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Wilmington, North Carolina
UNCW July, 9 2011
Jason sat on the bus looking out the window at the hundreds of fans screaming his name. "Come on Jase, Don't be a Bitch about it." Tim teased him as he passed his brother. "Go Fuck yourself." Dick knew about Jason's thing for crowds while Damian didn't care. "Jason it was your idea to do this now come on!" Jason crossed his eyes and stuck his tongue out at Tim. Who couldn't help but laugh. Yes starting the band had brought the boys together. Jason sighed and stood up from his seat and walked out with his Brothers. "Who's idea was it to come to this one horse town again?" "Mine." Dick said as he stepped out into the crowd and getting bombarded by the fans. "Well that was stupid." Jason put on his sunglasses and walked into the auditorium of the college followed shortly by the others. Tim, Dick and Damian went behind the curtain To prepare for the concret. Jason went to the stage and saw a girl about Tim's age with blonde, pink, and green hair. "Well Hello beautiful..." The girl looked up and smirked. "Hello...Jason? Right?" "That's my name Sweetie." She walked other to him. "Then your my opening act." "Whoa whoa whoa. Opening act?" "Mhmm. Got A problem with that?" "Maybe." "Well to bad." She moved closer. "I'm number one on the charts and The Robins Are right under me." He smirked. "Well, 'Avril' Thats gonna change tonight." "I'd Like to see that, 'Justin'." A Stage Manager came to get the girl. "Lizzi, The Make-up crew is ready." "Right. See ya Toddy boy." She walked with the Manager.

Later That night Tim and Jason were getting ready to go on stage. "Jason?" "What, Tim?" "You seem...upset. I mean more then usual." "That girl got on my nerves." "What girl doesn't get on your nerves?" "Yeah but...This one's different more hostile." "Hostile like..." Tim lowers his voice. "When we were the boy wonder's..." "the Boy Wonder thing." "Grayson!" They heard from behind them it was Damian Tim and Jason burst into laughter when they saw Dick. "Grayson, What the Fuck are you wearing?" He was wearing a pink and black T-shirt and a pair of Black Jeans. "Some stole my shirt and replaced it with this." "That will put the Gay rumors to rest." Jason sneered. Dick glared. "Here..." Jason took off his shirt and gave it to Dick. "The girls like me better this way." He then walked out onto the stage and every girl in the audience screamed. The other soon followed. After the song was over and they played the encore it was Lizzi's turn but she was nowhere. "Where is she?" Tim asked as he packed up his bass. Damian was taking apart his Ney-Flute and putting it in it's case. "Who cares?" "Damian...Shut the fuck up and pack your stupid flute." "Psh. Whatever Drake..." Tim waited to see if she would ever come but she never showed until he left.
Dick was putting the instruments in the cargo hold of the bus as Damian and and Tim were walking into the bus. "Is it to late to kick Damian out?" "Is it to late to tell Drake to get a life." "Yes to both of you now get in the bus." Dick said hurrying then into the bus. "Jason how many more stops?" Dick ask sitting in the drvier's seat?" "Next stop is New York." Dick sighed. "To New york then!" the bus began to move. Jason thought to him self...(Yay.)