Alright, time for something cliché. This is actually Emily-centric, and humorous. Enjoy!

Emily Prentiss was early. The bullpen at the BAU was completely empty and the lights were still off in testimony to the fact that even the janitors had gone home. Emily didn't mind the solitude. In fact, she preferred it. The last case had been absolutely brutal, hitting Em harder than the other team members. Her sleep had been plagued with nightmares and every shadow in her apartment seemed to hold some terror. The BAU office had always been a haven of sorts for the team; bad things never happened directly in that room. Desperate for some level of comfort, Emily decided to dive into the paperwork that was piled up on her desk.

After placing her replenished go bag and purse at her desk and flicking the lights on Emily headed for the break room. Coffee called to her, its warm and rich caress waiting to banish the rest of her fears and fatigue.

The break room door was closed, but the light was on. Before she could think to peer through the window or pull out her gun (it had been one of those kinds of cases), a loud, breathy moan erupted from the room.

"You like that, Spence?" a deep voice teased. Emily's eyes nearly popped out of her head; was that Hotch? And Reid?

"Mmhmm," Reid hummed. Emily crouched down on the ground and pressed her ear to the door, trying to hear what was going on. "I think you should lick it a bit more though. It's starting to drip."

Hotch chuckled, and Reid let out another moan. "Like that?" he asked, again with the teasing tone. Emily had never heard Hotch tease, and that alone was a good reason for her to stay and spy on her boss and colleague. As a profiler, she was pretty sure she knew what was going on. As Hotch's and Reid's friend, Emily hoped that she was very wrong.

"Now you suck on it," Reid explained breathlessly. "And try not to use your teeth. That's no fun."

Hotch apparently did as he was asked, because a moment later Reid let out a high pitched whine. I never needed to know what Reid's sex noise was, Emily thought with an embarrassed shudder, blushing furiously.

"Not bad for my first one," Hotch commented off hand. His tone was light, almost joking.

Reid chuckled. "You've got a bit running down your chin," he pointed out. Emily closed her eyes and prayed to whatever god that was listening that Reid didn't lick it off Hotch's chin.

Emily stood up, took a deep breath, and opened the break room door. There sat Hotch and Reid on the counter like school boys, grinning like idiots. "What is going on here?" she demanded, glaring at them both.

Hotch immediately hopped off the counter top and straightened his tie. Reid on the other hand saw nothing to be ashamed of and continued swinging his long legs back and forth. Emily's resolve wavered a bit; Reid was always so innocent and childlike. Was there really any way that he and Hotch could have…?

"I'll be in my office," Hotch declared in his typical business like voice. He glanced back at Reid and much to Emily's surprise, ruffled the genius's long hair. Without another word, he was gone.

"What the hell is going on here?" Emily asked again as she turned back to Reid.

"I couldn't sleep, so I decided to come here and do some paper work," Reid began in his lecturing voice. Emily rolled her eyes; could she never have an original idea? "Hotch was here already, though I don't think he ever left. I finished today's paper work, and so did he, and we just happened to run into each other while getting coffee.

"I was in the fridge getting out a Drumstick, because it's never too early or late for ice-cream. Hotch saw it and asked what it was. Did you know that Hotch has never eaten a drumstick?" Reid asked, interrupting his own story. He was obviously aghast at his boss's lack of ice-cream experience.

"I'm not surprised," Emily answered with a chuckle. The entire situation was ridiculous, she felt ridiculous, and the story wasn't over yet.

"So I gave him one, but he couldn't figure out how to eat it!" Reid exclaimed. "So I had to explain the proper Drumstick eating technique as we went."

"And that weird whining noise you made? I was listening outside the door, and it sounded like there was some weird hanky-panky going on in here."

The Great Doctor Reid looked sheepish. "I was sad because I finished my ice-cream," he admitted. "Sorry if we weirded you out. But there was no 'hanky-panky', I promise. But there is more ice-cream in the freezer. I brought it because I knew how hard the last case was. Feel free to have some."

With a grin, Reid slid off the counter and walked back to the bull pen.

Emily grabbed an ice-cream sandwich out of the freezer and leaned back against the counter. "Well," she said to herself as she unwrapped her treat, "This is what I get for thinking I'm the only kid in the room."

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