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"Alright so what's the game plan?" Percy asked, "Because you're so annoying with being prepared, let's hear it."

"Well…funny story actually…" I started. Maybe Percy wouldn't notice and I could totally make it up as we got closer to the farm.

Dude, I heard that.

Percy scowled, "You don't actually have a plan do you?"

"Hey!" I exclaimed defensively, "Artemis and Apollo didn't really give us much to go off of!"


"No offense!" I replied, "But seriously. All they said was to find one of Apollo's sacred cow ranches and then go make a music playlist for both of them. I don't listen to contemporary music, you know that! Besides what if we choose a song that…gods forbid…has a happy love ending for Artemis!"

By the time I was done ranting, I was out of breath.

"You don't listen to contemporary music…?" Percy sounded hurt. Crap. "So when I made you that playlist of songs…you didn't like it?"

Playlist? What? Oh. OH. FREAKING OH.


I remember swimming in the lake by myself. I was having a crappy day, none of my chemical equations were balancing, my logarithms were out of whack, and DID I MENTION PERCY GOT HARASSED BY A CROWD OF FANGIRLS AND THERE WAS NOTHING I COULD DO? Ugh. So irritating.

Now Percy always told me that swimming calmed him down, and since nothing seemed to be going right for me academically, I decided to take Seaweed Brain's advice and take a dip in the pond. Err, lake. It was getting kind of late and most campers were chilling in their cabins so I figured I could get some time to myself. I don't remember what Percy was doing, he said it was 'important' but he probably was just fooling around with Grover. NOT LIKE THAT.

I waded into the water, shivering slightly as I felt the polar bonds of the H20 molecules touching my epidermis. I mean…I felt the water on my skin. I continued further till I was waist deep in. I wondered about where the water nymphs were and if I had been in my normal mind, I would have noticed their absence. But I was annoyed with my day and pushed my way through the water.

I noticed a raft floating by and grabbed onto it. I lay back and closed my eyes, taking in this moment of relaxation.

Whoosh! I heard. I ignored it.

Whoosh! I ignored it again.

Whoosh! Next thing I knew, I was falling off the raft and plunging into the freezing water. I saw a shadow in the water and instinctively reached for my dagger which was conveniently tucked in my…well don't worry about it. I prepared myself for battle.

I saw the shadow move behind me, and I tried to turn away from it. Unfortunately being in water, I couldn't move that fast. Only Percy could move faster in water than on land and he was absent. My heart started pounding as I saw a fin emerge on the surface of the water and began moving to me. I send a silent prayer to Athena and prepared myself for combat. No way in Hades would I go down without a fight.

The creature moved towards me and I saw more of its body coming out of the water. It finally emerged completely and I stood there horror struck with fear. It was a freaking giant shark with razor sharp teeth, each the length of my forearm. I gulped, looked at my puny knife and started flipping the hell out.

The creature approached me, moved its nose near me…and then sniffed me? What the heck?

It inhaled me again while I treaded there, frozen.

You have the scent off the master. I swear, it spoke to me. That I did. I nervously looked up into its eyes. It seemed amused. The master knows how to pick them. Um…kay? This is not the last time you'll see me. My name is Caetus. (A/N: check out google translate, Latin to English!) Goodbye.

And just like that, it swam away. After a few seconds, I recovered from my shock and swan back to shore. I was shaken up. I went back to my cabin and took a quick shower before sitting outside my cabin.

"Yo. Annabeth." I heard a familiar voice call my name. I looked up to see Percy, "Why so down?"

I sighed, "It's been a long day and I just want to sleep but I don't know where any of my cabin mates are, and I need them to check in with me because I'm head counselor and all that jazz." I must have looked awful because Percy surprised me with a one-armed hug. I was shocked. He then quickly let me go before handing me my iPod.

"You took my iPod?" I exclaimed.

"Check out the list titled 'Seaweed Brain.'" then he walked away.

I stared at his retreating back for a few seconds before shrugging and putting in my headphones. I looked at the list:

1. You Belong with Me T-swizzle

2. Just the Way You Are Bruno Mars

3. 1 2 3 4 Plain White Ts

4. I'm Yours Jason Mraz

5. Hey Soul Sister Train

6. A Whole New World Disney

The list went on.

I felt myself being rocked into a deep sleep and I feel asleep peacefully.

*end of that ridiculously long flashback*

"Annabeth? Annabeth?" Percy called out.

"Huh? What?" I started.

"You're eyes glazed over and you're grinning like Grover when he sees Juniper." Percy replied. And it's cute too.

"Um…don't worry about it. No, I definitely listened to the list you gave me, it was really nice." I smiled.

Holy crap, is Annabeth Chase genuinely smiling? What is this world coming too!

Shut up.


Percy pulled the car up to a stop.

"We're here."

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