It was once said that Yokais once had a powerful enemy: The shinigami; soul reapers those who save and guide souls from this world to the next. There was a war between the races called the days of shade. This war was fought all out and none gave up. One day the hollows, fallen souls attacked turning a sealed vampire into one of them; this caused the yokai and Shinigami to join forces to attack it. Soon the Vampire Hollow was sealed away into a black Rosario which a Vampire took to keep safe. Soon the shade treaty was created between the vampire lord and Shinigami captain that sealed the nightmare away.

"Damn, that guy looks sad."

"I would be too, if I had to dress like that guy!"

"Shut up, it's not he's choice to wear that uniform, It was the school's"

"Okay but I'm just saying green doesn't look right on the guy" two figures conversed watching a brown hair student walking to his class depressed.

"Should we help him?" the second figure said "I don't know; it could be risky"

"Come on help him out, WHOA! Check out the summit on her"

"You're a perv you know that?"

"I do and I'm proud of it, just because you don't like."

"Stop right there you know what I am"

"Yeah, you're git"



The figures were a samurai and a lion plush standing on a rooftop of a school building

"Dude, remember Shinigami cannot do what you're thinking of doing, and if you do then the yokai council will be on you like vampires on a bleeding human," Kon the lion plush said.

"Relax I know what to do, how to do it and when to do it," the samurai figure said

"Typical, I bet Rukia wouldn't do something this stupid," Kon said irritating the samurai

"I'm betting she has, Kon!" the samurai said

"Think about this Ichigo, besides now that Shirosaki escaped when you were defeated by that Hollow Soulsplitter!" Kon said gripping his shoulder referring to the event that had happened in the last couple of days.

"Come on, we have work to do" Ichigo said

"WHAT!" Kon shouted.

"Why are we doing this?" the lion plush shouted.

"He's a friend," Ichigo said vanishing into a senkaimon

"So you are basically going to your death to help a friend out?" Kon asked as the pair exited the senkaimon at their location

"This is going against the treaty!" Kon growled

"What Treaty?" Ichigo asked clueless

Shingami Encyclopedia: the Shade treaty:

The shade treaty was created to bring peace and an end to the days of Shade. The treaty was signed by 13 yokais and the Gotei 13 of that time making sure the war couldn't happen again. The treaty laid out a set of 10 rules for both Shinigami and Yokai. The treaty is kept in the headmaster's office of Yokai Academy the place of the signing. There is also a copy hanging in the office of the head of the Gotei 13

Ichigo and Kon headed for a castle that belongs to the head of the Shuzen family: Issa Shuzen

"This is still a bad idea, we could get caught" Kon said

"And how's that bad?" Ichigo asked

"The treaty of shade says that one must get permission to travel to another's place. Basically Shinigami have to ask to travel to Yokai areas and Yokai have to ask to enter the Soul Society"

"Does that list include Vizards and Hybrids?" Ichigo asked

"No," Kon said

"Looks like a loophole to me" Ichigo said while he shrugged.

"How?" Kon asked know where this train of thought was going

"Simple I'm a hybrid Shinigami with Vizard powers, besides I'll enter as a human so I'm breaking the treaty," Ichigo smiled.

"Damn, loopholes" Kon said angry.

When they got to the castle the pair looked up. "So a vampire lives here?" Ichigo asked

"Not just any ordinary Vampire, This Vampire is Lord Shuzen a shadow lord and member of the Yokai Grand Council" Kon said afraid,

"Come on we have to bring that Rosario to Tsukune, so he can give it to Moka and bring out her outer... form; It can't be" Ichigo said.

"What?" Kon asked

"Is there anything in the treaty about Yokai fighting Hollows?" Ichigo asked

"Yes, Yokais are not to engage Hollows, Why?"

"He's here; Shirosaki is here!" Ichigo said

"WHAT! We haven't seen that prick in months now he shows up here." Kon panicked

"Come on!" Ichigo said running for the door.


It was a chilly winter's month as Ichigo was wading through snow that was a couple of feet deep when his girlfriend Orihime Inoue came up to him and jump on his back

"Konnichwa Ichi-kun" Orihime greeted

"Hey Orihime-chan; aren't you cold?" Ichigo said noticing her lack of a winter's coat befor offering his to her.

"I knew I forgot something" the forgetful redhead said as she snuggled up to Ichigo as he got a sickening feeling inside his chest

"What is this feeling?' he thought as he started to dry heave

"ICHIGO?" Orihime shouted gaining the attention of a nearby shinigami by the name of Rukia Kuchiki

"Orihime! What's wrong?" Rukia asked.

