Just Plain Dirty

By: Moonstruckgirl15

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Whoa, where am I? I thought. It looked like I was in… ah crap, I was in Lissa's head. She was in the bathroom, and no one else was in the dorm. It was dark; the lights were dimmed, something they just aren't capable of in real life. Meaning I was in Lissa's dream…

She was applying dark red lip color; the good stuff that won't get messed up no matter what kind of situation, and looked as though she was in on a naughty secret of some sort and had all the time in the world to get back to it. She wore light make-up, but she was even more beautiful than she usually was. Her pearly white teeth and… extremely sharp fangs glinted in her smug, excited smile.

And whoa, just whoa… What the fuck was she wearing? From her eyes, I could see she was dressed in a tight, dark red leather corset that accentuated her rack and slight curves to the point of driving me insane, a pair of—OH DEAR SWEET LORDcrotch-less red lace panties that revealed her freshly waxed center, and knee high black leather boots that with the panties emphasized her pale, sexy thighs. She looked damn good, and she knew it. And she knew how to use it to her advantage. Her pretty little pet would likely drool from multiple areas when she saw Lissa.

WTF? Since when is Lissa into S&M? I screamed from my own mind. I was no expert on kinky sex stuff like that, but I knew the basics.

Satisfied with her look, my best friend turned Sex Goddess left the bathroom and sashayed back to her room. She opened the door quietly, smiling like a predator at what she found. A girl with dark brown hair, nice jugs, and almond skin was kneeling in front of the bed in a clearly submissive position, head bowed and hands behind her back. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Naked girl! WTF!

Lissa slowly sauntered to the unknown girl, stopping deliberately with her crotch in front of the girl's lowered face. "You look beautiful tonight, pet. I love seeing you like this, all submissive and obedient." She ran her hand through the girl's hair, lightly tugging on the long strands. "Waiting to serve me like a good kitten. Are you my good little Kitten, pet?"

"Yes, Mistress. I am your good little Kitten," the girl said compliantly, soft-spoken and—again—submissive. I… recognized her voice, but… I couldn't place where I'd heard it.

Lissa smiled, dragging her long nails lightly down the girl's cheek, like a caress. The girl did not move; Lissa had trained her well. "I am very, very frustrated tonight, Kitten. Nasty Mia Rinaldi has been tormenting Mistress again, saying all manner of impolite things to her. Mistress was very, very angry. I was ready to grab her head and show her how I punish those who are rude to me. But then I remembered my Kitten; how she would never ever say anything hurtful or rude to me. Isn't that right, Kitty?"

"Yes, Mistress," the girl said, and there was just the barest brush of anger in her tone that Lissa knew was directed at Mia.

"It calmed me, and I told her several things that made her puny face get all red and hot. And it reminded me of you again, and how red and hot your pretty ass is after a thorough punishment," she said, fangs popping out in her smile. She tightened her grasp in the girl's hair and gently pulled her head up. Her Kitten, such a good girl, continued to avert her eyes from Lissa. Lissa felt a familiar wave of satisfaction run through her. How many nights, teasing scoldings and playful punishments had it taken for her fiery Rose to become completely subservient to her?

WHOA! ME? MOTHER OF FUCKING GOD, LISSA'S HAVING A SEX DREAM ABOUT ME? That was all my completely systems-crashed mind could articulate. If I had a body at the moment, I'm sure I would've fainted. Instead, I could only watch through Lissa's eyes as she started doing all manner of kinky, sexy things to dream-me. She ran her hands all over me, stroking me. She could see I was doing my very best not to shiver and whimper with pleasure. Dream-me shut her eyes, welcoming Lissa's groping.

"Do you like this, Kitten? Me touching you softly?" She asked. She fingered my nipples gently, teasing the hard nubs. "Or… do you prefer a rougher touch?" She twisted my nipple, keeping it just this side of pleasure.

"Whatever pleases you, Mistress," I said quietly, huskily. She grinned and dug her nails lightly into my boobs.

"Tonight, Mistress wants it rough. Go and lie down on the bed, pet. You know the rules. You may moan, whimper, scream, and you will, but no talking unless I ask you a direct question or you safe word."

She emphasized her point with another sharp twist to the same nipple and an open handed slap on my ass.

Lissa stepped to the side and allowed me to go to the bed. Her eyes hungrily watched me as I walked away. She ran a moist tongue over her bottom lip as she saw me climb up on to the center of the bed and lay myself on its shiny silk cover.

