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Dylan Armstrong (belongs to me)

Jenn McGraw (belongs to me)

Alex Hawthorne (belongs to me)

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Jack Harmon (belonging to Soulless Warlock)

Mitchell Mason (belonging to ZeroBen)

And introducing...

Daniel Lawson (belonging to Gone Rampant)

Note: Daniel has been in New Directions since 'Showmance' in Season 1.


"Alright guys. I've got time for one more song. Which one would you like?" a tall, blonde haired boy asked about 12 kids sitting below him.

"Do 'Pretty Eyes'!" one yelled.


"Please, Dilly?"

The older boy could only laugh before smiling to the children.

"Alright." Dylan said and the kids could only grin widely with excitement before strumming the first chord of the Alex Goot penned song and beginning to sing.

Pretty eyes

Staring back at me so blue and wide

The colors of the summer sky

The colors of the world

If love is blind

Why do I see you so clearly now?

Perfect vision of our love somehow

You take over my mind


Dylan can remember how the virtually unknown song became a favorite for the kids like it was yesterday. He had heard it on YouTube and had found the piano chords but decided to try his own arrangement with his trusty acoustic guitar and it sounded good. He then played it to the kids once and they loved it, asking it for every music session Dylan turns up to.

Look up into the galaxy tonight

The stars illuminate the love we make

Cause you and your pretty eyes

You keep me alive, keep me alive

Cause you and your pretty eyes

You keep me alive, keep me alive

Dylan then started pick up speed with his strumming before standing up, encouraging the kids to do the same which they did seconds later. They danced around in a laughing, giggling circle as Dylan continued to sing the song with happiness.

Pretty eyes

You're the one that keeps up all night

I know

No one else

Could make me feel this way

I want to

Look up into the milky way tonight

The sky illuminates the love we make

The love we make so bright

Cause you and your pretty eyes

You keep me alive, keep me alive

Cause you and your pretty eyes

You keep me alive, keep me alive

Dylan then watched as the kids watched the glee member with awe. He had received word from Isabella Montoya, the ward supervisor that the kids had been happier when Dylan and Mr Schuester did their sessions with them and they have asked for instruments to be brought into the ward.

The blonde boy smiled to the glowing children as he belted out the alternative verse.

As the moon shines its light on you

Your pretty eyes they glow

He then knelt down and smiled to the little girls who giggled as he sang to them.

Tell me that you'll stay the night

Just stay a while

He then slowly stood up, vocally improvising before ending the sing with a chorus.

You and your pretty eyes

You keep me alive, keep me alive

Cause you and your pretty eyes

You keep me alive, keep me alive

Strumming the last chord, he grinned before putting his Gibson Hummingbird down and hugging the kids.

"I'll be back in a few weeks. And you need to think of some songs for me to play next time." Dylan said, putting his guitar in it's case before waving to the kids as he left to the ward.


He took a few steps into the corridor when he saw Mr. Schuester stood there talking with Isabella Montoya herself. And they both looked quite anxious. Curious, Dylan started to walk towards them. The Spanish teacher heard these footsteps and turned to see his student with his guitar case.

"Hey, Dylan. Have you just finished your session with the kids?" Will asked. Dylan nodded.

"Yeah. They're already suggesting songs for my next visit." the dancer replied smiling. Mr. Schuester and Isabella looked to each other somberly, making Dylan notice something was wrong.

"What's going on?" Dylan asked.

"We're not sure if there'll be a next time." Isabella said and Dylan's heart sank. He loved performing for these kids. They meant everything to him. He then thought about how he should tell Jenn.

One time, Dylan brought Jenn with him and although reluctant at first, she fell in love with the kids as soon as both her and her boyfriend stepped through the doors of the playroom. And after she had to leave to go to kickboxing, the kids just looked up at Dylan with huge grins on their faces and Dylan looked down on them.


"What?" Dylan asked.

"Your girlfriend's pretty." One of the kids, Trent said and Dylan grinned.
"How do you guys know she's my girlfriend?" Dylan asked.

"Because you look at her the same way my mommy looks at my daddy." Another kid, Hanna said and Dylan just grinned sheepishly.

"You guys are too smart." He said.


Since then, Jenn has been visiting the kids whenever she can, even when Dylan isn't performing and when Dylan has to tell her that it probably won't happen again, she won't take the news kindly.

"Why?" Dylan asked.

