Hello fanfictioners! In what tends to be my usual fashion, I decided to start another project in the midst of the ones I already have going on. This will be a series of love letters from Luke, the fiery carpenter, to Molly, the yellow shirt wearing heroine of Animal Parade. These letters will chronicle everything about their relationship, from the day they meet to the day they get married. Most of the letters should be about 200 words each, so, if enough people show me that they're interested in my continuing (by REVIEWING! Yay!...Please?), then a new letter should come every few days. I don't know where exactly I'm going to go with this, but I think it'll be really cute :).

SUPER BIG DISCLAIMER THAT APPLIES TO EVERY CHAPTER (so I don't have to write another disclaimer after this, right?): I do not own Harvest Moon or any affiliated characters

I hope you enjoy reading about Luke and Molly in this collection of letters!


Dear Molly,

Today was your first day in Castanet. It's also the first day I laid eyes on you. I almost dropped my axe when I saw you standing there. The first thing I noticed about you was that your hair smelled like strawberries.

I like strawberries.

I said 'hey' to you today. I introduced myself as Luke: the bestest axe man you'll ever meet.

You thought I was trying to impress you. And I totally was.

I then told you about how you were really pretty. I told you about how I liked your eyes, and how your skirt was nice. You asked me if I was hitting on you. I told you yes.

You slapped me.

I smiled at you.

You slapped me a second time.

I'm never washing my face again.

When I got home from woodcutting that day, Pops asked me if I was okay. "You look sorta flushed," he said. "You feelin' sick?" I said yeah, I am sick. What I didn't tell him is that I was lovesick.

I haven't had a crush since I can't remember when. I hope that I see you again tomorrow. I'll look out for soft brown hair and the telltale smell of strawberries.

Yours (whether you know it yet or not),