Hyorinmaru strikes with a QUICK FIST against Hollow Spawn.

Hollow Spawn loses thirty HP.

Hollow Spawn blasts CERO at Hyorinmaru.

CERO is DODGED by Hyorinmaru.

Tobiume uses HADO #4: BYAKURAI against Hollow Spawn.

Hollow Spawn loses fifty HP.

Hollow Spawn fires HELL FIRE at Tobiume.

Tobiume loses ten HP.

Hyorinmaru uses BAKUDO #61: RIKUJOKORO on Hollow Spawn.

Hollow Spawn is bound by Hyorinmaru.

Tobiume uses HADO #90: KUROHITSUGI against Hollow Spawn.


Collect reward? OR Take nothing.

Toshiro really wasn't one to play RPG at home all day, but he had recently met a nice girl, whom he believed went to school with him. She was kind, and seemed very good at being clumsy. That made him nearly laugh aloud sometimes when she would complain about her horrible day. He of course, was more steady of his feet, and therefore had nothing much to tell her. His teal eyes followed the white mouse as he clicked on 'collect reward'.


50 XP

40 HP

Lesser Healing Potion

White Haori

Greater Mana Potion

He waited for 'Tobiume' to enter the chat room that he had invited her to. She was...something else. He liked that about her. Of course, he had to constantly scold himself for nearly asking her personal information. That was private stuff, and when she was ready to tell him, she was ready. He'd just have to wait. After half an hour of waiting, he finally became impaitient and was about to close the program when a message finally came from her.


Tobiume: Sorry, I had to go eat some dinner with my grandmother.

Hyorinmaru: ...And why didn't you tell me before?

Tobiume: Mou, I didn't want to get in trouble. Grandma knows how much I love to play SOUL SOCIETY SHINIGAMI.

Hyorinmaru: Makes me lucky...I eat when I want and do whatever I want when I want to.

Tobiume: ...You aren't lonely? Just being at home by yourself all the time?

Hyorinmaru: How do you know that I live alone in the first place?

Tobiume: I don't. I was just guessing. Gosh, you're so mean.

Hyorinmaru: Whatever, baka. It's already a bit late. Do you want to keep playing or head straight to bed?

Toshiro was indeed right. It was already nine thirty, and he had to go to school tomorrow. It was already near summer, and he didn't know if Tobiume still had school or not. She didn't reveal it though; probably because he never bothered to ask her. He rubbed his eyes and stretched. They'd already been at this for about two hours, Toshiro made it a point to eat before that so he didn't have any interruptions.

Tobiume: It you want to? I have school tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure that my sensei would be mad if I fell asleep in class. Again.

Hyorinmaru: I have school tomorrow too. It doesn't really matter, but I think that we should head to bed. I'm pretty tired, and I have a quiz tomorrow.

Tobiume: Okay, then. Goodnight, Rin-chan!

Hyorinmaru: Don't call me that, I have a real name you know.

Tobiume: Then why don't you tell me? I'll stop calling you that if you tell me.

Her actions reminded Hitsugaya of Momo. But Momo wasn't into RPG or any video games of the sort, which automatically ruled her out. Toshiro didn't think that she knew who he was, and he was worried that she was a stalker or something. Assuming that Tobiume was a girl at all. He didn't need any more stalkers. Toshiro shuddered at his fangirls. They were so horrible and were eager to grab onto him or even get close. He didn't have a heart to yell at them. Then again, he was just afraid of getting in trouble. This school thing would eventually pay off and get him a good job somewhere, he didn't need any violence listed on his profile.

Hyorinmaru: What if you're a stalker or something? I don't want you coming to my house. Anyway, it's more polite when a person introduces themselves first before asking the other their name.

Tobiume: Fine, then you'll have to stick with Rin-chan. Or...we could make a bet.

Hyorinmaru: ...What kind of bet?

Tobiume: One month. One month to figure out each other's identities.

Hyorinmaru: So, what happens if we lose?

Tobiume: I don't know. The winner has to reveal their name and decide a punishment for the loser.

Hyorinmaru: How can we do that if we don't live in the same town, or even go to the same school?

Tobiume: Who says that we do?

Hyorinmaru: Fine. But since you're obviously not going to figure it out on your own, we each get a hint. Three hints each week, and on the final week, we make our guesses. Deal?

Tobiume: Why are you always assuming that I'm stupid? I'm going to pummel you in this bet. Fine, deal. *shakes hand*

Hyorinmaru: *shakes hand* Good, then one month. See you then...Tobiume.

Tobiume: See you.


Toshiro seemed a bit bewildered. There were tons of possibilites of who 'Tobiume' could be. And he only had one month to do it! Then again, the same rules applied to her as well. He laid in his bed, and thought about who this mysterious girl was. Whether or not, this bet seemed quite fun to him. And he went to sleep with a smile on his normally scowling face.