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'Will you moron, what the hell are you trying to prove?!' Even after we explained to Will about how we know certain things he still won't come to us for help. He says her wants to do this his way, without our help at all. What a moron!

"What a moron." Rowan hissed at me about Will.

"That was what I was thinking." I answered her. We watched as Jones came closer to us, making my heart race with excitement but at the same time I was a tad bit scared. The crew brought over a crate and placed a picture frame on top of it, making Will sit down on one end with Jones sitting on the other, five dice and a canister for them in front of them.

"The stakes?" Jones asked Will.

"My soul. An eternity of servitude." Will answered as he stood up. Both Rowan and I face palmed…

"Against?" Jones asked with a smirk.

"I want this." Will placed a piece of cloth on the make-shift table. Jones looked at it then at Will before picking it up. Once it was opened the crew began to whisper. Jones looked disgusted as he threw down the cloth.

"How do you know of the key?" Jones asked in a pained voice.

"That's not part of the game, is it?" Will sat down. "You can still walk away."

"Jones…" I whispered as I took a step forward but someone grabbed my arm. I turned to see Marcus holding me back. He shook his head, a sign that read let-the-captain-do-this. I sighed then took a step back. Jones sat. He took out the key from his bearded tentacles, showing Will before putting it back.

They picked up their dice and threw them down, Will's father joining in. It's begun…

"What's this?" Jones demanded.

"I'm in. Matching his wager." Bootstrap answered the captain.

"No! Don't do this." Will said to his father. I looked between them but then I felt a sharp pain in the pit of my stomach. Oh no, not now!

"Siren, what's wrong?" Rowan asked, griping my arm.

"The change but it's too soon. It came early!" I said, tears welding up in my eyes as the pain started to grow all over my body. The change back to my human self has always been painful. Extremely painful. Rowan looked towards Marcus.

"Marcus, I need to get Siren outside. You have to help me." She said. He simply nodded and took one of my arms over his shoulder before helping me away from the crowed silently. No one seemed to notice our abstance so when we were a good distance away Rowan directed us over to the side of the ship.

"What do you need me t' do?" Marcus asked.

"Help me shove her over the ledge." He gave her a funny look but she shook her head at him. "It's better if she's in some type of water when she turns back. The 'shedding' will be less painful so we got to hurry." Rowan helped me to stand up, noticing that some of my scales had started to fall to the deck. As soon as I was over the railing Rowan pushed me off, sending me into the sea below. I kind of feel sorry for her. If I'm changing then she's going be changing as well. The tail and the horns are the hardest for her.

Once I crashed into the ocean I could feel the scales slipping away and they're painful like hangnails. My gills retracted back into my skin, the saltwater easing the pain away. My fins disappeared, the hunger faded, and all the things that made me a monster floated away, into the sea.

I love you my daughter…

Tears floated from my eyes as the sea echoed in my ears, the words from my father made me remind myself who created me. The love of the sea made me the woman I am, the goddess and the monster...I felt strange arms wrap around me, bringing me closer to the surface as the pressure forced itself upon my face until air broke. I gasped as my lungs crawled for air, the strange arms tightening around me. I felt myself being lifted into the air to suddenly find myself on the ground.

"Open your eyes lass! Speak to me!" I opened my eyes and started to cough up sea water as my lugs took in air. Once I got everything under control I turned my head to see Jones, a mire inches from me with Rowan at his side in her human form.

"I hate doing that." I said before trying to get to my feet. Rowan sighed then helped me rest against the mast. "I'm alright, just need air." I said. Jones and the crew gave me a look but I simply smiled and gave me a reassuring smile back. As the crew scattered and fell back to what they were doing Jones came to me and pressed his tentacle hand towards my cheek.

"Are ye be doin' well lass?" Jones asked with softness in his voice. I smiled sweetly at him and kissed him shortly on the lips. This surprised him, and me somewhat, but I continued.

"Just a little winded. The changes are difficult to handle but I'm doing good. I'm going to stay on deck for a while and collect myself." I told him. Jones didn't say anything until he shook his head.

"Alstarboard lass but dasn't tire yersef ou'. Get some rest. Dasn't want ye fallin' off th' deck again." Jones chuckled before heading back towards the captain's cabin. Marcus stayed, silently conversing with Rowan so I took that as my queue to leave. I walked to the front of the deck and threw my legs over so I was sitting on the railing, looking over at the sea. Back in the ocean...when I heard the sea respond back to me...there was only a few times when my father ever spoke. He's always there and he only speaks when he needs to so I guess that counts as having a part of my family with me and yet...we seem so far apart from everything. It's a strange relationship we have.