I placed my wrists on the scarves and waited for Lissa to restrain me.

Oh, Rose, I love it that you trust me so much, that you always give me what I need just when I need it the most.

Lissa stood now at the bottom end of the bed directly in line with me.

"Oooh, pet, you look so good against the silk. Don't you just love how it feels so cool against your skin?"

"Yes Mistress" I answered respectively.

Lissa bent forward and took my right ankle in her soft, warm hands and gently lifted it over to the scarf at the footboard.

As she tied a loose knot her eyes travelled up over the creamy skin of my leg and settled at the apex of my thighs.

"Look at you, all wet and ready for me to fuck your hot pussy. How shall I fuck you, pet," she watched my sex twitch at her words, "with my fingers? Tongue? Maybe I'll stuff you full with that dildo you like...mmm pet? Or maybe, just maybe I'll use my fist." Her green eyes were dark with passion as my juices leaked out even more. "I know how you love that pet, feeling your Mistresses hand inside you, stretching and flexing, making you feel soo good, leaving you totally fucked as your orgasm screams fill the room."

She smiled as I gave a long groan of frustration, my hands balling in to fists where they rested on the scarves that were waiting for her attention.

Oh, fuck, I thought.

With her eyes still firmly fixed on my weeping cunt, Lissa lifted and tied the other ankle.

Lissa idly trailed her fingertips up and down the inside of my calf, still transfixed by the sight before her.

"So wet, so pink, so open" came as growl from somewhere deep within and her breathing increased as her own arousal coursed through her. She felt the walls of her cunt tighten as a spasm of need passed through it and her own wetness seeped out to coat her upper thighs.

I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up, I so need my pet inside me.

Lissa walked slowly around the bed her hand trailing along my body, the backs of her fingers leaving hot trails on the flesh beneath them.

She smiled down at me, marveling at my patience. I hadn't moved despite the teasing words and actions of Lissa, "Such a good pet, just lying there, patiently waiting. I don't know how you do it. If it were me, I would have thrown you to bed by now and fucked you so hard you wouldn't be able to walk straight for a week."

I groaned, my mind clearly flooding with the image Lissa had conjured.

Lissa placed one knee on the bed and leaned across my to fasten the scarf to the waiting wrist.

I moaned at the proximity of Lissa and could smell the warm earthy scent of her. Essence of Mistress, Lissa thought. I shivered as I felt soft leather brush against the side of my breast, and had to grit my teeth as Lissa lightly scratched along my arm, across my breasts and up to my other wrist. "There now, pet, all done" she said tying the final knot.

Lissa walked slowly again around the bed surveying her handiwork and checking the tightness of her knots.

Laying on her side beside me, she gazed down into my eyes which were full of love, lust and trust.

With the middle finger of her right hand she trailed lazy circles on my tummy, savoring the quiver she could feel under the surface.

She broke the circle and started a lazy, meandering path up Imy body until she reached a pale pink nipple. She circled again, using her fingernail to lightly scratch the rubbery nub.

"You have beautiful nipples, pet, pale pink and perfect. I love to lick and nibble on them knowing how it makes you feel. But you know what I love best" she removed her finger, and quickly moved her hand down between my legs. I whimpered, and Lissa loved the sound of it as she dipped that same middle finger with a partner into my warm wet cunt, gathering juices that were now seeping out and wetting the silk.

My walls contracted as Lissa entered me and my breath became shallow as Lissa fucked me with slow deep thrusts that teased low whimpers and grunts of pleasure from me.

"Ah, where was I, yes, what I love best is this" and with a sudden movement she dropped her head to my breast and bit down on the nipple as she pushed her fingers harder into my cunt. She pushed harder into me, and with every thrust she twisted her wrist, literally screwing me senseless with this added sensation.

The biting and licking and fucking and twisting were driving me crazy.

I wrapped my wrists into the scarves and pulled against them, my arms straining and my face contorted with the effort it was taking not to come.

Lissa loved taking me hard, and she knew I loved it too. She pulled her mouth off the nipple and it released with a pop. She blew cool air over the hot little nub and watched it crinkle and harden more. Her fingers were pumping hard and fast in my warm wet pussy, and she watched my stomach strain under the effort it took for me not to push my cunt down on Lissa's fingers.

"Kitten, you look so fucking hot with my fingers inside you. I can feel how much you love this. I don't think you have ever been this wet, and I love it that it's me making you feel this way. It must be taking all your control not to come, pet."