"The hospital has had some funding issues recently with the recession and the government is supplying money but not enough to keep the ward running." Isabella then said somberly. Dylan turned to Mr. Schuester.

"Mr. Schue, there has to be something we can do to help raise money." The blonde said desperately and Mr. Schuester sighed.

"I'm sorry, Dylan. This hurts me as much as it hurts you but there's nothing we can do." The Spanish teacher said and Dylan sighed angrily.

"Not even with the others? I mean, they'll want to help too. Maybe even Jack Harmon with persuasion." Dylan then said.

"Actually, Mr Harmon has done some previous work with the ward. His father is one of the patrons." Isabella said and both men turned to look at the ward supervisor in shock before Dylan's face brightened with an idea.

"Maybe we could hold a benefit. Get everyone to help. Maybe get Jack's dad to promote." Dylan said before Mr. Schuester's eyes widened.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Dylan, Kristopher Harmon might not even agree to it." The teacher said before Isabella spoke.

"I could contact him and ask." She said and Dylan smiled. Isabella smiled back before heading over to the small reception desk that signaled the entrance of the ward. She went behind the desk and picked up the phone, dialing a number and putting the phone to her ear.

"Hello, this is Isabella Montoya of the Lima General Hospital, I need to speak with Kristopher Harmon…yes, this is important…okay, I'll wait." Isabella said before smiling to the two men, anticipating the conversation that could change everything.

"Hi, Mr Harmon…sorry – Kristopher…no, this has nothing to with Jack – actually, he could help us with something…I'm afraid with the limited funding there is a chance the ward may close down…yes…in fact, a young man has came up with the idea of holding a benefit concert to raise money…you may know him, it's Dylan Armstrong…yes, that's him…thank you so much, Mr Har – Kristopher…we'll be in touch…thank you, bye." Isabella said before turning to the 2 men and smiling.

"The benefit has been given the green light." She said and the two men smiled openly before they looked to each other.

"Emergency glee meeting?" Dylan asked.

"Emergency glee meeting." The teacher responded.

"One thing. Every benefit needs a name. We had 'A Night Of Neglect', but what shall we call this one?" Dylan asked.


"Seriously, what the hell are we doing here?" Santana asked as everyone was sat on Mr. Schuester's sofa except for Dylan, Mr. Schuester, Jenn and Jack.

"I don't know. I got a text from Dylan saying to meet at Mr. Schuester's house." Finn said.

"Yeah, I think we established that when we found that out 10 minutes ago, genius." Daniel replied. Finn just rolled his eyes before he turned his head to see Jenn and Jack head in and sat down next to the New Directions, followed by Dylan and Mr. Schuester who stood facing them. Everyone was looking to the two men while Mr. Schuester started to explain.

"Well, do you guys know how me and Dylan volunteer at the children's ward at the hospital to sing for the kids?" Mr. Schuester asked and everyone nodded.

"Yeah, but what has that got to do with this meeting?" Quinn asked, snuggling into Mitchell.

"Well, the hospital is going to have to shut down the ward with the funding." Dylan answered and everyone broke out into angry outbursts.

"Guys!" Jenn called out and everyone began to calm down.

"Is that even legal?" Rachel asked.

"Well with the recession going on, hospitals are struggling." Alex said.

"Stir Fry Noodles speaks sense. This is serious." Jack said.

"I love performing for the kids on that ward and I'm not going to have it close down." Dylan added on.

"And that is why we are going to hold a benefit to raise money." Mr. Schuester finished, making everyone nod in agreement.

"And we are going to have special guests come along." Will then said.

"Like who?" Tina asked.

"That's for us to know and you to find out." Dylan said, smiling and everyone laughed.

"But wait. You guys remember what happened and the 'Night Of Neglect'. Barely anyone showed up even though we kicked ass." Mercedes said.

"Which is where my father comes in: he's a patron of the hospital and he also has connections. I'm leaving my sentence there." Jack said and everyone raised an eyebrow before turning back to the men.

"Alright. So you're all going to perform solos and we're going to have the guys do a number and the girls do a number. But it's not a competition. It's all for the good of the ward." Mr. Schuester said with everyone nodding.

"And, Kurt, you may join the girls team if you wish." Dylan said and Kurt's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

"It's settled. The 'Benefit Of The Doubt' is under way!" Mr. Schuester called out and everyone applauded.


Song used is 'Pretty Eyes' by Alex Goot. YouTube artists FTW!

A very short first chapter but this is looking to be quite a short story.

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