The planet Yquem:

On this planet, a strange trial was held. As its judge, there was a short, blue-skinned man, one of the few left of its kind, leading the trial. At his right, sat the jury, consisting of twelve people, each of a different species, none from the planet they were on, nor were there two from the same planet, so to be certain that the jury would be impartial about who, or rather what was on trial. Opposite the judge, was a projection globe, wherein the one on trial was shown. The one being trialled was not an individual living person, it was a planet: Earth.

"You are all familiar with the charges." the judge addressed the jury, "You have seen all the evidence. Based on all that, you have but two choices. Either you find this planet guilty of all charges, and if so, it shall be destroyed, so it won't cause any more harm. But if you find room for doubt, you'll declare it not guilty. But remember, it may not be the customs on your own planet, but in here, you must be unanimous in your decision."

Even if any of the members of the jury disagreed, they didn't show it. Which the judge took as their acknowledgment.

"Judoon guard?" the judge turned to the guard next to him, who looked like a rhinoceros that was walking on its hind legs, wearing a battle armor, "Escort them to their room."

As he was told, the Judoon guard escorted the jury, consisting of twelve individuals, to the room, where they were to decide over the fate of one planet. As they were going, the Judoon checked his list. He had checked it before, but he wanted to be sure he didn't make any mistakes. And given how four of the twelve not only looked like they were of the same species, but also because they looked like the dominant species of Earth. Since the jury is supposed to be impartial, they couldn't have one of these five be from Earth. Number 1, though humanoid in appearance, was made of metals, gray, and by his own admission had brains the size of a planet. Reluctantly, he participated in this trial, but he had nothing better to do. This one called himself Marvin. Number 2 was one of these that resembled the humans from Earth. He wore a white suit, with an helmet, which for some reason was shaped like a ball. The people of his planet must have thought this was the best way for them to identify themselves as citizens of the planet Spaceball. Number 3 resembled the race known as Molluscs, except that they appeared to be a few steps behind their evolution. While the Molluscs are large brains with tentacles, that need huge machines to move themselves, these still have their own bodies, albeit that their brains seem to already try to pop out of their skulls, to a point that even their faces look like they've lost their skins long ago. Also, this species had spent enough generations on Earth neighboring planet, Mars, to a point that they are almost universally known as Martians. Number four looked human as well, but he had more apparent differences to them, as his eyebrows were hooked, his skin was yellow and his ears were pointed. The obvious attributes of a Vulcan. The same was the case for number 5, who also looked human, but had feathers where there should be hair. This one was of the Shi'ar empire. Depending what planet they were from, they had different names, but to outsiders they're generally referred to as Birdmen. Number 6 was another that looked human. He did wear some clothes that were akin to a certain race, one that is known to be part of the Uofu Manafu Alliance. But to be a hundred percent certain, he confronted this one.

"Show me your I.D.!" the Judoon guard demanded.

Somewhat angry about this treatment, he was reluctant to do so. But he decided to show him anyway. He showed him a gray card, that appeared to have wiring inside it. But it was the symbol in the middle that confirmed his suspicion, that this man was an Impacter.

Number 7 was short, hairy, had a long mouth, with only two visible teeth. Given how this race is known to have eight stomachs, it was ironic that this one would have only two teeth with which it would eat. This one was from Melmac. Number 9's dress code implied him to be a monk of some kind. The Judoon used his scanner on him, and found that he had something on his belt.

"No weapons allowed!" the Judoon roared.

"My sincere apologies." the monk said, upon which he took the "weapon" off his belt and gave it to the Judoon.

The weapon was a small stick, which some might confuse for a flashlight, but in reality if you switch it on, a long sword (made of light rather than metal) comes into being. This man was obviously a Jedi. Number 10 had a reptilian appearance. Reptilian species aren't uncommon in the universe, so unless you're familiar with the many different shapes and sizes there are, one might mistake a Cylon for a Dinosaucer. For number 10, he looked at one of his wrist devices, which had a database for all species. His appearance was consistent with that of a Scarran. With this he moved on to number 11, who was of about the same size as the Martian and the Melmacian, gray, with huge black eyes. This was a species that's infamous for visiting Earth on a regular basis, for reasons they don't share with outsiders. It is said that one of their ships crashed on Earth during the time period known on Earth as the 1940's, but this race, who calls themselves the Furons, deny all that. Number 12 appeared robotic from behind, but when looked at the front, one would easily spot the open belly, from which one would see a brain, about the size of a soccer-ball, with eyes, a mouth and tentacles, in control of the robot. A member of the Umtron race. This left Number 8, whose identity still eluded the Judoon.

"Which one of these are you?" he asked Number 8, showing him the list.

Number 8 pointed to his name, and planet of origin, so the Judoon knew it for sure this time.

Eventually, all thirteen of them arrived at the room. Before anyone was to enter, the Judoon had something to say: "This door will be locked while for the duration of your discussion. There are no windows inside, so there's no way out for any of you."

Short, to the point, and in the opinions of some a little rude. But that's the price they have to pay for being part of this jury. They entered the room, one by one, and once all twelve of them were inside, the Judoon locked the door. There was no way out for them, not until their decision has been made.