Disclaimer: I do not own Kiki Strike. Or Ancient Greece.

So, I like Kiki Strike. Why? Well, my friend read the books, freaked out, and sent us an email telling us who we were. She told me I was Kiki Strike.

I was proud I got the title character, and a also a little apprehensive. I eventually did read both books and came to the conclusion that I'd be very happy to write my own Kiki Strike fic.

So, Read.


Once, many years ago, at a time most people haven't even dreamed of, the gods and goddesses were known to mankind.

However, they weren't the ideal beings we idolize now. They were selfish, manipulative, crafty, sly, and in many cases, unbelievably greedy.

This greed wasn't for money though; it was for power. The one way to gloat above all others. The one way to make others do your bidding.

One such story is that of Athens.

A new and powerful city in the renown land of Ancient Greece, it held a lot of value- especially to the heavenly beings.

Both Athena and Poseiden competed for the title as patron of the city.

Poseiden made a natural spring as a gift.

Athena, on the other hand, created the olive tree.

Both gifts were spectacular. Both were great helps to the people.

We know that the tree won. Why, though? It's never been really understood.

But then again, competitions aren't meant to be understood, not really.

So the reason wasn't closely looked at.

If it had been, though, the inner dealings of Cecrops I would have been revealed.

Oh, he was a great man, indeed. Quite brilliant and morally astute. However, every person has their faults.

He accepted three golden olives from Athena in exchange for naming her patron of the city.

Maybe he had good intentions, maybe he didn't... We'll never really know, will we?

What we do know is that no evidence or word has ever been seen or heard regarding the supposed golden olives. Were they even ever really there? Barely anybody even knows of their existence.

Until now.

xxx That, my dears, was the prologue, similar to but shorter than the one in the beginning of Kiki Strike & The Empress's Tomb.

Read, review. Ask questions, praise, and criticize nastily. I take it all in stride-bows-.

Thank you.