Later that night, when the crew had gone to sleep except the one who's steering the ship, Rowan and I stood close to the captain's quarters, waiting for Will to come and get the key.

"Are you sure?" Rowan asked me. I gave her a look that made her shut up. In a few minutes we heard the soft footsteps coming our way. Next thing we knew Will was standing in front of us.

"Will, don't do this." I said to him.

"Move out of my way. I need that key." Will said.

"You're going to get your father in trouble once you leave this ship!" I hissed at him. "Jones is going to send out something that's more horrible than one might think and you'll be putting people around you in danger. More importantly, once you do this I cannot protect you or your father. As long as you're with me they cannot hurt anyone unless I say so." I told him. Will stood there for a moment before looking into my eyes.

"I'm sorry. I have to do this." He said as he walked past us. Once he was inside Rowan turned towards me.

"Aren't we going to stop him?!" She asked me. I shook my head.

"No. There are something's we can't ever change in this world. We gave Will a warning and that's all we can do for now. Why don't you go get some sleep? I'll stay and make sure the captain goes to bed." I said to her. Rowan gave me a knowing look before disappearing down below. Once she was gone I went inside the captain's quarters as soon as Will was done getting the key. "A word of warning, Will." He stopped at my shoulder. "Stay away from water when the times come. There's danger beneath the sea." I said then started to walk forward towards the captain. Once Will was gone I gently shook Jones until he was looking up at me. "Come on Captain. Let's get you to bed." I took one of his arms and lead him to his bed where I laid him down, taking off his hat. He looks so funny without it on. Once he was settled I kissed him on his forehead then went towards the organ. Tia Dalma's necklace was still there only it looked like it had been shined and polished. I picked it up and lightly touched it, tracing over the face then the gears. 'One day Jones...I'll make you happy again.' I put down the necklace and walked out the door.


Jones found out that Will was missing. Bootstrap is screwed and Jones is not a happy camper. He questioned me and Rowan but we told him that we were sound asleep below deck when Will took the key. Jones looked into my eyes and for once I was glad I could lie well, even if it hurt me to lie to him after all he's been through. Jones then gave the order to find Will and what do you know. We found him. Everyone was on deck, waiting for Jones to talk or to give orders. Jones had some of the crew restrain Bootstrap as Jones looked down at the drawing of the key. He turned around, taking Bootstrap's neck in his clawed hand.

"You will watch this." He said with venom in his voice before letting go, the crew chuckling. The crew started to spin...whatever it's called, raising it higher and higher. "Let no joyful voice be heard! Let no man look up at the sky with hope. And let this day be cursed by we who ready to wake...the kraken." The thing stopped spinning, slamming down with a loud thud as Bootstrap called out. The crew stopped, their attention turned towards the very unlucky ship. I was standing beside Jones as he spoke but ran to the side of the ship, climbing on the ledge to get a better look, a smile plastered on my face.

"What be ye smilin' at?" Jones asked. I turned towards him, my cheeks flushed with my hair blowing wildly around my head as I smiled at him. Jones looked shocked before a fire lit in his eyes, his cheeks turning a different color.

"This is my favorite part. I love the kraken as much as you do Captain." I said then turned towards the ship. The kraken is my favorite monster beside dragons and werewolves of course but the kraken is my favorite sea monster. I watched as screams started to sound along with gunfire and a bell running. I watched as the tentacles came aboard the ship, my heart beating faster by the minute until I thought it was going to burst out of my chest. Two tentacles came up then and split the ship in half, the screaming never dying. I glanced over to see Jones looking out towards the boat but his eyes connected with mine, my cheeks brightening before I turned away. Slowly the screams died down, Jones ordered the ship to get closer so we could look for Will's body. We found a few survivors and brought them on deck but there was no sign of Will. Not to them at least but Rowan and I knew where he would be. I stood next to Jones when the wedding dress floated towards the surface. I took his hand in mine, giving it a gentle squeeze and was surprised when he returned it. I looked up at him and give him a light kiss on the cheek, lingering only a few seconds longer than needed. Rowan and Marcus walked up to us then.

"The boy's not here. He must have been claimed by the sea." Marcus said.

