It was late at night. The waves were breaking against the sandy shore. It all seemed to be very peaceful. Not a thing seemed to be wrong. Then suddenly a metal box washed up on the shore. It just sat there for about an hour when a little bird landed on top of it. The bird just sat there pruning it's feathers, never noticing the gloved hand that reached out of a small hole in the side of the box. The hand grabbed the now squealing bird and then returned into the confines of the box. After about the minute the hand reached out again and started feeling around the outside of the box as if it was looking for something. What it found was a button. The hand then pushed said button, which caused a the other side of the box to open up.

Out stepped a creature of sorts that was hidden by the darkness of the night, for it waited until a cloud covered the moon. When the creature's eyes were able to adjust to the darkness, it saw that even though the cloud was covering the moon, it was an otherwise peaceful and beautiful night. And the ocean was very calm. But the creature didn't care about any of that at the moment. The creature pulled a raggedy old cloth out of the box it just came out of, then wrapped it around it's face just before the cloud moved out of the way of the moon. When the moonlight washed itself over the land, the creature decided to take a moment to look at the ocean. Originally the creatures plan was to let nothing stand in the way of its revenge, but this was the first time it had seen anything in the outside world in years. The sight was so beautiful to the creature that a tear almost escaped its eye. But it quickly shook any idea of weak emotion out of its head.

This masked stranger started walking into the town that was closes to the beach. It was here that the masked creature discovered a garbage dumpster in an alley. The creature quickly ran to the dumpster and started eating what scraps it could find. The animalistic noises the creature made brought one of the occupants living in the apartment complex the dumpster was behind out to investigate. The old hedgehog held up a lantern so he could see what was causing the noise. What he saw disturbed him greatly.

"Hey now there, sunny boy!" the old hedgehog shouted.

"I'm gonna have to ask you to move along. Your disturbing the peace now, ya hear?"

The creature continued eating.

"Now listen hear. Do you have any idea who I am? I'm Sir Charles Hedgehog!"

At the mention of that name, the creature ceased eating. It turned around and looked at the elderly hedgehog. After about a minute of the creature staring, Charles Hedgehog was starting to feel uncomfortable with this thing just staring at him.

"You go on now," Charles said with a little bit of a shake in his voice.

The creature finally started walking away. As it past Charles, it dropped what looked like the small bones of a bird. Charles saw the bones and became very afraid. He ran back into the apartment complex and up into his apartment and locked all eight of the locks on his door. The creature started walking away from the town and into the world of Mobius. The world that it is no longer familiar with. The only thing the masked creature knew for sure was this, it owed a certain blue hedgehog a great deal of payback. It would have its revenge.



Tails awoke gasping for air. He felt the sweat all over him. This had been another of the many restless, nightmare filled nights that he often had. Tails went to his bathroom and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He did not like what he saw. Tails placed his hand over the mirror no longer wishing to see himself like this. Sure the nightmares don't happen as often as they use to, but when they do happen now they seem even more painful. A tear escaped Tails's eye which he allowed to run down his cheek.

"Cosmo..." Tails whispered to himself.

Even after so many years, he still hadn't forgiven himself for firing that cannon. Tails's thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his door. He came to the door and opened it to find his best friend ever Sonic The Hedgehog waiting on his front porch.

"Hey, big guy. How have you been?" Sonic asked.

"Hey, Sonic. I just woke up, so I'm not sure how I am yet," Tails replied.

Sonic looked troubled.

"Tails, it's 12:34 in the afternoon. Not even I sleep in that late. Even after an encounter with Eggman."

"I know, Sonic. It's just...uhh's just..."

"It's just that you miss Cosmo isn't it?" Sonic asked bluntly.

"Yes," Tails said as tears started to run down his face.

Sonic wrapped his arms around his young friend.

"I miss her so much, Sonic and I don't think I'll ever stop missing her. I don't know what to do."

"I know what you need to do," said Sonic.

"Whats that?" Tails asked as he wiped the tears away from his face.

"You need to come with me, Amy, Cream and Cheese to a picnic on the beach," said Sonic.


"Yeah. Why not? Look I get how you feel about Cosmo...I get it. But sleeping all day isn't going to bring her back. You need to move on, Tails. Cosmo would've wanted you to."

Tails thought about it for a little bit. Then a smile came across his face.

"Alright, ya talked me into it Sonic!"

"That's great, Tails. I'll tell the others your coming."


As Sonic started walking away, Tails waved and said, "Tell the others I'll meet them there. I've got a few things I've gotta take care of here."

"You got it, Tails. I'll see you there. I know Cream will be happy to see you."

And with that Sonic sped away as only Sonic can do. Tails shut his front door with a puzzled look on his face. Why did he just say Cream would be happy to see me, Tails thought to himself. He shook it off and went to his closet where he got out his tan vest that he started wearing 3 years ago. He opened the front door and leaped outside. Before he could hit the ground, his tails started spinning. He flew a couple feet high into the air. He felt happy to know he still had friends who would love him no matter what. He stopped by his shop to see how the X-tornado was doing. He hadn't been to his shop in a few days. He saw that the X-tornado needed a lot of cleaning. But he would do that later. For now he was going to the beach to hang out with his loving friends.

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