Zero's POV

"I love you, Zero." She whispered.

I glared at her, hatred bubbling up in the pit of my stomach mixing with fear. All the gruesome memories of junior high flashed through my head sending chills down my back. She almost killed Ichii and Sarasa and I was going to make sure that wasn't going to happen again, no not this time. I clenched my fists and mustered up the courage to walk towards her, grabbing her by the collar of her shirt pulling her closer to his face. She smelled sickly of expensive perfume and death like so many years before.

"What are you doing here?" I hissed, poison lacing my question. Exie disgusted me; she used me, made me think that I actually loved her, but all she wanted was Sarasa dead. Now all those feelings turned to burning rage. I wanted to kill her, right then and there, but once she caught hold of my eyes I couldn't. My fist shook as I held her close feeling her magic slowly slipping into my body. I closed my eyes quickly knowing that if she got a hold of me, she would use me yet again.

"Exie, do you not remember what you did to Ichii and Sarasa?" I spat keeping my eyes wrenched closed. I heard her simply giggle and felt her turn away with a blush painted across her cheeks.

"Oh, Zero, don't be so modest. I can't possibly take all the credit. After all you helped me." She chuckled finding the thought funny. I clenched my teeth and opened my eyes to meet her emerald ones. I saw in her eyes that she was enjoying this all too much. Exie loved to cause destruction and misery throughout the realm, but she seemed to find me more interesting than death so she reeled me in.

"Besides you were the one that almost blew them up to high heaven with your destructive magic." She whispered in my ear, throwing her head back and laughing hysterically. Rage boiled my blood making me shake violently. This bitch. I wanted to kill her. I wanted her to suffer and feel the pain I feel, the pain of guilt I had to put up with every time I looked at Ichii or Sarasa. They trusted me, but when I attacked Sarasa suddenly Ichii avoided me and sent her back to my brother. Of course I never told Jeff about the incident, he would never trust me again if he found out and I couldn't have that. He would hate me, despise me, kill me.

"Shut up!" I yelled as the image of Sarasa's limp body flashed into my mind. My muscles reacted without a second thought sending Exie slamming into a brick wall. The solid wall gave way as her body hit it with much force hearing a sickening crack. My breath has coming out in hard, loud pants my adrenaline building again. I wasn't scared anymore, I was just angry, but upon seeing body lie limply in the rubble all emotions drained from me. I straightened up and turned to leave not wanting to look at her horrid face, but before I even took a step, her body slowly heaved itself up. I looked over my shoulder at her with a cold stare. She cradled her broken arm close to her body, blood running down her arm in an eerie waterfall and her bone forced in an impossible angle breaking through the skin. The sight of it alone made my stomach jerk, but I kept a hard, emotionless look on my face. She took a step out of the pile of rocks and brick wincing at every step. She looked utterly pitiful. Her eyes narrowed and were suddenly filled with venom.

"It's because that girl, right, with the orange hair? She's in the way…" She hissed.


"What about her?" I questioned kept my voice firm and leveled even though it was just an act. Exie caught it and smirked a treacherous smirk causing a cold chill to rip through my back.

"Well, let's say that she's being…. Taken care of."

I quickly spun around my eyes filled with pure rage as I pinned her to the wall with incredible speed. She let out a pained groan as her back came into contact with bricks once again. The snapping of her ribs filled the empty alley, her face consorting to one of displeasure, but the only sound I heard was the roaring of my blood. Exie was pure evil and she deserved every once of torture and pain. She needed to be taught a leason.

"Don't you dare hurt her…" I hissed my hands shaking and my destructive magic on the verge of exploding through my hands; I was becoming out of control.

She shrugged with a smile playing across her mouth despite the intense pain. She looked in my eyes, hers filled with lust and want. Her undamaged arm came up to my face and caressed my cheek almost as if we were lovers. I flinched at her touch feeling how icy her fingers were. Exie was cold, cold-blooded.

"Oh, Zero… My precious Zero, soon you will be mine… all mine." Her eyes lidded with desire. I couldn't believe what she was saying; she was insane.

I narrowed my eyes. "Who? Who did you brain wash this time? Who's going after Nina?" She could make anyone do her bidding and slowly she would absord their soul and mind creating undead slaves. I was close to that point and if it wasn't for Ichii I think I might be Exie's slave as well. The thought made me want to vomit.

She searched my face for a moment and when she didn't answer me I slammed her into the wall again. Exie hissed and glared at me her eyes becoming darker than normal.

"Ichii… I sent Ichii." She breathed.


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