"I am the sea." Jones said but I coughed, my sign that meant I too am the sea as well. Jones gave me a small smile then turned around. He approached Bootstrap with a smirk. "You need time alone with your thoughts. Brig!" He ordered.

"What of the survivors?" One of the men asked. Jones walked in front of them and was about to give an ordered when I placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Hold that order for one minute." I said and walked in front of the survivors. I felt really bad for one of them so I decided that I should at least save one of them. "You, boy, what's your name?" I asked the youngest crewmembers.

"John ma'am. John Webber." He answered. I took his arm and made him stand up. I walked around him, looking for anything bed or something I didn't like but the boy had it all. He looked strong, healthy, and he was somewhat handsome if it wasn't for the side of his face massed up a bit.

"How older are you?" I asked him.

"18 Miss. I'll be turning 19 in a few weeks." He answered. I looked over at Jones who seemed to be questioning what I'm doing but I just smiled at him.

"What if I told you that if you have a choice of dying here and now or serving me what would you pick?" I asked him, looking him in the eyes.

"What do you expect of me miss?" He asked.

"If you agree to serve me then you will no longer age but you can, however, die if you're not careful. You will do what I say, protect me, and anything else I ask of you. Understand all that?"

"Yes Miss I do." I stuck my hand out at him.

"Do we have a deal?" the boy took my hand but as soon as he did he screamed in pain, my hand never letting go from his. "By order of my creed I sentence you to serve me and only me. These marks you bare will unsure all that I am will be given on to you. Only when I die may you be released from this contract. May god have mercy on your soul." I released his hand and allowed him to fall to the floor. All cuts and wounds he had were starting to heal, his arms growing in strength along with the rest of his body. Black marks now rest around his neck like a necklace and wrists, his chains of his...commitment. I looked over at Jones with an innocent look. "Now, weren't you going to say that there were no survivors?" Jones smiled and nodded to his crew. I helped the boy to his feet and helped him to reach below deck so he could rest. The next few hours are going to be painful.

"What's happening to me?" He gasped as his skin began to stretch and move, making him cry out in pain.

"You're changing to fit my...personality and life style. Don't worry, in a few hours you'll be alright. Try and get some sleep" I said and moved some of his long hair out of his face. Once he closed his eyes I went back up on deck just as they were done throwing the rest of the bodies over board. When I didn't see Jones Marcus came over to me and told me that he went into the captain's cabin. I thanked him and went in just as Jones began to play his organ. "Mind if I join you?" I asked as I stood behind him. The look Jones gave me made a smile form on my lips. I saw in his eyes that he probably never anyone ask to play with him. Ever. He looked away for a minute before sliding over.

"Have ye ever played?" He asked me.

"I've played piano before, lots of times when Ro and I needed the money and there has been...I think three times when I played organ. I'm a bit rusty. Show me?" I asked as I sat down next to him. He only nodded his head before playing. When I watched him I noticed that he enjoyed playing and maybe even performing for me. When I thought I got the hang of it I jumped in, my fingers playing perfectly on the somewhat slimy keys. Jones noticed me playing and smiled when I glanced over at him. The organ played and for once it seemed a happy, calm tune coming from the organ. We played, the music surrounding us and filling the ship. I reached over to play a key when Jones's hand met mind and we both shy away like teenagers, the thought made me chuckled but we continued. Once we were finished we stopped, not saying a word but I got up.

"Lass." His clawed hand stopped me. When I turned towards him I met with something wet against my lips...HOLY SHIT JONES IS KISSING ME! And did I respond? Yes, yes I did with a passion that has been building up since I first kissed him. I wrapped my arms around him as his arms wrapped around me, pulling me close to his chest. Our lips moved together, his tentacle beard moving against my neck, making me gasp. Jones took that opportunity to drive his tongue into my mouth, making me moan at the contact. He was so addicting I needed more of him. I pushed up against him, lightly dragging my nails down the back of his head and neck when suddenly a knock came from the other side of the door. We broke apart but I continued my assault everywhere I could.

"What?!" Jones asked very annoyed.

"Captain do we dive?" One of the crew members asked. Jones groaned softly so I bit that part and heard him groan a bit louder. "Captain?"

"Yes, dive! Now leave!" Jones shouted then grabbed my waist, throwing me to the bed with a squeal. When I saw that predatory looking in his eyes I knew what was happening next. And let me tell you, I wouldn't stop it even if the world exploded.


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