Here ya go. If you catch any similarities between this and the Vampire Diaries episode with a similar setting, I am already aware of it and yes I watch that show.

I thought I had made it pretty clear that old music wasn't my thing. Everyone in my circle of friends knew better than to make me listen to anything earlier than 1994. What can I say? It just wasn't my style. That's not to say I didn't know how to appreciate good music. There was a designated section on my iPod for things like Rihanna and Eminem and Katy Perry while the rest was devoted to things like The Fray, Three Days Grace, Shania Twain, and Sara Bareilles. I knew what good music was. I just didn't like the old styles.

Still... I supposed that there was something to be said for a few old songs as I watched my girlfriend dancing across the room to them. Perhaps all I had needed was a different perspective. Lissa twirled and swayed with Christian across the ballroom floor. The Academy had rented a big, fancy place for a decade dance tonight. The theme was the sixties and surprisingly popular with our little student body. They had poured into the room like an endless sea of neon, flowers, and peace signs. I actually had to look away because all the wild colors gave me a bit of a headache.

Lissa and Christian had chosen to dress as JFK and Jackie O, and I had to admit that they both looked good. Lissa looked hot and classy in Jackie's signature pink suit and black hat. Her hair was curled and primped and her make-up very old school. Christian was wearing his suit and tie pretty well; at least, as well as he could wear anything. Even if he didn't have JFK's pearly white smile, their combined appeal was very effective. Every few minutes someone would stop to compliment them. Lissa smiled and charmed them with her… well, everything, and Christian managed not to brood, scowl, or be an ass (a huge feat for him since I knew how much he disliked all of them).

I and many of the other dhampirs had chosen a slightly different look. I ran my fingers along the lapels of my army green suit jacket and straightened my collar. We were representing Vietnam veterans; a gloomy subject perhaps, but very fitting for us. After all, in just a little while we would be Guardians, not novices anymore. Soon we would be soldiers on the front lines just like those human men all those years ago. Dressing this way was a mild statement. We were subtly asking for the respect of the Moroi we would soon be protecting. To this day, I do not know if it worked.

But I digress. A fast song came over the speakers. I didn't know what it was called obviously, but it sounded super retro like all the others and I didn't care for it. However, when Lissa started to dance faster, swinging her hips and twirling next to Christian, I sort of hoped it wouldn't end. I wasn't in the mob of dancers, but I had a great view of her and my eyes were transfixed. She sure can move, I thought to myself, watching those hips and those long, pale legs. It was difficult not to go over and touch her, to just run my hands over that pink suit and the body it covered. I clenched my hands into fists behind my back. I needed something to distract me, so I went over to the food table and got a drink to cool me down. All the lust, lights, and heat from packed bodies was getting to me.

The fast song ended, and something a little different took its place. Lissa and Christian changed their style. They pulled close together and started to sway in time with the slow rhythm and the crooning lyrics. She rested her head on his chest and he held her close with an arm around her waist. They were saying something to each other, but I chose not to listen in. It was their moment, not mine. Whatever it was they were discussing, she was content, so I stayed where I was and sipped my cup of punch. And if I felt a little lonely, maybe left out, then I would just have to deal.

Someone took up the microphone on the stage and said that it was time for a little break. Everyone moved to find a table off the dance floor to cool off. She found me then, pulling me aside until we were away from where anyone else could see us. She wrapped her arms around my neck, rested her head on my shoulder, and pressed the length of her body to mine. I hugged her back, and my loneliness went away.

"I saw you watching us," she said, playing with the hair on the back of my neck. "You could've joined us."

"You know I couldn't have," I murmured, rubbing her back. "It's fine, baby. You and Christian should go have fun. I'm okay with staying on the sidelines this time."

"Well, I'm not," she said defiantly. She pulled back to look at my face and touch my cheek with her gloved hand. "At least dance with me here. No one else can see us." I hesitated. "Please," she begged. "I love this song! Please, Rose."

I leaned in and kissed her ear. "Okay," I said. I moved a hand to her waist and one just beside her chest. She wrapped her arms tighter around my neck to keep us close. We swayed and turned as a man sang the words "Devil or Angel" over the speakers back in the ballroom. It wasn't very long, but it was slow and sweet and I found that with this beautiful woman in my arms, I liked it. Somehow, she always made everything better, even really old music. In a moment of sappy-ness, I told her, "You're my angel. Did I ever tell you that?"

She shook her head and smiled. "I'll be your angel if you'll be mine."

I smirked. "Oh, babe, there's no halo on my head. I'm a devil through and through."

She giggled and kissed me on the cheek. When she pulled away, she giggled a second time for a reason I couldn't discern. "If you're a devil, then you're the sweetest devil in town, and I love you."

I could never, ever hear those words enough. "I love you too, Lissa. Always."

When we walked back into the ballroom, Christian took one look at me and laughed. I scowled at him and looked at Lissa, but she just smiled and went to get another drink.

"What?" I barked at Pyro. He laughed again and handed me a little mirror. He also gave me a hearty pat on the shoulder and winked almost conspiratorially before going off in the same direction. I held it up to my face to see what was so funny.


On my cheek was a perfect imprint of Lissa's lips, left in her bright pink lipstick. My heart leapt in my chest. I let out a shocked little breath and my mouth was turning upward of its own free will. I put the mirror down and stared off toward the table where my girlfriend was now standing, laughing and pretending as though she had never left. But there on my cheek was bright pink proof.

The music continued to play, and the day after I went on ITunes and made several purchases. In the end I decided, some oldies music was okay after all.

...But I still didn't like the 80's. Ew.

Good still? Remember to leave any prompts or ideas you have. I'm not creative enough to think of all of them myself :). If you want to know the song they were dancing to, it's Devil or Angel by Bobby Vee.