A Star Was Born.

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Chapter 2.


After spending the day relaxing, Alec arrives at 6.30pm to take me to the studio where Jasper's show is filmed live. Emmett, my bodyguard is already seated in the car. Normally live shows scare the hell outta me, but 'cos it's Jasper's and I've been the guest more times then I can remember I'm feeling fine about it.

My nerves are coming from the fact that I'll be seeing Isabella Swan tonight. Whenever I'm within ten feet of the girl my foot just seems to jump into my mouth and I can't remove it.

No one would imagine that I'm a worldwide superstar that has girls lining the street to just to meet me. One smile from her and I'm done.

The other reason I'm nervous is that I'll be appearing with Tanya Starr and Jacob Black on the show tonight. Jacob's an ass who this the whole world revolves around him, and Tanya likes playing up to the camera and pretending that we're dating or in love or some shit.

I actually blame the Denali filming production for the one. On screen, my character and Tanya's are madly in love and although the movie is a detective series the sub plot is a love story, so the company filming and paying the funding for the movie, thought that it would be a great idea if we're seen together a lot and when asked we don't deny or confirm.

And the strange thing is, the press go wild. People are dying to know the truth and for some reason think that by seeing the movie will give them the answer. This in turn makes Denali film productions more and more money, and Tanya and I bigger and bigger stars.

I'd don't really care about that and I'll be glad when the last instalment of the series comes to cinema's, which will be in about two weeks. After that, I can finally be able to admit to the world that I have no romantic feelings towards Tanya Starr. Never have, and never will.

The show airs at 9pm, but Alice will be Alice and because she does hair, make up and clothing for the show she decided the time and we just better be there.

Once we arrive, Seth pulls up at the back door for me to sneak through. I can hear the chatter of people coming from the front of the building and I know that people are already waiting to be seated for tonight's show.

"Thanks, man" I yell as Em and I begin a quick walk into the building. Making my usual route towards the dressing rooms, I fiddle with my phone making sure it's on silent. There's nothing more embarrassing hen your phone going off in the middle of an interview. And know Jasper, the ass would probably make me read it aloud.

As I enter the room labelled 'Hair and Make up' I see Tanya sat in a high seat in front of a mirror brushing her long blond and brittle hair. Jacob's lounging on the sofa eating chips from a bowl and reading a magazine.

"hey" I mutter, taking my jacket off. Emmett stands by the door, as usual.

"hi baby" Tanya giggles, wiggling her eyebrows.

"Tanya" I sighed "how many times? It's for the camera's only. Don't make things weird here"

"sorry" she snapped "eugh! Where the hell is the make up person. I need to make sure I look good"

"I'm sure she'll be here soon" I reasoned before going to sit on the other sofa, directly opposite Jacob's.

"oh Edward. Didn't know you were here man" I notice he was reading a teenage magazine with him on the front cover. Typical.

"yeah I'm here" I replied sarcastically. He snapped his magazine closed, and jumps into a sitting position.

"did you hear who's here? Only Bella fucking Swan. Dude, that chick is so hot it should be fucking illegal"

I can feel the rage and jealousy gripping me from within. He shouldn't be looking at her like that! She's mine. Well hopefully she soon will be.

Before I can retaliate, Jasper enters the room.

"hey guys, Alice is running a little late...erm we're fine timing wise so don't worry about anything. She should be here soon"

"don't you have people to come and do this kinda thing for you?" Tanya asks. I roll my eyes. Jasper likes to talk to the guest before they appear and the only way to really do that is during make up.

After Jasper explains just that to her, she has a perplexed look on her face as though she still doesn't get it. Ignoring her, I stand grab Jasper by the arm and pull him out of the room.

"what's wrong with Alice?" I know some thing's up, Alice is never late.

He sighs and looks to the ground. "she's been excited all week for Bella coming. No actually she's been excited ever since I told her I'm gonna try and get her on the show. All she wants is to catch up with her old best friend whilst doing her hair and make up" he shook his slowly.

"yeah. So, what's the problem?"

"the problem is, that Bella's people made sure when we booked her she'd have her own private room so she could warm up for her performance and shit. Only there this huge mother fucker on the door, won't let Alice past, says that Bella has someone doing all her make up and whatever for her. So Alice say that they're friends and asks if she can go and see Bella. Big guy say no. Alice start arguing...I mean, you know your sister, she's so fucking loud, that bitchy manager comes out, says the Alice needs to leave now or Bella ain't gonna perform, Alice literally begs her just to tell Bella she's there, and the bitchy manager won't even do that. She in the toilet's crying. I really dunno what to do"

"oh shit" I sighed, rubbing the back of my neck "well, can't you tell Bella? When you go in and prep her about the interview?"

he sighed again "I've already done the prep. Alice fucking asked me not to say anything 'cos she wanted it to be a surprise. If I'd only known.." he groaned.

Although I felt bad for my sister, a part of me was thinking she was over reacting just a little. I mean, Jasper or I can tell her after the show, and then she can see her again. But another part of me remembers how much Alice misses Bella. They had hardly seen each other since high school, and although they tried to keep in touch, but due to Bella's extremely busy schedule she just couldn't keep up with everything. Something I understand completely.