She kept thrusting and twisting.

"You know that Mistress will have to punish you if you come without permission. I remember that last time pet, oh how I loved the redness of your ass after that spanking. Such hot red cheeks, ooh, how I loved the heat of them on my tongue as I licked and soothed you."

She felt a quiver in my velvety walls and slowed her pace, drawing out each stroke until she was barely moving at all. She gave one last hard slow push and let her fingers rest. I instantly relaxed.

"I think you were nearly in trouble pet, but what a good Mistress I am to stop fucking you when it would have been so easy to push you over the edge. I think you owe me something special don't you pet?" she wiggled her fingers to let me know just how easy it would be.

I gave a long moan as my body relaxed and the tension dissipated, "Arg! Yes Mistress, anything" I cried my relief.

"Anything, pet, that's a dangerous offer, are you sure?" she wiggled her fingers again and then opened them for good measure stretching my pussy.

"Nrrg! Yes Mistress anything, I don't want to come without permission Mistress" I begged.

Lissa slowly removed her fingers from their warm home and felt me totally relax, she brought them to her mouth and with my eyes firmly fixed on her, she licked her index finger clean, her tongue lapping at the fragrant musky sweetness it found.

With her tip of her middle finger she traced my lips anointing me with my own juices, the remainder was smeared on one my nipples.

The combination of juices and nipple made Lissa's mouth water and she again took the nub into her mouth, laving it with a wet tongue and savoring the taste and feel of Imy renewed arousal as the nipple stiffened.

When all traces of my liquor had gone, she gave the nipple one last little bite and moved up to capture my mouth with her own. She licked at my lips with long wet strokes and plunged her tongue into the waiting warmth of my mouth to allow me to taste myself on her probing muscle.

Lissa sucked my tongue into her own mouth and massaged it against the roof of her mouth as her hand again sought my breast. She pulled and teased at the fleshy mound under her fingers, plucking at the nipple and pulling it to a hard peak.

When my taste finally left her mouth, she broke the kiss and gave the nipple one last almost vicious twist and smiled down at her very frustrated but immensely happy me.

She loved me like this. Restrained and my body flushed with color and sheen of sweat picking up the glow from the candle light. Lissa watched the flickering shadows play across the scene before her and she was filled with such love for me who gave her so much of myself to her.

"So, pet, will you still do anything for Mistress?" She asked with a raised eye-brow.

"Yes Mistress" My voice was steady and Lissa heard the undercurrent of trust within it.

"Lift your head, Kitten, it's time to shut out the world," she said as she lifted the fifth and final scarf from the bed where it had lay just beyond my sweaty tresses.

Lissa kissed me lightly and told me to wait while she went downstairs.

"Pet, feel free to stretch and move while I'm gone"

Lissa went to the kitchen and opened the freezer and retrieved a bag of ice. She placed it on the counter and went to a cupboard and search for a large bowl.

Well, hell, I thought.

Setting the bowl on the counter she emptied the contents of the bag into it. She felt a shiver run through her and she knew that it wasn't only from handling the sub-zero contents of the bag.

As she added water at the sink she looked out of the window, finding it hard to reconcile the bright, cold sunny day with the darkness of their bedroom and the warmth that had been generated by their passion and play.

She returned to their room and closed the door shutting out the light that invaded from the landing window and casually watched me, now blindfolded, slightly cock my head, listening intently to fix Lissa's position in room.

"I'm at the door, pet, and I'll be with you very soon."

Mistress smiled at me, watching my face as she walked toward me. The contents of the bowl chinked against each other and she gave a small laugh as my face betrayed her thought process.

My thoughts were confirmed when the bowl was set on the bedside table and the small blocks of ice gave a more solid and familiar sound so close to her ears.

Lissa gave a look behind her and gave a small laugh as she saw my face scrunched in concentration.

"Watching me with your mind, Kitten?" the tone implied the questions rhetorical nature and I remained quiet.

"Oh, how the not knowing must be for you. Your senses being played with. Taking you out of your comfort zone. But I wouldn't do it except I know that you love it. You love all this as much as I do, pet, I can see it glistening all over the sheet, and your wetness tells me just how much." She turned back to the dresser and put her hand to her breasts.

She unzipped her corset and removed it.

Ah hell, I complained. Lissa's boobs drove me crazy enough when they were covered.

Before rejoining me on the bed, Lissa ensured that everything she needed was near hand on the bedside cabinet.

