Because the world needs more good news stories.

So here's something beautiful for you to start your 2012 with… Cat had another bit of a scare not long after I finished BITW, and had to go back into hospital for a bit, but it did not turn out to be to be too serious and now she's back on track. And I think one of the main reasons she was so upset about it was that she had plans… very special plans.

Luckily, she was able to put those plans into action, but little did she know that her amazing girlfriend who has stood by her through all of her troubles had exactly the same idea. They both proposed to each other on Christmas Eve by the side of an outdoor ice rink, and now the happiness emanating from a certain part of the northern USA is enough to light up half the planet.

True love does exist people, and it can overcome the most difficult of circumstances. There is nobody more deserving such beauty in their lives than these two amazing young woman and I wish them my most heartfelt congratulations. I shall be readying my posh frock for the wedding…

I hope that 2012 sees at least some of your dreams come true.

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Hypes xx