Once the twelve of them had declared the planet Earth as not guilty before the judge, they were allowed to leave the planet. Each of them left the building, heading back to their respective spaceships. As Number 8 headed towards his ship, he was followed by the Jedi.

"That was nice work what you did there." Number 8 congratulated him.

"I'm not to proud of it myself." the Jedi said.

"I know." Number 8 said, "Most of us didn't even find Earth as not guilty for all the wrong reasons. But in the end, it helped save innocents."

"I never believed the end justified the means." the Jedi said, "But I saw no other way back there."

"Tell me something..." Number 8 started, "... your people are taught to mind control, it's not something that comes naturally. Is that correct?"

The Jedi nodded.

"Well then, if you're against using it, why having the ability?" Number 8 asked.

"I was hoping I wouldn't need it, unless absolutely necessary." he answered.

"There you go." Number 8 made his point.

The Jedi seemed to agree: "I suppose you are right."

Number 8 looked around. He saw everyone else getting aboard their own ships and taking off. All except for the Impacter. He was spotted talking to a woman in a black and pink uniform. Number 8 recognized her as that SPD agent who testified before.

"I expect that SPD and Uofu Manafu will now concern themselves with that Guardian." Number 8 said.

The Jedi grinned: "Every race, no matter how wise and advanced, will meet their end."

With this, Number 8 turned away and headed towards his ship.

"Incidentally..." the Jedi stopped him, "... I don't think I heard your name."

Number 8 stopped, just so he could answer that question: "Klaatu."

As a response, the Jedi was about to give him his name, but Number 8, or Klaatu heed no attention, as he entered his ship.