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It was late, after midnight and I poured over an SAT study book. My eyes were drooping as I attempted to scrawl out the undoable answers at the end of the math sections. I really wished to be doing my other summer homework, my work from school. My name is Christine Hetter, and I am not like most sixteen year old girls from Long Island, New York, I am a witch. I attend Islewood Academy of Magic, a boarding school out east. Since Long Island is so heavily populated by muggles my school is out in the desolate, rocky beaches of Montauk. Quidditch is a large part of my time at Islewood; I have played keeper since ninth grade and love donning my grey and blue robes for matches. It's a very nice place to spend ten months of my year, although I generally go home to spend the holidays with my family. I am in the top of my class, and I have been since my first year there in the eighth grade. My Dad's a wizard and my Mom is a muggle, making me a half-blood. Apparently, they decided I'd attend muggle school until I was thirteen and then switch to Islewood.

My brother, Andy, was luckier than I. He got to go to Islewood from sixth grade (when it begins). He's only two years younger than me and we're incredibly close. I would have been two years behind if my Dad hadn't been keen on teaching Andy and I spells and such on weekends and breaks. By the time I'd enrolled in Islewood I was even eligible for the advanced classes. This past June I finished my junior year there. O.W.L and N.E.W.T classes led me to be incredibly stressed out at the end, but I pulled through with 3 Outstanding and 1 Excellent. My favorite classes are Arithmancy and History of Magic. Potions, not so much. I cannot stand it. My teacher accused me of cheating my sophomore year and swore I wouldn't pass my end of the year exams. I showed her, highest marks. This summer I had to study for the SAT, a muggle exam to get into colleges and universities. My Mom finally convinced my dad it would be a good idea for me to continue a muggle education after graduating Islewood. My dad, however, wouldn't go down without a fight. He convinced me to apply to a study abroad program with a school in England. I didn't think much of the pamphlet as I filled it out last May, I doubted I would even be considered. If I was accepted I could continue as a witch and make a career out of that.

Arithmancy 6: For Advanced Students screamed to me from a pile of books across the room. I wasn't allowed to touch my witchcraft books until I could get a solid 2100 on these practice SATs. Right now I was stuck at 1850, with no hope of getting any higher. Forgetting this fact, I grabbed my wand and whispered "Accio Arithmancy." The book landed in my lap and a smile spread across my face as I turned its slightly yellowed pages. Magic laws in the US allowed underaged witches and wizards to perform simple spells outside of school; I wasn't sure if a summoning charm was among the list, but I hope summoning a textbook made it valid. My smile melted away when I read the inside cover of the book, James Everett was sloppily written in the box along with other previous owners. James and I had dated most of my junior year and we had quite a sticky breakup towards the end. Luckily my friends were there to make me forget about it (though it's questionable if they used the aid of a memory charm…) by the end of term.

My summer had been uneventful so far, marked with a few visits from friends and a lot of reading. I enjoyed reading about history of magic and the occasional Seventeen Magazine. Most of my school friends lived upstate and in Connecticut and it was a bit disheartening that they were not close enough for constant summer hang outs. Since my Mom was a muggle, I still had the benefits of television and computers. So I decided to boot up my laptop and go on Facebook. Most of my friends here were those from elementary and middle school, maybe I could meet up with them. When I told my school friends about Facebook they were totally baffled, and wanted to check it out. None of them have managed to get one yet, but I'm quite amused to see if it should happen. After perusing the internet for an hour or so I opened my window and crawled into bed with my Arithmancy book and flipped through a chapter. If only simple math on the SAT could come as easy as Arithmancy did. I yawned after finishing a chapter and considered going to sleep. My SAT book glared at me from the other side of my queen sized bed and I picked it up, trying to get through the last few problems...

"Hoooooooooooooot." I opened my eyes to an extremely bright morning. My Arithmancy hung off the side of my bed and my SAT book lay on my stomach. The early afternoon summer haze poured through my open window and Windsor, my tawny barn owl, peered at me from my headboard bearing a letter tied to his left foot.

"What do you have there?" I inquired taking the neatly tied piece of parchment from his thin leg. He flew to a nearby tree after being relieved. The envelope was of aged parchment and my name was etched on in emerald ink with a loopy calligraphy. I ripped open the seal on the back and began to read.




Dear Ms. Hetter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for your seventh year of schooling as per the International Study Abroad Program for School-Age Witches and Wizards. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1, International Students are encouraged to travel to London by no later than August 28. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Matrisa Lawrence

Deputy Headmistress

I stared at the letter before me, turning over the words in my brain. I knew I was a talented witch, but there was no way I thought I could have won the contest to study abroad. When I had signed up I selected the option that would send me to whatever school wanted an exchange student. I hadn't heard much about Hogwarts, except that it is a leading school of magic in the United Kingdom. I had always wanted to visit England. Windsor hooted again, searching for acknowledgement, and I pat his head before bounding downstairs to tell my parents and Andy.