I felt a weight, pressing on the mattress, by my hip. I knew that Lissa was joining me on the bed when soft, warm skin caressed mine, as Lissa straddled my prostrate form.

A pleasurable sigh was heard as Lissa settled herself on me. Straddled across my hips the open legs beneath her ensured that Lissa's own thighs were stretched and that her wet warm folds opened when she eased herself down on my abdomen.

The sigh became a groan as I felt her warm slippery cunt make contact with me.

Lissa reveled in the feeling of my skin against her most intimate place and ran her hands slowly up my stomach to finally rest them on my perfectly sized breasts. She pushed her hips forward and then let them settle back smearing her juices on my skin. Damn, she's dirty.

I was breathing heavily, deep rasping breaths that were exhaled as I fought not to raise my hips and push into her.

Lissa squeezed my jugs and began moving faster, grinding her hot wet cunt on my abdomen. The grip on my breasts was relaxed but the grinding continued and I could hear Lissa moan.

"Can you feel my cunt on you, pet, all wet and hot?" She reached out her right hand towards the cabinet and lifted one of the items she brought from the dresser. "With just a little more pressure I could come, pet." She kept moving her hips sliding easily in her own wetness and loving the sensation. "Fuck, Kitten, I feel like I'm going to burst. Would you like that? My hot juices flooding down over you?" Lissa examined the item in her hand and watched as the candlelight reflected off the shiny metal and glinted on the chain, before placing it on the bed.

"Ughh! Fuck, yes Mistress, come on me, let me feel you soak my skin" I groaned, my voice distorted by pleasure and frustration as Lissa squeezed the breast she still held.

Lissa scooted back a little and her thighs opened more, her cunt was now on my neatly trimmed mound. As she circled my hips, she could feel the pubic bone apply extra pressure to her clit, and the new sensation only made her wetter.

My mind reeled as Lissa took up her new position, and the urge to push upwards intensified.

"Would you like to move, pet?" Lissa asked when as she felt the tension in me escalate.

A choked "Only if you want me to Mistress" struggled past my lips.

"Move, pet, let me feel you push up into me" Lissa told me.

Free to move, I pushed my hips up, my mound met Lissa's pussy with force and I heard a moan as grasping digits squeezed and pulled on my nipples. I felt pleasure and pain in equal measures as my nipples tightened. Lissa rode me hard gasping out her own pleasurable sounds.

With my vision obscured, she could tell I focused totally on the sounds she made and her memory painted a picture for her. She squeezed my breasts. Heavy, rounded orbs perfected by mocha colored nipples that she loved to suckle and nibble. She could see the pale skin of the stomach, taut and tense with effort, the muscles rippling just below the surface.

While I was clearly lost in my own world, Lissa pinched both of my nipples eliciting a hiss of pain from me. She removed her hand from one and lifted the object of the bed.

I bucked harder beneath her, grinding upwards when she pushed down.

Both of us were now totally in sync with each other and I whimpered when my nipple was pinched and then released.

I felt a slight shift in position as Lissa leaned forward, and I howled as I felt quick sharp nips on the bud of each breast. I pushed up hard using my heels as leverage and grabbed at the scarves attached to my wrists. I was rigid as she adjusted to the new sensation.

Oh, oh, fuuuck, that must feel goood.

"Nipple clamps, pet, what a delicious sensation they create. Biting and burning, do you like it?"

My body relaxed as the pain in my nipples seemed to tone down to a sharp tingle like pins and needles.

"I love it, Mistress" I said with a thrust of my hips.

"I thought you might" she ground down again onto her my pubis, and gently lifted the chain connecting the clamps, "and it gets better pet" she tugged on chain and the clamps tightened.

I let out a tortured groan as the chain was lifted from between my breasts and when Lissa tugged and my nipples were pulled upwards the tiny teeth on the clamps giving an extra bite, my hips shot up off the bed almost dislodging Lissa as I screamed anew.


Lissa dropped the chain, and when the clamps relaxed she knew I would feel an all new set of sensations as the blood flowed slightly back into the sensitive buds.

She watched as I gritted my teeth enduring the prickly feeling in my nipples.

"You are fucking beautiful pet, and your Mistress is very pleased with you." She bent over and kissed me pushing in her tongue and sweeping it around my mouth.

I swallowed a groan as if I felt Lissa's breasts brush my highly sensitive flesh.

Sitting back up, Lissa told me that she wasn't yet finished with me.

"There's more I want to do with you" she spoke softly "hold on tight to the scarves, pet."

