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A Star Was Born

Chapter 1.

I pulled on one of my old tee's and didn't even bother to look in the mirror. There was no one to impress today. No today was a me day. No paparazzi, no prying fans, no obnoxious celebrities. Just me, and maybe my best friend, watching a bit of football and drinking some beer.

Being an a-list celebrity had always been my dream, ever since I was 10 years old. I wanted to be talked about and admired. I wanted people to remember me, long after I died, through my acting. But now I had actually made it. I was at the point in my life where I could look back, and know I achieved everything I ever wanted as that 10 year old boy. But looking at it as a 25 year old, my life feels oddly hollow. Empty.

I may have awards to show my achievements, but I have no one to share it with. No one to come home to at night. No one to work for. No kids. No wife. Hell, I only have one true friend. One person I can actually trust, who isn't one of my parents. And I'm lonely.

But don't feel sorry for me, I don't need all that to be happy. I'm internationally adored. I love my life...yeah, I'm selling shit, are you buying per chance? No? Didn't think so.

I tamed my hair, by running my hand through it, as I walked back down the stairs to the kitchen. Grabbing a beer, I made my way to the living room, to wait on Jasper. My friend.

After college I moved to L.A to get my career started. I'm not big headed, or anything, but I knew from being a young teen that I was a good looking son of a bitch. Girls would literally throw themselves as me, offer my sexual favours, just for the hell of it.

The first audition I went on, was for a comedy, about a some geek who was in love with the head cheerleader. I thought I was a shoo in for the part. So I was kinda devastated when they told me I didn't have the 'right look' for it. After that humiliation, I shied away from another audition, and started working in a coffee house.

A year after my move, Volturi inc. had seen my audition tape for 'for the love of a geek' and wanted to manage me. I accepted on the spot, because no other management wanted me. And signing with them has literally turned my life around. They got me the lead in this detective movie, based off of the really popular book series. The first one as such a success, that they offered my a contract for all of the 'Cliffshaw' movies. After that, I was asked to star in more and more movies, and I became the newest golden boy of Hollywood, and people couldn't get enough of me...they still can't. That's why my day off, is spent in the confines of my own home. Safe.

I checked my watch, and noted that Jasper should be here in about 10 minutes, if he wanted to see the beginning of the game. Being best friends with Jasper, was a controversial matter for some. Jasper was the host of one of America's biggest and most popular talk shows, 'Tonight, live with Jasper Whitlock'. We became friends during my 'off' period from working, when I was working as a bus boy. He came in one day, and we just got to talking. His show wasn't running then, so it was just too aspiring young men, talking in a coffee house.

His show took off a few months after our first meet, and we stayed close friends. I was best man at his wedding to my older sister, and godfather to his only child. And in return I'm loyal to his show, giving his any exclusives and I always appear before the premier of any of my movies.

Volturi inc. aren't very happy about our relationship, saying that Jasper can use the things I tell him in confidence, to boost his ratings. But I trust Jasper with my life, and if I'm honest being such good friends with him, helps a lot when being interviewed by him. He knows the subjects that need to be avoided and he knows what subjects are awkward or sensitive to me, and yet on screen the reception is amazing, because we work together so well. We act like two friends catching up.

I was brought out of my musings by my cell ringing. I picked the device up off the coffee table, and groaned as I was the name 'Marcus' flashing on the screen.

"what?" I growled into the receiver.

"well it's nice talking to you too, Cullen" he chuckled.

"it's my day off Marcus. What do you want" I spat to my manager.

"i know I know, I'm sorry for calling, but I just wanted to let you know that your appearance on 'Whitlock' has been confirmed for tomorrow night"

"I didn't even know there was an appearance to be confirmed. Jasper never said anything" I whined like a child, I even felt like stamping my foot as well.

"well" he chuckled "I'm sure it's not up to the host to do the booking Cullen. Maybe he just forgot to tell you, you were in the pipe line" he reasoned, to which I rolled my eyes. Jasper always knew, weeks before they were due to appear, who was in the pipe line, as Marcus called it. Jazz is defiantly up to something. "Anyway" Marcus continued "you'll be on tomorrow night along with Jacob and Tanya"

"WHAT?" I yelled "I work alone on talk shows"

"yeah, usually...but the Denali agency wanted you all together to represent the premier of the last 'Cliffshaw' movie"

I grunted in response, I hated appearing with co-stars. Especially these two. I cannot stand Jacob Black, the smug bastard would take any opportunity to make me look bad. And Tanya Starr, as she calls herself, is just disgusting. She likes to cling onto me like second skin, whereas all I want is the cut her loose and get as far away as possible from her. It's not like she's not good looking, she is, it's just...she's so not my type. She'll sleep with anything to boost her career, she drinks, takes drugs, is vain and conceited.

