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Slow and Steady

It's a slow process. It always is. Castiel doesn't feel things like humans do. His body, or, more accurately, Jimmy Novak's body, with Castiel's grace inside of it, is slow to react. Every touch, no matter what the pressure, is not immediately perceived. Castiel just is not used to feeling sensations as humans have had their whole lives to get accustomed to.

Dean doesn't mind though. He's spent his entire life rushing through the act of sex, with no other goal than to get off, or, more often than not, to just escape from his life for a bit. Now though… Dean finds that he doesn't want to escape his life as much as he once did. Sex is about something more now. With Cas sex is something more than just a way to get an orgasm. It's something deeper, and yes, Dean is aware of how girlie that may sound. He just doesn't give a fuck.

That's why he's where he is now, kneeling on the ground at Castiel's feet, sliding the Angel's dress pants down nice and slow. Castiel, already shirtless, with his hair in a disarray and his chest slick where Dean's tongue ran down it, his nipples rosy and hard, is looking down at him, his blue eyes wide and dark, his normally thin, pink lips turned red and swollen from fierce kisses, slick with a mingled combination of his own spit and Dean's.

Dean bites down on his bottom lip as he takes in the sight of his angel, even more disheveled than usual, and so fucking hot that Dean feels himself grow even harder than he already is. As Castiel's pants fall down to pool at his ankles, Dean leans forward, running his nose against Castiel's hipbone, where the older man's (angel's) grey boxers hang low, before opening his mouth wide and biting down on the protruding bone.

Castiel moans, his eyes wide with shock, and his hips buck forward, his hardening cock hitting Dean's cheek through the damp cloth of his boxers.

Dean looks up at the angel, his mouth stretched into a cocky grin. "I'm guessing that you like that?" he drawls, confident, as he runs his thumb over the spot where a mark that looks much like his teeth is indented into Cas' soft skin.

Castiel swallows, his Adam's apple bobbing in his pale throat, before he speaks, his voice so gruff and hoarse that Dean nearly comes in his pants. "It was…. pleasing…" he tells Dean, reaching down with his hands to wind slender, long fingers through Dean's short hair. "I would like it a great deal if you would do it again".

Dean's grin widens, his green eyes dark and his face flushed, before he leans forward again, more than happy to comply.

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