"But..." Jasper started, grin on his face "you won't believe this man, but she said I could ask her anything! Anything, man. Even all that shit with that James guy"

an involuntary growl slipped from me just as his name was uttered. James Hunter and Bella dated for a couple months, and I'm sure most guys would agree with me, during those months he was the luckiest mother fucker on the planet. But he fucked up and it was splashed all over the papers about how he'd not only cheated on Bella with one girl...no, there were five.

My heart broke for Bella, as her heartbreak was sold world wide, and her face was seen as she tried not to cry and keep her dignity with swarms of paparazzi around.

"that jackass" slips from my lips. Jasper smirks, he'd heard me call James every name under the sun, even before we'd learnt of his sleazy cheating ways.

"why does she want to talk about him?" I asked, bewildered.

"Edward" he sighed again, and rolled his eyes "you saw those articles, she wants everyone to know she's over him" he shrugged.

"EDWARD" Alice yelled, as she appeared from the other side of the corridor.


"stop gossiping like an old woman, and get in the chair. Your up first"


It's now 8.55 and Jasper's show will be starting in five minutes. Jacob and I are dressed similarly in suites and ties. Nothing too fancy. Tanya, however is wearing a barely there bright pink dress, that just covers her ass ans tits. But if she moves too much, something gonna slip out...just saying. Her hair has been curled within and inch of it's life, and now she looks sort of like a poodle.

The stage has been set up, the live audience seated and Jasper on stage. Jacob, Tanya and I are currently in a hallway, waiting to enter the studio and go up on stage after announced. Being here two and a half hours, I'd still not seen Isabella.

"quiet on set please!" a voice yelled and the audience hushed. "we're live in 3..2...-"

"Good evening, you're watching Tonight live with me, your host, Jasper Whitlock" the audience cheered and whistled for a few moments, before somewhat settling down.

"okay...so as I'm sure your aware tonight's guests are the stars of the very popular 'Cliffshaw' movies, so let's get 'em out here. Here's Edward Cullen, Tanya Starr and Jacob Black."

the screams that came from the audience were deafening, and as we passed by the audience members with the aisle seats, I tried to touch as many awaiting hands as possible.

The screams seemed to only get louder as we walked up on stage and did the phoney greeting when you shake the presenters hand.

After we'd all been seated on the large purple sofa, the audience finally settle down and listen.

"that's some kinda reaction" Jasper chuckled "do you ever get use to something like that?"

"no not really. It seems to get more and more crazy every time I step out the front door" I answer, it seems natural to answer his questions that I didn't even think about the other sat on the sofa with me.

"so..." he started "the new 'Cliffshaw' movies is coming out, one week today. That's Friday 28th guys. Can you tell us a little about the movie?"

this time I wait for one of them to speak and when neither do, I jump in.

"well, if you've been following the movies from the beginning, you'll know that each movie, Cliffshaw and Emily are fighting for their love, and with each case he has to solve they're finding it harder and harder, with her always getting in the firing line, so the speak. This film picks up straight from the last one, where it was left on a huge cliffhanger when Cliffshaw asked Emily to marry him."

"yeah, it was kinda mean to leave it at such a huge moment. I felt a little robbed" Jasper chuckled "so...Jacob, what's your character's part in this movie, particularly?"

"well throughout the previous movies, Max has always been a little mysterious but always assumed to be the good guy, 'cos he's Cliffshaw's right hand man. Well this movie he really comes into his own, and we get to see the 'real' side of him."

"was it hard to get into the character. To change the way you played him?"

"it was actually. I mean, I spent the last four years, trying to perfect this mysterious, aloof character and now he's not that way any more and I have to act in a completely different way. It's kinda like I'm playing a different role" he chuckled.

"and Tanya?" Jasper goes on "Looking lovely tonight" he lied as she winks in return "what about your character?" I try not to laugh, but I can't stop the smile breaking loose on my lips. Tanya is notably bad during interviews. She can never think of anything to say, and always ends up coming up with random stupid answers.

"erm..." she giggles nervously "well Emily is...like, in love with Cliffshaw, and she's really...erm...kinda happy in the movie" she smiles.

"also..." I jump in. 'cos lets face it, the author of the worldwide best-selling books is not gonna be happy with that shitty answer that wasn't even correct. "I think Emily's very torn in the movie. Whether to follow her head and leave Cliffshaw or follow her heart and marry him, trusting him when he says he'll protect her from everything"

"yeah, yeah, yeah" Tanya agreed, nodding her head furiously. "I was totally gonna say that before you cut me off, Eddie-poo"

the camera got a lovely shot of me rolling my eyes at her idiocy.

"so...what's happening after the movie, Edward? This is the last in the series, surly you must have something coming up?"

"actually I do. I can't really say much about it just yet, but I can tell you that, it's based on the book 'how to catch a night flyer' it's a romantic comedy and we should be starting filming in a few months" I smiled at him.

"oh come on, man. Give us more that that!" he whined making the audience laugh "who are you staring with?"