"fine, I'll be at the studio at six?"

"yeah I'll see you there" and I hung up after that. Jasper has some explaining to do.

Just before the game started, I heard security letting Jazz into my house...well I suppose mansion would be more appropriate.

"Hey Edward!" I heard him call.

"in the living room" I answered. I heard him walk towards the kitchen and help himself before he appeared in the room.

"hey man" he greeted and his slumped down next to me on the couch, beer in hand.

"oh hey" I answered with a tone. He raised his eyebrow in a silent question. "I just got a phone call. Apparently I'm appearing on 'Whitlock' tomorrow night." I simply stated.

"" he shrugged.

" didn't tell me. What's up. Why were you hiding this from me? What are you up to?"

"damn, you ask a lot of question's Cullen" he chuckled. "okay, I was confirmed today, so I suppose I can tell you..." he trailed off, his smug smile still in place.

"go on" I urged.

"Bella Swan's appearing as well" and my whole world stopped. Her name was enough to make my heart beat erratically and my palms sweat. I'd only seen Bella Swan once since high school graduation ceremony, and that was a complete disaster.

"w-what?" I stuttered. Yes, this girl makes Hollywood's heart throb stutter.

"I know it's awesome right? But, not only is she appearing, but she's performing too." he replied.

I cleared my throat in order to stay composed "how did you manage that?"

"well, I've been asking the guys to get her on the show forever, but 'cos she's been on tour, I've had to wait. Mike rang last night, and her manager answered, she started yelling at him about how Bella's just got back off tour and we should stop hounding her, and then the next thing he knows he's talking to Bella herself, and she's apologising for her manager's behaviour, she says she'd love to come on the show, and she'll even sing an exclusive of her new single, to make up for her manager's attitude. I tell ya...more celebs should be like her. And my Alice just love's her and can't wait to see her again. She so excited to do her make up for the show..." he prattled on and on, but I was in my Bella induced coma state.

Everyone has 'the one who got away' well Bella Swan's mine...sort of. We were high school together, and it was a known fact she had a crush on me, a fact I was teased about. And truth be told, I liked Bella too. But...I was young and new to the area, I just wanted to fit in, so when I saw Bella being teased I kept my distance from her. I avoided her at all cost, because I didn't want to be associated. And the thought makes me sick to my stomach now.

Bella never got teased about her clothes or her hair or her work ethic, no Bella got teased because of her aspirations in life. Her dreams. Her goals.

She got teased about the fact she spent her breaks or her lunches in the gym dancing or in the auditorium singing. She got teased because she only had two friends, one of whom was my big sister.

The first time I met Bella, was the day after my family and myself moved to the sleepy town of Forks, Washington, from our home in Chicago. Charlie Swan the town's police officer and Renee Swan had invited us over for dinner. My parents forced me to go...

we walked up the driveway of the small, two story house, and I huffed, being here was not on my list of what I wanted to do. I'm a sixteen year old boy, I have other things, I'd rather be doing.

My mother knocks on the door, and I release another sigh.

My father gives me a stern look that clearly says 'shut the hell up, boy'.

The door is opened by Renee, and she greats my family as every hostess should. Charlie appears out of no where and offers us drinks. We're all sat in the lounge, and I'm fiddling with the hem of my shirt when the door opens. I look up and see...

the most gorgeous girl I've ever laid eyes on. Her long, rich, chocolate hair was pulled into an expertly styled pony tail, her long, lean body was dressed in skinny jeans, and a simple purple tee. She was dressed so casually, and she looked up in surprise at my families presence.

"oh Bella" Renee laughed "I forgot to tell you. These are the Cullen's. They're staying for dinner. Now go get dressed" she ordered, and I wanted to shield this angel from her mother's harsh orders.