I wrapped my wrists tightly in the silk and pulled hard against them, and when Lissa removed the clamps and the blood flooded fully into my nipples she assumed I saw stars and screamed as prickles of needle sharp pain assaulted my stiff nubs. Again I dug in my heels and lifted my body high of the bed. I tensed and held the position, my face contorted with pain.

She almost came and she felt a flood of wetness in her cunt watching me.

Then she took an ice cube and massaged my abused nipples, and I gasped.

She felt high from the endorphin rush. Her heart pounded and her breath became shallow. Still she caressed me with the ice, cooling down the tortured flesh until they were numb. I shivered and clenched my teeth against the new pain and tears pricked in my eyes under the blindfold.

Lissa had watched my reaction and was suddenly worried that she had gone too far. She had never used the nipple clamps before on my and when she had tried them on herself she had felt pain but the pleasure afterwards had been amazing.

"Are you ok, pet? Do you want to stop?"

My brain kicked in when I heard the concern in Lissa's question.

"Oh no Mistress, I don't want to stop" I smiled at Lissa hoping I was reassuring her.

"If you're sure pet" she said stroking more ice over my nipples, "Tell Mistress how you feel, but be precise, no babbling, pet"

"Oh mistress, I feel wonderful. After the incredible pain subsided I felt such a rush. When the endorphins kicked in I felt a high like I never felt before. I'm so turned on Mistress, I've got even wetter, and now I can feel only cold on my nipples. They're freezing Mistress"

Satisfied, Lissa told me they would be warm soon enough.

Lissa dried her hand on the sheet, and reached again to the dresser, wrapping her hand around what she needed.

Mistress began to move against me again and I met her thrusts welcoming the resumption of their game.

With her free hand she pinched my very cold nubbins and only heard the barest of moans as she stopped her movements against my mound.

She heard a disappointed whimper as she dismounted and repositioned herself between my legs.

She ran her left hand down my body lightly scratching it with her nails as she made her way to the apex of my thighs.

She turned her hand palm up and entered me with three fingers.

My hips bucked and a long groan of pleasure escaped my throat.

The burning candle in Lissa's right hand was held high above my body, and the fingers she had in me started to thrust at a fast pace. She felt my channel tighten and grip at them but the pace was too furious and the fingers rubbed against the ridged muscle causing me to push harder against her hand.

Lissa watched me writhe in pleasure, and pull on my bonds as I fought the urge to come.

"Tell me, pet, are your nipples still numb?"

"Nurg! Yes Mistress" I grunted.

"Good. Pet, when you feel the heat you may come" she said and tipped her right hand and hot wax fell from the candle she holding and splashed onto the cold nipple of my right breast, it trickled wetly then hardened. Giving the other nipple the same treatment she moved back to the right one.

She watched my face as the wax hit, my features frozen, wondering what had happened. When more wax hit, my frozen nipple thawed and the next drop burned before it cooled. I could just imagine what was going through my head right now.

Heat...oh, fuck heat...

Lissa dropped more wax and thrust hard into me, and the first clench of my pussy initiated a scream and I bucked on her hand so hard and Lissa thought I would pass out from pleasure.

Inside my mind, she saw as time and space ceased to exist. As my body bucked and pushed against her talented fingers, an incomprehensible babble of words and sounds flooded my brain.

Lissa watched my face, loving the expression of pure pleasure and happiness that graced it. She got wetter just watching me, her own pussy feeling an empty ache that only made her hornier. She felt my hot wet slippery cunt on her fingers, the spasms getting weaker as my orgasm waned. She slowed her movements and gently brought me down from my orgasmic high. With a final thrust she withdrew, and blew out the candle and set it back on the cabinet.

"Fuck, that was intense, Kitten, Mistress is very, very horny watching you come." Her voice was ragged with desire.

I gave her small exhausted smile, and quivered when I felt Lissa crawl up the bed and place her knees either side of my head.

Oh come on… I was way past my limit at the start of this dream.

Lissa removed the blindfold from me, allowing me the treat of looking directly at her smooth cunt.

"Time to lick your Mistress dry, pet" Lissa growled each word lowering herself slowly onto my waiting tongue.

And with that, I fell right out of her dream with a crash. I stared up at the ceiling of my dorm, near hyperventilating, trying to process what I had seen.

Lissa had feelings, sexy feelings no less, for me! Okay, yeah, I was attracted to her, who wouldn't be, but she'd never shown any sign of being attracted to me.

