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Chapter 16

"Shika" Ino voice rang through the fogginess of Shikamaru's mind. He could hear the panic and fright in her voice but he couldn't move. Instead he was being shot at with memories, memories of Konoha, his parents, Asuma, Choji and lastly Ino. He saw the first time she saw her, when they were small. He saw the first Genin reunion, how she was complaining about not being with Sasuke, but Shikamaru could see in her eyes that she was relief to end up with Choji and himself. The first time he saw her differently. The first time they kissed, under a shade of a tree up in a hill where he was watching the clouds until she came and interrupted his alone time. Their first time. The night he asked her to be his forever and lastly the last night he saw her in Konoha, before he was taken away.

"It's you" He said in groggy voice.

"Shika?" He heard Ino said.

"She must be crying… She sounds like she is crying" He thought. Finally he managed to open his eyes and see that he in fact was right. Tears were running down Ino's pale cheeks. His hand reached for her cheek and brushed some of her tears away and then he smiled.

"Have I told you that I love you?" He asked. Suddenly her eyes winded, it was something they use to say to each other, back when they were together, back when Shikamaru remembered her.

"No" She asked, her voice slightly cracking.

"I do" He continued.

"Still?" She asked.

"Always" He smiled. Once again tears started to run down her cheeks, but this time a grin was painted on her lips.

"You remember" She said.

"Yes, Ino. I remember" He said while caressing her cheek. "You are the thing I love the most"

Once again their lips met in sweet kiss. They parted away and smiled to each other, happy that the nightmare they once were living was finally over.

"We have to tell the others" Ino said as she helped Shikamaru sit up. "We have to tell them that we had it all wrong. That maybe they are like you and what we thought was wrong and that maybe what they need is to be with their other half"

"Let's go" Said Shikamaru and like that they made their way back to the tower, hand in hand.

After what seemed like forever of running back they finally busted through the Reikage's door. "Guys we have… Sakura… Sasuke?" Ino suddenly forgot what she had to say once she saw her childhood crush and her best friend with the others.

"Ino" Said Sakura with a smile.

Ino stared at the two ninja's before them, there was something different in their eyes… something she could almost put her finger on and then her eyes caught the sight of their hands together. "You guys kissed didn't you!" Ino exclaimed receiving a smirk and chuckled from the both.

"What can we say, we can't keep our hands off each other even if we don't remember" Sakura giggled as she laid her head against Sasuke's shoulder.

"Then you…"

"Yes, they came back and told us" Gaara said.

"Konohamaru went to tell Neji and Tenten" Hinata said. "I was going after you two but I guess you figure it out on your own" She said teasingly.

"We did" Ino smiled as she looked at the man she loved. "It's finally over" She whisper.

She looked at Hinata and tilted her head. "What are you waiting for Hinata, Go get your man back" Ino said and Hinata smiled sadly.

"I'm not getting him back" She said.

"But… why?" Ino asked.

"Naruto is happy now. He doesn't have to live with the burden of knowing he had the Kyubbi, He doesn't have to remember that his parents died for him, that people use to hate him, that he was alone when he was young. He doesn't have to live with the terrible memories that haunted him every day" She said. "He's loved now. He has what he always wanted and I can't take it away from him"

"But Hinata… you guys are meant to be together" Ino said.

"We don't know that. Maybe he is meant to be here… with her, where he doesn't have to worry if his wife is being killed in some mission" She smiled. "I've been selfish all this time. I've always wished Naruto would only notice me. I was selfish when I told him I loved him. I was selfish to even have the thought of taking his peace of mind away and bring him back to the ruins of what we call home. Today I stop being selfish." She said. "I will go back to the village and help it become what it once was and live the memories that I have of him and the thought that he's living the life he really deserves." And with that she walked out.

"I'll see you tomorrow morning" She said before the doors closed behind her.

That night Hinata sat emotionless, staring at the bright white moon that teased her by staring her back. She knew it was the right thing. So when the sun started to rise, she finally drifted to sleep.

It was 7:30 when someone knocked on her door. Hinata groggily made her way to the door and opened it just to reveal the man who tortured her waking moments.

"Naruto!" She exclaimed surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"I came looking for you" He said and proceeded to scratch the back of his neck. "I guess I should have waited a little more but I figure you've waited enough"

"What?" Hinata asked confused.

"I went back to the tower last night. I had forgotten my wallet there" He explained. "You were already gone but the rest had stayed back. I sense something was wrong and that's when they told were leaving"

"Yes, I guess it's all over now" She smiled.

"But I still don't remember" He said.

"It's ok… there isn't much to remember about your life" She lied.

"I beg to differ" He said in a whisper. His eyes caught hers, like they had always had done and this pained her. "You know… last night we discover that there is another way to remember"

"Another way?" Hinata asked.

"Yes. It's by experiencing lost" Naruto said. "We didn't experience it before because we didn't know what we were losing but once you see it you realized there is something missing and you don't quite know what it is until it's almost gone" He smiled. "When I saw you Hinata, there was something about you that caught my attention beside the fact that you screamed my name and fainted" He chuckled. "There was a feeling of home, somehow" He smiled. "When I saw you again the same feeling came back, it was like I had been empty and that's why I kept coming back and I didn't understand until last night"

"What are you saying?" Hinata asked.

"I'm saying that last night when they told me you were leaving my body went into shock and just the thought of not seeing you again made the Jutsu brake" He smiled.

"You remember?" Hinata asked, her eyes starting to fill with tears. The cold hair exterior, she had worked so much on putting was breaking.

"I remember everything"

It was then Hinata's armor broke into millions of little pieces and she dropped on her knees and cried. In a quick motion Naruto grabbed her and sat her in his lap and let her cry while stroking her hair.

"I'm sorry Naruto" she sobbed. "I wanted you to stay happy"

"Hinata!" He said firmly as her grabbed her chin and made her look at him. "I don't need to be under a powerful jutsu to be happy because I'm the happiest I could ever be when I'm with you"


"There is also no need for a Jutsu for me to forget about my past because you make me forget. Whenever you are with me every bad memory just erased itself and they are replace with memories of you" He laid his forehead with hers, locking their eyes together. "I love you Hinata, I loved you even when I didn't remember you. You are the one for me" And with that he kissed her.

That kiss made everything else disappeared, it was the energy, the other part of each.

They parted away and started into each other's eyes. Suddenly Hinata jumped from his lap and ran into her room. "Hinata?"

He stood up and stared confuse into the room until she came back holding something in her hands. "I believe this is yours" She smiled and handed his ninja head band. He smiled and tied his head band in his forehead and for the first time in a long time, Naruto felt like himself again.

"Let's go home, Hinata"

The End

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