"no, please not on our account" my mother intervened "please come and sit. Talk with us Isabella"

Isabella looked very shy, as she sat in an unoccupied seat in the room, heat covering her face, in this beautiful blush

"It's lovely to meet you Isabella" my mother, tried to make conversation.

"it's Bella." she replied in a timid voice "and it's lovely to meet you too, Mrs. Cullen" she all but whispered.

"please dear, call me Esme, and this is Carlisle my husband, and Edward our son and Alice our daughter. Actually..." she trailed off, looking between the three of us "you three look about the same age. How old are you, Bella?"

"16" she mumbled

"oh, so's my Edward. You'll be in the same grade at school. And Alice's seventeen, so she'll be one year above you" she laughed seemingly happy with her founding out's. My father just chuckled at her and shook his head.

"So Bella?" my father asked. I could tell Isabella didn't like all the attention that was being forced on her, but she smiled at my dad anyway "what do you want to be when your older?" he inquired.

I heard Renee release a loud sigh before Isabella spoke "I want to be a singer" she stated simply, and my family were stunned at her chosen career path. This quiet girl wanted to be a singer? I would have thought I was a joke if Renee and Charlie hadn't looked so embarrassed by her admittance.

"Bella, go make the salad for me" Renee ordered.

"but were not having..."

"go make it!" she yelled. And Isabella quickly left the room, her head low and her face flushed.

"I'm sorry about that" Renee stated. I presumed she meant by her outburst, but I realised I was wrong when she carried on talking "she's had this stupid fantasy in her head since she was a child. I mean, we encouraged it when she was young, because she does have a good voice, but that life's never going to happen for my Bella, and the sooner she gets a realistic dream the better"

Even her parents didn't believe in her, not to mention the kid's at school. Those kid's were down right cruel to her, when all Bella was...was brave. I never told anyone that I wanted to be an actor, not until college, and even then it was only my family that knew, whilst Bella would tell anyone who asked. The kid's at school wouldn't laugh behind her back though. No, they laughed to her face. Made fun of her. Told her she was delusional.

Well, she's the one laughing now. Actually she's the one that's been laughing since she was eighteen years old, and became America's sweet heart. The countries pop princess, where she's stayed for seven years. Every one of her albums has been an international success, and not one of them not making it to any music chart. She's one of the most successful recording artists in the world.

I'll never forget the day the school found out about Bella making it big. She'd been missing from school for almost a month, and with finals and everything it was unusual for Bella, a straight A student to be missing. Not that many people noticed. But I did. Because I loved watching her. Sometimes I'd watch her dance in the gym, or sing in the auditorium, she really was an amazing singer and dancer. I was obsessed with this girl, and yet my need to be popular fuelled my desire to leave her alone.

Anyway, once people began noticing she was missing, even Alice and Angela didn't know where she was, or so they said, and rumours began. The most believed rumour was the she'd contracted some unknown, foreign disease that was incurable. Other's were crueller rumours, such as, she'd had a reality check and was too embarrassed to show her face.

But when I got to school that morning, I was filled with pride and...yeah I was smug. Because, although I never voiced it, I always knew she'd make it big. And that day, the school was in uproar...

"hey dude" Mike yelled as I was getting out of my silver Volvo.

"hey Mike" I greeted. Truth be told, I didn't like Mike Newton, he was an ass. As we began walking, I looked, as I always do, at the spot the Bella's truck usually occupied, and was unsurprised to find it empty, but my heart still plummeted.

"did ya listen to Billboard hot 100 last night?" Newton asked, and I really felt like hitting the dick.

"why would I listen to that shit?" I shrugged.

"yeah, yeah" he agreed "well I don't usually, but you sister..." yeah, he has no sister "erm..anyway, you won't believe who's number one"

"Newton, I really don't care if Britney Spears made it to number one or not" I laughed at him.

"yeah, me neither, but wasn't her it was..." he trailed off.

"does this conversation have a point?" I growled. I really wasn't in the mood for Newton.

"yeah, course. Well I heard the name...and well I thought it was a joke...or something, so I searched it on youtube and...well..."

"what is it Newton, spit it out"

he huffed, grabbed his phone out of his pocket. He typed a few things into it and threw it at him, along with his headphones. "just watch this" he mumbled, his face flushed with embarrassment.

I placed the ear pieced in, and pressed play on the screen. Th video took a moment to load, but when it did, I couldn't believe it.

