Here is a small one-shot that I couldn't help writing. This has been irking in my mind for weeks now.

A My Babysitter's A Vampire Fanfiction.

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Now Benny has stayed the night before, in fact it seems as if he's always here…which is quite true,

But last night…seemed so strange to Ethan.

Said boy was now in his back yard lying on the grass watching the skies…

'Very strange…'

It was quite strange that it made him not want to neither play any of his games nor read any of his comics…


That night Benny had came over at six, just in time for dinner, and that was normal.

The boys then gathered in Ethan's room, and met Rory at the window.

Still as normal as ever.

When the blond, now vampire, boy had left it was still quite up to norm standards.

"So have any new reads?" Benny had asked making Ethan grumble a bit.

"No…my parents have banned me from buying more comics for a while, they said I have to learn about the value of money and its importance"

"Sucks" Benny retorted as he flopped himself on Ethan's bed.

Ethan just nodded and then went back to his work on the computer.

Still as normal as ever.

After several quiet moments Ethan began noticing that Benny was shivering.

'Is he really that cold?'

"Are you okay?" Ethan asked the boy who simply said he was freezing.

The boy instantly got up and raised the thermo.

Upon entering the hall, where the thermo was located at, his father had told him that it was quite late.

"So lights out"

Ethan obeyed and began fixing Benny's usual spot on the floor, it was clear that the other teen wouldn't do it himself, that being a normal aspect as well.

"There" Ethan exclaimed when he had finished the bed on the floor.

When he got nothing in return, nor a jumping Benny, he looked up at the figure in his bed.

"Benny?" He asked unsure as he began hearing the light snoring of his friend.

'No way.' The other thought as he shook his friend.

"Benny" Ethan whined. "Get off my bed."


"No" The other said while a shrug and smile. "I'm already comfortable"

"But I don't like sleeping on the floor" The other proclaimed.

"Then sleep on your bed" Benny shot back sleepily and he buried himself in the solitude of the mattress.

Ethan huffed and glared at his best friend.

"I would but you're on it"

"We can both fit" The other said back still with his eyes closed.

He obviously didn't want to budge from his relaxing spot.

"I'm not sharing the bed with you"

"Why not? We use to when we were little kids"

"Yeah, when we were 'little'" Ethan explained finally realizing just how tired he was.

"It's either share or sleep on the floor" Benny then said as he ended the conversation.

Ethan huffed again and then turned out the lights and headed to the spot on the floor where Benny usually slept.

'I can't believe I'm doing this'

The boy quickly snatched up the pillow and blankets and headed to his side of the bed.

When he had lain down he had heard his friend laugh in triumph.

'Stupid Benny…'

The boy tossed and turned and decided on one thing, he had to sleep facing away from his friend, he didn't know why but he had to. But that was a harder task because he wasn't comfortable laying down on his right side, he had to sleep left. And that's where Benny was.

With a grunt he reluctantly turned to the left and was surprised to see Benny awake.

"Why can't you just lay still?" Benny asked sleepily.

The moon that shone through the window gave some light so Ethan could tell his friend was annoyed.

"It's not that hard"

"I'm not use to someone sleeping by me anymore" Ethan proclaimed with a grunt.

Benny rolled his eyes and looked at his friend with a puzzled thought.

"Then lets sleep how we use to" The taller teen said as he inched closer.

Ethan didn't know what the other was doing so he just froze in place and let the other move.

Before he knew it, he was in a cage of arms and buried in Benny's chest.

"W-what are you-?" He began asking but was cut off.

"Shh…just go to sleep, Ethan"

And then the boy felt heat rise in his cheeks as he began feeling warmth and comfort…

'Was this really how we use to sleep…?'

Ethan could feel and hear Benny's heart rise and fall and he began syncing into that noise.

Is it strange to feel comfort in your best friend's arms? Is it crazy to even question it?

After several more minutes he felt Benny's chin rest on his head so he sighed and just relaxed more…

Soon after he drifted off to sleep…

Ethan sighed and kept staring at the clouds over head…

Last night had been strange…

'But I'm sure all friends do it…'

From somewhere beyond him he heard a footstep.

'Yeah, that's it, they all did it, it was absolutely normal, no doubt about it.'

Another step

'It's completely allowable'

"Hey, dude" A familiar voice greeted making Ethan jump a bit.

He opened his eyes, (when had he even closed them?), and was surprised to see Benny standing over him.

"Hi" Ethan greeted as he kept staring up. "Why'd you leave so early…?"

"…Um…I had stuff to do…" The other said as a slight blush flashed over his cheeks.

Ethan had seen the blush but he chose to ignore it.

"So…are you sick or something?" The boy then asked curiously.

"…no, why?" The other asked back.

"Oh, well I thought maybe you were sick, that's why you were so cold…and that's why you possibly wanted m-my warmth…" Ethan explained as he felt his cheeks heat up.

'Stop making this so awkward, it's perfectly normal'.

"Oh…" Benny mumbled as he scratched his cheek. "T-that…I mean I was just like really comfortable…and I didn't realize I was…um…s-smothering you until I woke up this morning…"

"Oh" Was all Ethan said as he nodded.

'See…it was nothing to get worked up about…perfectly normal.'

"So…you want to play some video games?" Benny asked quickly, obviously trying to change the conversation.

"…nah" Ethan answered after a moment of silence. "…I kinda want to just lay here for a bit…"

Benny nodded at that and then looked around; he was trying to find something to settle his attention on, other then Ethan, but it went on with no solution.

"…you could lay with me…you know…" Ethan then said with his eyes closed. A blush had darkened his cheeks so Benny couldn't help but laugh a bit.

"…okay" Benny said as he lay next to his friend.

'Okay this was awkward' Benny thought as he sighed outwardly.

'Strange' Ethan thought.

'But its normal…we're just really close.' They both thought in union without knowing it.

Yes, it was just that…

…or was it…?

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