I needed to deal with this now. I jumped out of bed and almost effortlessly got to her room. I entered her room and froze at the sight before me. Lissa was still sound asleep, clutching a pillow to her chest and smiling. She was… grinding against the pillow, moaning quietly. Well, for fuck's sake, just how happy could I make her in one incredibly kinky dream?

I shook her vigorously. "Lissa!" I hissed. She came awake with a start, jerking upright.

"What?" She gasped, squinting at me. "Rose?"

"Yeah," I said flatly, releasing her shoulder. She shook her head to clear and straightened up in the bed.

"What are you doing here? Is something wrong?" She whispered, brushing back an unruly strand of hair.

I stared at her through the dark. "Nipple clamps and candle wax, huh?" I said simply, watching her reaction.

She was confused at first, her brows lowering, but then realization passed through our bond. "You were in my dream," she said after a long moment. I nodded. She couldn't think of any way to respond, so I did it for her.

"Didn't peg you as someone who would be into S&M, Liss. And the whole me part of it; definitely didn't see that one coming." I didn't need light to see her blush. I softened my tone. "Why didn't you tell me?"

She shrugged guiltily. "You… you're into Dimitri, and you're, well, you're not gay. I didn't want this feeling I have to ruin our friendship; I need you. I'm sorry." She lowered her head ashamedly, and her voice was beseeching. "I don't expect you to love me back. I promise I don't. Please, just don't leave me, Rose. I can forget about it, I swear. But please, I can't be without you!" She was about to go into panicked hysteria.

It was the last straw. Screw Dimitri.

So I took her face in my hands and crushed our lips together, effectively silencing her. She didn't react at first, too shocked, but then she moved against me tentatively. I gently assaulted her mouth, wrapping my one arm around her waist while my other hand entwined in her hair. Her taste was amazing and sweet and feminine and better than any guy ever; I allowed my tongue to lap at her lips. She opened for me, accepting my questing full of hope. I moved over her, laying her back on the bed. I straddled her hips much as she had done mine and held myself above her, all without breaking our kiss.

We finally broke apart for air, and I pressed my lips to her throat, running them over the sweet smelling skin. She exhaled shakily, entwining her hands in my hair.

"At first I had no idea what possible reason you could have to be wearing freaking crotch-less panties, or that bustier. You yanked me in when you were putting on make-up and had me chained to you for the whole ride," I said, kissing her pretty shoulder. "You must have been having those dreams for a while if you had to ask how many 'playful punishments' it took to make me subservient." I could feel the heat of her blush against my cheek. Her fingernails dug lightly into my back as she enjoyed my worshipping.

But then, clever girl, she turned the tables. She grabbed her first opportunity and switched our positions, taking my wrists and pinning me. "It did take quite a few dreams. Mmm," she slid a hand over my butt. "It always felt really good slapping against the scorching red marks when I fucked you from behind. Cooling them down with my tongue is second only to that." She licked my ear and nibbled my lobe. "You always make the neatest sounds when I do that, these mixes between a moan and a growl. They drive me nuts and I just want to put my fingers in you and keep them there 'til you come screaming my name." She rubbed my increasingly wet center and causing me to writhe in her grasp. "Sometimes I use a belt, sometimes my hand. You always seemed to prefer the belt, which I found rather funny actually." She licked my lips, but pulled back when I tried to initiate a kiss. "I remember one dream you went out of your way to earn punishments, purposefully doing things to get ten. I caught on pretty early, but allowed you to carry on. I didn't punish you that day for your sneakiness, but I got you back. You can trust me on that."

Despite the dirty talk, I became serious again. I lifted my head and brushed my lips against hers with almost unnoticeable softness. She fell quiet and brushed them again. The kissing that followed was loving and sweet, meant to acquaint us properly. I pulled her onto me, reveling in the feel of her weight above me. She sighed into my lips, running one hand down my body while the other touched my hair. Minutes passed, I'm not sure how many, but eventually we separated again. She rolled over to the side of me and pulled me into her arms. I reciprocated, putting my nose to her pulse point to breathe her scent.

"I trust you," I finally said quietly. She didn't respond, merely made little circles on my back. Her body was so warm it was like hugging a living candle. Or being wrapped in a heated blanket by a cozy fire. "I don't know what this means for us, but I trust you. I know you'd never intentionally hurt me."

"I love you, Rose. That's what it means. We have each other, so we can deal with anything they throw at us," she whispered.

That was all I needed to know before sleep took me again.

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