First Percabeth story I've written...

I hate Percy Jackson. I hate Aphrodite. I'm not sure who I hate more at this point but I've turned into ball of raging hormones. And the worse part? Percy can hear every single one of my crazy teenage thoughts. But let's rewind to the beginning of the day when this all started…

I had gotten up precisely at 7 'o' clock. That's right, not 7:01, not 6:59, not even 7:00 and three seconds, nope at 7. I've been told that I have OCD tendencies but I ignored that. It's not my fault other people are jealous of my ability to be on time. I took a shower and pulled on a white t-shirt and shorts. I laced up my converse and stuck my dagger into my belt. My hair was thrown into a neat ponytail and I glanced at myself in the mirror. Nice, as usual.

I stepped outside and let the scents of the camp engulf me. The acrid smell of the Hermes cabin, designer perfume from Aphrodite, and…the salty smell of the Poseidon Cabin. I grinned. My best guy friend in this world is Percy Jackson. We've been through a lot…UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR. After the Titan War was over I was kinda hoping he'd notice me as more than just a friend. But noooo he was Mr. Hero and all the girls wanted him. He was always being swarmed by them which cut our time together severely. That's upsetting.

I walked into his cabin and wrinkled my nose in disgust. Yes, Percy saved the world from the evilest Titans from the darkest pits of Tartarus but he was a slob. Well what can you expect? He was a teenage guy…who was currently sleeping shirtless and drooling. I will not stare at his 6 pack. I will not. No. Annabeth, resist! Don't look! Fine…maybe a peek? NOO I CAN'T LOOK AWAY…AHHH WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME! In my momentary state of inner angst I tripped over some of Percy's sweaty clothes (ew does this guy do his laundry?) which led me to smash into the edge of his bed. Ow.

"Whozthere?" Percy sat up rubbing his eyes.

"The light of your life, the reason you get up every morning, the salt to your pepper…" I said sarcastically holding my aching face.

"Huh?" Ouch.

"It's me, Seaweed Brain! Annabeth!"

"Oh…okay I'm going back to bed." He was about to flop back to sleep when I was over taken by…erm a rather high concentration of estrogen and I leaped on him shouting, "NO!" Not a high point of that morning, "MY FACE! MY FACE!" I admit I was drunk on pain and 6-packs. Stupid hormones.

Percy sat up and grabbed my wrists, then said gently, "Are you okay?"


"So you're not okay?" *facepalm*

I groaned, "Nevermind Percy. I'll just go find Michael Yew or something." (A/N: I don't remember if Michael Yew died or not but I'm too lazy to search it up. So for this story's purposes, he's alive.)

Percy jumped out of bed and pulled on some jeans saying, "I'm coming with you."

"Why?" I replied somewhat grumpily, "Yew can heal my face without too many problems."

"I don't trust him. He might take advantage of your state of…erm…weakness." Percy was pulling on a shirt at this point. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

"What?" He pulled on some sneakers, "It's just Yew. Ya know the kid who never cracked the 5 foot line?"

"Still. I'm coming with you."

I blinked then said, "Okay." Where's all this protectiveness coming from? I guess that's a question for another time, "Let's go."

We walked toward the infirmary and I knocked on the door. I heard giggles inside and I peeked in. I was immediately mentally scarred by what I saw. Michael Yew and that nice girl from Demeter were currently…occupied. I'm sure Katie will be happy to learn that.

I blushed and said, "It looks like he's busy." I avoiding looking at Percy who was grinning, "Finally my boy, Yew got a girl!" I rolled my eyes at him.

"What do I do now?" I asked in a whiny voice. Percy grabbed my chin and began examining my bruise. The whole time I was drowning in those green eyes. Annabeth! Look away! Don't fall for it! I tried to listen to my inner voice but sadly I was failing. I hoped I wasn't drooling…that would have been totally embarrassing.

"It's not too badly bruised. It'll be gone in a day or so if you let it heal naturally." To my regret, he let go of my face. *pout*

"I have an idea!" I am a child of Athena for a reason, "Let's go to the Aphrodite cabin! Maybe they'll have some concealer I can use." Now I hardly wear makeup but this bruise was hideously large and purple.

Percy shrugged, "Sure." 5 drachmas he doesn't even know what concealer is. I led him to the Aphrodite cabin and knocked on the door. A girl, who was about 10 opened the door. Her name was Amy and she was very sweet, "Mommy! Percabeth is here!"

"Mommy?" I said at the same time Percy said, "Percabeth?"

"PERCY!" I almost gagged. A bunch of girls ran out only to grab him. They pulled him in and he grabbed my hand which resulted in me going flying and landing on top of him. Could this day get any better? Note the sarcasm.

I got up and pulled Percy up too (avoiding THE GREEN POOLS OF DEATH).

"Hi Percy!"

"Looking good Percy!"

"You have lovely conditioned hair!"

"Hey there." Drew walked straight up to him and was openly flirting with him. I ignored the urge to punch her and looked for Amy.

"Hey Amy. My face is bruised, do you think you could get me some concealer?" I asked very politely.

"I'll get Mommy!" What? And out of nowhere, Amy dragged Aphrodite out of one of the many bathrooms this cabin possessed.

"Lady Aphrodite?" I said, confused.

"That's me! I just dropped in for a visit to make sure my girls and guys were keeping up with the latest trends!" That's right, sexist pigs, Aphrodite dudes also liked clothes. And no, they're not gay if that's what you're thinking. In fact some of them were really cute...

"Do you think you could fix my face?" I asked politely.

She thought for a second and then said, "Sure! But can I try a new product out on you? Pleaseeeeee I need testers!"

"Uh sure." I said hesitantly.

"Cool! Percy stand next to Annabeth!"

"Okay?" he said standing just a little too close to me. I ignored my crazy fast heartbeat. Aphrodite winked at me when Percy wasn't looking, then she sprayed us with perfume. I gagged while Percy was coughing, "What was that?" Stupid girls…Aphrodite…gahh Whoa…those aren't my thoughts…

"It's a new perfume I created! It's supposed to make you more sensitive and in touch to your significant other's thoughts!" It smells terrible. I agree…but that's not my voice…

"Did it work?" Aphrodite asked excitedly. She's hot. OKAY THAT WAS NOT ME.

"What wasn't you?" Percy asked me. Crap. Please don't tell me…

"Tell you what?" he asked, looking confused. Percy, can you hear me?

"Yeah. What's up?"

"Aphrodite." I said slowly, "We've got a problem."

She was filing her nails, "What?"

"Percy and I are not more in touch with each other's thoughts…"

She pouted, "Aww."

"…we can hear each other's thoughts." CRAP!

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