It was her. She was dancing...and singing.

Everybody tells me that

it's so hard to make it,

it's so hard to break it,

there's no way to fake it,

Everybody tells me that it's wrong what I'm feeling,

I shouldn't believe in

the dreams that I'm dreaming.

Oh my God, she was glorious. She wasn't wearing her usually old jeans and hoodie, and her hair wasn't pulled up into it's usual pony tail. She'd been styled and primped to perfection. It took me a few moments to realise where the video took place. Where she was dancing. It was Forks High.

She was in different classrooms, dancing in the cafeteria, sitting in Mr. Banner's chair with her feet on the desk, dancing on the principle's desk. She was basically giving everyone the finger and laughing at how wrong they were. And I was so proud.

I hear it everyday,

I hear it all the time,

I'm never to amount to much,

but they're never gonna change my mind


tell me, tell me, tell me,

something I don't know

something I don't know

tell me, tell me, tell me,

something I don't know

something I don't know

towards the end of the video, she further proved my observation that the video was shot at our school, as she, and a group of other dancers, were all dancing in complete sync, outside, next to the 'welcome to Fork's high school' sign. It was raining, and she was all wet, and yes that fulfilled me with a lot of fantasies.

When it ended, I stood there, in the parking lot, just staring at the blank screen of Newton's phone. It wasn't until I heard his throat clear that I looked up.

"this made number one?" I asked, still stunned, as I handed his phone back to him.

"umm...yeah?" he mumbled.

And with that I left him stood there, and walked into school. Everyone was alive with excitement. All about Bella. People were waving phone's around, and other's were telling stories of themselves and Bella. Whilst my sister and Angela were both sporting tee shirts, with Bella's face on and the slogan 'tell me something I don't know' which were both signed y Bella. Not to mention they were both wearing the smuggest smiles possible.

I knew Alice knew where Bella had gone.

After second period, the whole school got called to assembly. Everyone was sat, crushed against each other, waiting to hear what this impromptu assembly is about. The chatter was loud and it was all about her. I just wanted them all the shut the hell up. It was like, now she's proven herself, she's allowed to be their friend. Like they were doing her a favour. If Bella Swan actually did come back here, I wouldn't blame her for spitting in everyone's faces because that's what they all deserved. And the morons couldn't even tell that the lyrics were about them. They couldn't tell she was actually giving them the proverbial finger.

"okay, okay, settle down, I'll keep this short as I'm sure you all want to get back to class.." Principle Cope got on stage. She adjusted her suit jacket before she began speaking again.

"now I'm sure that everyone of you has heard about Bella Swan this morning, and if you haven't I'm sure your peers will fill you in, however I have been informed of something and thought it best I warn you all before that happens. In three weeks the senior class will be having their graduation ceremony, and as your all aware Bella Swan is a senior too. She is finishing high school online as, at the moment she is in Los Angeles. But she will be coming to the ceremony, and I expect that you all treat her exactly the same, and don't embarrass yourself or the school. That is all, please go back to your lessons'

"dude are you even listening to me?" Jasper brought me out of my musings.

"yeah yeah sure. My sister wants to do Bella's hair" I shrugged, taking a drink of beer.

Jasper just laughed at my clearly flustered state, and shook his head.

"as I was saying..." he continued, giving me a pointed look "don't act like a dick, like you did last time" he began laughing at the memory, whilst I winced.

I bumped into her at a party that we'd both been invited to. I was actually flustered and nervous to be talking to her that I stuttered, and couldn't make eye contact, to the most beautiful girl in America as she spoke to me. She eventually got mad, and yelled at me for making fun of how she acted in high school, and stomped off. I wasn't making fun of her, but looking back, I was acting like how Bella was. Stutter and not making full sentences, fidgeting whilst I spoke. And I kicked myself for acting that way.

Yeah, seeing Bella Swan again, I was really going to have to pull my act together if I want to woo her. And now that there's a chance at getting Bella, I'm not going to let it slip through my fingers yet again.

So, tonight live with Jasper Whitlock, will be in the next chapter, as will what happened at graduation. The song is Selena Gomez and the Scene 'tell me something I don't know' and I thought it fit. I was listening to her songs whilst writing, so I may make Bella sing more in later chapters...who knows. Anyway please review! And let me know if you want more.