This is kinda out of order but eh. I'm sorry, but the Jokers are my favorite... Anyways this one is more based on Black Joker. So I probably maybe might do one for White. I just have to think of something. What can I say, I have a thing for redhead men. Especially sexy ones who wear warden uniforms *nudgenudgewinkwink* hehe... I should be slapped.

Black Joker

Black Joker grunted as he glared at prisoner he was torturing. A faceless guard approached him out of breath.

"Sir, a prisoner escaped." The guard receive a violent hit from Joker's whip as he hissed.

"Well get the bastard back! Do I have to do everything?" He angrily left the prison realm, and started to pursue the escapee. While running through the forest, something fell out of the air and hit Black in the head. He angrily stared at the ground to search for the projectile. He found a crystal in shape of a tear. He body moved on it's own accord as he snatched the gem from the forest floor. A strange feeling of possessiveness ran through his body as he stared at the crystal. A scream tore him from his thoughts as he quickly pocketed the gem and running towards the sound. He soon found a woman with feathery silver blue hair with her hands on her face and an unconscious prisoner laying on the ground before her. She stared at Black with wide turquoise eyes.

"I didn't mean to, he just snuck up on me," the woman replied in a distort voice. Black stared at her blankly when he heard footsteps behind him. White Joker there with a few guards who hulled the prisoner away. Black continued to stare at the beauty while White tried to calm her down.

"Why don't you come back to the circus?" He asked. She sighed, then a sweet smile found its way to her lips.

"That would be nice," White then guided the woman, leading her by Black, who tensed as she passed. He whole body heated up and he felt the crystal in his pocket heat up as well. He quickly checked it to show it was glowing. He gripped it tightly as he turned on his heel, and walked back to the prison.

After White found the woman and taken her back to the circus, he felt that Black was rather, well, not Black. He had led her to a tent were she could rest, for she seemed rather weary and then made his way to the prison. He found Black in his office, his feet up on his desk and he was looking at something. When he heard the door open Black quickly hide the object of his affection.

"It's strange that that woman has a face, don't you think?" White questioned his counter part who grunted.

"Yeah, yeah, what the hell do you want? Just to point that out?" White noticed Black's fidgeting. He waved a hand at him before leaving Black alone. He return to the woman to find her searching for something. She worriedly stared at him.

"Have you lost something?" White asked her. She nodded sadly.

"It was a crystal, shaped like a tear." White looked at her then smiled.

"I think I know where it is." White led the woman to the prison and to Black's office. Again, he was staring at the crystal like object. When they entered he was holding it up in the direction of the door. His eye widened in shock. "I think that little gem of yours belongs to this lovely lady here." Black stood up and walked towards them. He reluctantly held out the crystal. She smiled softly before taking her hand and closing Black's fingers around the gem. Her sweet smile sent shivers down Black's back.

"You can keep it, I just wanted to know that it was safe." She gave Black a soft peck on the cheek before walking out. White chuckled at his baffled expression. When Black seemed to come back to his senses he snapped at White with a furious look.