"Lewis, Jessica Lynn." The voice called

"Here." I say

"My name is Max and this is Carly." He said pointing to himself then to the woman

"Well show us what you got." He said. "First off what is your power?"

"Mind control." I say timidly

"Can you give me some specifics please?" Carly asked

"I could tell you the sky is purple and the grass is blue and you'd go outside and check." I began "I can implant memories of something you'd never experienced and erase and recode memories you already have. And last but not least when I sing you, or anybody else, will come at my beck and call."

Poor Carly looked scared. Max pointed to the platform and asked me to do a demonstration. I stepped up onto the platform and nodded my head. I decided I would start with something simple. I looked inside Carly's brain. I slowly flipped through her memories and found one I liked. I closed my eyes and found myself in her memory.

She was walking down the beach with a man. It was Max! She liked him but was too shy to do anything about it. As they walked they kept getting closer and closer until they were shoulder to shoulder laughing and giggling.

I closed my eyes and imagined him turning to her, him wrapping her in his strong embrace. He lowered his head to place a soft kiss on her cheek. He pulled away until she grabbed him and pulled him in for a heart stopping kiss. I let that memory process slowly. As I pulled out of her head I saw her eyes widen letting me know that the memory stuck.

I turned toward Max and proceeded to ask him talk about that memory. They started discussing the memory. They fought over it for a while. I just sat there, waiting. All of a sudden it dawned on them. They turned to look at me eyes wide and asked whose memory was altered. I pointed to Carly.

Next I convinced them they already let me into the school. They asked me why I was here if I was already part of the school. I asked them what they were talking about. By the time I was done they had headaches the size of Mount Rushmore. I felt bad but after a break we were right back to it.

When I stepped back onto the platform the audience size had doubled. Apparently my powers had caused quite a stir in the facility. I stepped onto the platform and the room went quiet. All eyes were on me as I started to sing the theme song to Phantom of the Opera. When I hit the high note of Christine's vocal solo everyone's eyes glazed over. I kept singing as I gestured for them to stand. On cue they all rose to stand at attention. I motioned for them to join me on the platform and down they came single file onto the platform. All of a sudden I switched songs but they didn't seem to notice. I sang a remixed version of Not Afraid by Eminem. All singing no rapping, pretty good remix though if I do say so myself.

It started out real slow getting them used to the new song. Toward the chorus it started to speed up and I started dancing. They followed my movements as if choreographed months in advance. By the end of the song the whole room was dancing to my song as if I was the pied piper and my voice was the flute. It ended slowly so as to pull them out of the trance. Soon they were wide awake wondering how they got from the stands to the platform. They looked at me and I just smiled and nodded my head. All they remember is me starting to sing. Good thing I taped it, they usually want to know what I did to them.

After everyone had seen the tape I erased it from my camera and the people sat back down in the stands. Max and Carly again pulled me aside. "You're in, under one condition. No mind control outside of class." Max said. "Understood" I said. "OK follow me. I'll show you to your dorm." Carly said with a smile. She led me outside of the main building into another building off to the north. It was skinnier than the main building but much taller. We went into the air conditioned lobby where this short stubby black woman was sitting behind a desk. Carly faced the woman "Hello Dianne." Dianne stood up from the desk and went over to Carly. "Hey Carly." Carly pointed to me. "Dianne this is Jessica." I stepped up "But everyone calls me Jessi." Dianne smiled "Well nice to meet you Jessi. My name is Dianne I'm your Dorm Advisor. What can I do for you?" She asked. "I would like an isolated dorm, please." I said timidly. "Single or double?" She asked "Single please." "My, aren't you so polite?" "Yes ma'am." Dianne smiled again. She led me to the elevator and pressed the eighth floor button. "How many people are in this dorm?" I asked "I can't tell you exactly how many off the top of my head but there is enough to fill up to the sixth floor but you asked for isolated so I went with the ones that are never used. The problem is because they're not used they're never cleaned." She said and I smiled at her hospitality. "That's quite alright." I smile as she shows me to the dirtiest mustiest most beautiful room I've ever seen.