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Chapter 1: Without a goodbye

It was a cold night. The breeze was gentle and the moon was bright.

Everyone in Konoha was celebrating the end of the war. A group of 13 teens sat at Uchiha's compound celebrating the soon to come peace.

Everything had gone well. Sasuke was back, the Akatsuki was destroyed and everyone was paired off. After months of being back Sasuke had reviled to Sakura about his plan to restore the clan with her. Shikamaru had proposed to Ino when the war started, afraid he would lose her in the process. Neji and Tenten had gotten married one night, without anyone knowing. Shino had been paired off with another girl from his clan as well as Kiba and Choji. Lee and Sai were alone but they didn't seem to notice this though.

And last was the happiest couple, who opened his eyes and made him realize how important she was to him. Naruto and Hinata.

Hinata felt like she was the happiest girl in the world. Even though a lot had passed during those 5 years of war, which include the killing of half of her clan, the battle between Sasuke and Naruto and her being kicked out of the clan for being with the demon child, she felt like everything had gone right.

She was standing in a corner, a small glass of sake in her hand as she watch everyone chat, eat and drink.

'The good year are now to come' Tsunade's earlier words from a ending war speech rang Hinata's head.

Suddenly she felt someone snake their arms around her waist and lay his head on her shoulder. She did not panic for she knew it was her love.

"Enjoying?" Naruto's husky voice whispered in her ear making her giggle quietly. She turned around and connected her lips with his.

At first it had been hard for her to even been near him, but she had grown use to his presence.

"I need to tell you something" He said as soon as they parted away.

"What is it?" She asked. Naruto smile and stepped away from her.

"Can everyone listen to me for a second?" Naruto yelled making his voice heard from the entire room. Every eye was on him but he was not entirely aware of it for he was looking in to Hinata's pale eyes.

"On this day I want to ask a special request" He said. He took a step forward and knelt before Hinata on one knee. Hinata eyes went wide and her breath was somewhere that she couldn't find. "Will you marry me?" He asked.

The air came back to her lungs as joyful tears streamed down her cheeks. "Yes" She answered. Naruto grinned wildly and took out a velvet box from his pocket. He opened it to reveled a silver diamond ring that carefully slipped into Hinata's finger.

"It was about time" Sasuke chuckled, making both Naruto and Sakura grin.

"A toast to the husband and wife to be" Cheer Kiba from the top of his lungs as he flung his full of Sake cup into the air. Everyone followed sooth and toasted.

Not so far away from the Uchiha compound, at the lookout tower, two shinobi sat in their post, watching for anything strange. One had dark brown hair and the other one had long black hair. The one with brown hair had his cheek tattooed with bright red symbolizing his clan, while the black haired eyes glow with a bright pale white.

"This sucks" The brown hair groaned. "Everyone is out celebrating and we're here, looking into the freaking dark"

The black hair chuckled but said nothing, suddenly his eyes saw a branch from a tree moved suspiciously. "Did you see that?" He said, jumping to his feet and staring at the branch.

"I saw nothing" Said the brown haired, sighing with boredom.

"I'm serious! I saw something out there" The black haired said alarmed, making his partner alarm as well.

"Use your Byakugan then" The brown haired said. Just as the black haired was about to activate his byakugan, a man with his face covered with a cloth appeared in front of them.

The brown haired gasped in surprise when he saw the man's head band. "It's the cloud" The brown haired gasped.

In a instant the black haired guy's throat was slashed with a kunai knife by the cloud shinobi and although the brown haired man wanted to kill the man he knew what he needed to do. He sprinted on his feet and began to run, run to the people that he knew that could stop this.

Behind him he felt more and more shinobis enter the village but he did not stop until he found himself infront of the Uchiha compound. He bardge through the door to find the 13 ninja's that had helped saved the village once.

"Cousin Kei?" Kiba said, his eyebrow rose with confusion.

"The… cloud..." The man panted as he fell on his knees in front of Naruto. "They're attacking"

All 13 teens were alarmed. "Again?" Shikamaru growled.

"Come on guys we got to stop this" Naruto yelled and everyone ran out of the compound to find that half the village was up in flames.

Hinata watched everyone jump into actions.

Naruto was the first one who was attack but of course the cloud shinobi was no match for him. "We need to disperse. If we all stay in the same place they'll take over" Naruto yelled.

Everyone nodded and poofed away. Hinata looked at Naruto was making his way towards her. "Be careful" He said as he kissed her forehead.

He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her tight. He unwrapped his headband and placed it on her pale hands.

"Give me yours" He said.

"Why?" She asked.

"So I can have you with me" He said, a slight smile playing on his lips.

She quickly untied her headband and gave it to him. He smiled and tied in his neck, while she wrapped it around her forehead. They gave each other one last kiss and parted away to fight.

Time had passed and Hinata felt exhausted. It seemed like she had been fighting all night and it didn't seem to stop. Her chakra was almost out but she wasn't giving up. From the corner of the eyes she watch a whole new group of shinobi jumping the walls. She was about to run towards them when something blunt hit the back of her head.

Then everything went black.

She opened her eyes and the sunlight hit her eyes. She wince at the light but manage to sit up. All around her were dead bodies. She looked around and all the houses were burnt to the ground. There was no sound in the air, there was only the strong smell of smoke and blood.

Tears began to fall as she hurried to her feet and began to look for her friends, for a familiar face… for her love but she found nothing.

Giving up she threw herself at her knees and began to sob.

They had taken away her friends, her family and her love. She was left with nothing.