"actually the female lead hasn't been cast yet. So if your a budding female actress get yourself an audition, you never know" I chuckled. The company aren't gonna like me saying that, but it's not like I gave an address out.

"Oh Eddie, I could totally do that role!" Tanya gushed.

"actually I've read the book" Jacob intercept "the lead is brunette"

"damn" Tanya mutters, but her mic picks it up "I'd look hideous as a brunette"

Jasper chuckled before turning towards the camera. "we're gonna be talking to the cast of 'Cliffshaw' again in a few moments, but I actually have a unscheduled surprise for our viewers. Back off her world wide tour, where she filled arena after arena, it's the five time Grammy winning, and one of the most successful recording artists in the world...Ladies and Gentlemen, it's my absolute honour to introduce to you, for a first on 'Whitlock' it's Bella Swan!"

the screams and shouts from the audience were double what all three of us had received, but I barely noticed. My eyes were trained on the stage that still had not lit up yet, knowing I would see her beautiful form any minute now.

Music began, but the stage was still dark, it wasn't until she began singing that I finally saw her.

'I keep taking, taking you back,

but I don't know why I do,

you keep breaking, breaking me down,

so I'll find somebody knew,


On stage was not just Isabella Swan...no, it was like all my fucking Christmas' had come at once. On stage were five Isabella Swan's. Each as beautiful and magnificent as the last. Each one wore a different outfit, but the real Bella was by far the most stunning. The only reason I knew which one was the real one was because I could see the wires on her mic running from her ear to her mouth, and her red lips were moving as she sang.

The other Isabella's were all computer generated images taken of her. It was an amazing idea because they look as though they're her backing dancers. Her and the computer images are all dancing in sync as she sings.

I don't wanna feel I'm buried alive,

and now your begging me to see you tonight.

It's funny how easy you can mess me up,

now look how easy I got you

outta my head, outta my head,

say goodbye,

somebody's gonna get you,

outta my head, outta my head,

and tonight,

I'm doing what I want to,

you made the biggest mistake,

and now I'm gonna get you way,

outta my head, outta my head

say goodbye

somebody's gonna get you.

Her lyrics, although are obviously about her ex, they words she's saying and the way she looks tonight, makes me so proud of her.

Her voice is just as beautiful and mesmerising as I remembered. And the audience wash away. As does everything else apart from her.

She's wearing a white dress that travels down to her knees. The top part is tight against her beautiful breast and the skirt is floaty and fans outwards when she spins round. The white on her dress contrasts magically with her plump red lips. Her auburn hair is lightly curled and left to fall down her back. She's wearing red heels that match her lips. She looks amazing.

The computer Bella's soon vanished and she was alone on stage, before a few 'real' dancers joined her.

I kept taking
Taking the blame
And it's soring me up inside
So defeated, losing my self
But you'll never make me cry again
Remember you and I didn't want things to end
And now your tasting all the pain I was in.

It's funny how easy you can mess me up
Now look how easy I get you

Outta me head, outta my head
Say goodbye

Just like the first song she'd ever released her lyrics ring truth throughout, and it's no wonder that this girl has become such a big artist. She's amazing because she puts heart and sole into everything.

Once she finishes the song, I don't even think twice before standing up and clapping with the audience. Luckily Tanya and Jacob follow my lead and stand too. Jasper's making his way across the studio to greet her. After he welcome her, he grabs her hand, lifts it up and yells.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Bella Swan!" and the screaming and yelling increases if at all possible.

"we'll be right back, talking with Bella and the cast of 'Cliffshaw' after this break. Don't go anywhere"

After the camera guys, yell were off the air, Tanya all but screams for someone to fix her make up, Jacob runs off for a piss and I'm left staring in utter fascination as Bella Swan doesn't take a break. No so walks into the audience and begins signing autographs and taking pictures.

I decide to take a leap outta her book, and follow suite. Although I enjoy interacting with the fans, the crazy grabbers can be scary and I was tankful when it was yelled that we're going back on air, and everyone needed to be back on stage.

Jesus Christ, Bella's sat right next to me, the closest seat to Jazz, and naturally the best for the camera to look at.

"Welcome Back, you're watching 'Tonight Live' with me Jasper Whitlock. If you weren't with us before the break, you missed me catching up with the cast of the 'Cliffshaw' movies, and you also missed, Miss Bella Swan giving 'Whitlock' it's very first live performance, of her new single. Welcome Bella, thanks for coming. I know you've just finished your world wide tour, and you've literally got here a few hours ago"

she giggles lightly and it's beautiful "thanks for having me. And giving my the honour of being the first live performer on the show"

Jasper chuckled at her "Bella, let's talk about your girls again, they are amazing"

"JASPER!" I yelled utterly outraged. How dare he? On live T.V.

"what?" he asks.

"don't talk about Bella's... breasts on live T.V" I hiss the word.

At this point the audience burst into laughter and Jacob Black's words ring loud and understanding washes over me,

"Cullen, you dirty minded dog, he was talking about the computerized dancers of herself" he spluttered, laughing hysterically.


oh shit, I've fucked up with her already!

I can just see the headlines now

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