, resulting in a laugh shared by mother and daughter. Chuck drove on, happy that he had calmed the atmosphere of the vehicle. But his concern remained.


"I saw people, not many but some" he replied. "Actually, some streets seemed to be completely bare. No people, no vehicles... nothing".

The spaniard chuckled, which made Chuck frown. "Almost as if... everyone's already dead?" he asked. Now Chuck was getting a bit pissed off with the spanish man. "Look buddy, I don't have any idea what the hell you're talking about. I don't think i even want to know".

The man opposite chuckled again "i think you'd better see for yourself". He began to walk past the former biker.

"This, my friend..." he turned for a second and looked Chuck in the eye "...is hell!". With that, the spaniard walked off, as if that conversation never took place. Chuck walked back to the bathrooms and rejoined his family as they exited the theater. As they walked, Chuck tried to empty his head of the spanish man and his words... to no avail. The words of hell and everyone being dead floated round in his brain against his will.

Sam noticed her husband was deep in thought. "Something wrong, baby?".

Turning to face his wife, Chuck smiled. "Nah, nothing wrong. Just... had a strange talk... with an even stranger man".

Then, he felt his daughter tug on the sleeve of his yellow jacket. "Daddy?" she sounded scared. Concerned, Chuck replied "What's wrong kiddo?"

"Where is everybody?".

Only now did the Greene's realise that Paradise Plaza was now deserted. There was no one anywhere. Chuck spoke what they were all thinking.

"I think we should go".