"Something's wrong with Ichigo!" Orihime said as Ichigo started to expel a white substance from his mouth

"Freedom!" a scratchy voice said as the white substance became a human like shape with Ichigo's Vizard mask on.

"No! SHIROSAKI!" Ichigo said passing out.

The inside of the castle was old fashioned oil stained oak floorboards, granite walls and tiled roof, A walk way of crimson carpet lead around the halls of the castle

"Okay, let's find old Whitehead, stop him, grab the Rosario and split like a tree in a hurricane" Kon said gripping Ichigo's robes.

"Relax, we'll find him," Ichigo said treading very carefully not to grab something's attention



"Easy Shinigami boy it's just the pet bat of one of the girls" Kon said as the bat landed on Ichigo's shoulder

"Cute little guy, now I need to know if you've seen a white version of me?" Ichigo asked

"Chu, chu, chuuu." The Bat Kou said

"He said yeah, heading for the rosary room" Kon translated,

"We've got to hurry"

"Chu, chuu, chu"

"A black rosary?" Kon asked as Kou nodded,

"The Hollow's Rosario; that means" Kon said

"What?" Ichigo asked noticing the bat and plushie didn't like what was going to happen

"Nightmare; He's planning on bringing Nightmare back and re-creating the days of shade" Kon said.

"Nightmare?" Ichigo asked

"Sorry I forgot" Kon said as Kou fluttered about

Yokai Encyclopedia: Nightmare

When Hollows joined the war; Nightmare was a basic hollow before devouring a vampire and gaining it's powers and form, It gained the name Nightmare for its dark and foreboding appearance, basically a combination of hollow and vampire. The only way it could be defeated was to be sealed away in the corrupted rosary around its neck.

Kou landed on Ichigo's shoulder, "You're a flying Yokai Encyclopedia?" Ichigo asked as Kou nodded.

"Now, where is old white face?" Ichigo asked transforming into his Shinigami form and held out Zangetsu in his hand.

"Where is the black Rosario kept?" Ichigo asked as Kou fluttered around seeming annoyed.

"I'm sorry; may I please continue into the castle to look for my dark persona?" Ichigo asked before Kou happily lead the way

"There that wasn't too hard was it?" Ichigo asked

"The bat's going to get it though" Kon said clutching onto Ichigo's shinigami robes.

"What about the other vampires?" Ichigo asked

"YOU ASK THAT NOW?" Kon shouted

"Chu" Kou said

"The youngest daughters are at school, the two oldest daughters are shopping and the father is meeting with the Gotei 13 soon" Kon said

"Okay we've got to move" Ichigo said.

"Finally, the Hollow's Rosario is mine!" a white version of Ichigo said

"Hey Whiteout face!" a voice shouted

"YOU!" Hollow Ichigo said as Ichigo, Kou and Kon entered the room to see two pedestals, one had a silver cross with a red gem the other held a black cross with an amber gem,

"The black one is the Hollow's Rosario" Kon said panicked

"Okay so what do I do to destroy it?"

"You can't destroy it," Hollow Ichigo said

"What! How come I can't?" Ichigo asked

"Because if it was destroyed, Nightmare would be unleash, the nastiest Hollow Yokai walking around wrecking the place, Are you Stupid!" Kon asked

"You know a lot about these things don't you?" Ichigo asked.

Shirosaki took this moment to strike Ichigo down only to have his Shiro-Zangestu blocked by Ichigo's Zangetsu

"Now, what are you planning to do with the Hollow's Rosario?" Ichgio asked

"Simple: find the unsealed daughter of Akashiya and place the hollow's Rosario on her, releasing Nightmare so that I can re-create the days of shade that will wipe out the shinigami and yokai so that the only living things will be the normal humans and hollows now do you see why I want to release it?" Shirosaki asked

"You can't if that thing gets lose the world is in danger!" Ichigo said

"You didn't know about until ten minutes ago and now you want to stop it" Kon said

"yeah, because I don't want that thing walking about free and also a hollow controlled world is just as frightening as the release of Nightmare" Ichigo said as he moved to attacking.

"Get him!" Kon shouted.

"Not helping!" Ichigo shouted ducking the blade of his opponent.

Ichigo quickly recovered as tried a downward slash before doing a roundhouse kick to the face both connecting, only to have Shirosaki slam the hilt of his Shiro-Zangetsu into his ribs before using a diagonal slash then turning into a horizontal swipe. Ichigo avoided the second move.

"Not bad" Ichigo said swinging Zangetsu by the fabric coming off the handle of it before throwing it like a spear trying to hit his opponent. Hollow Ichigo pulled a mirror tactic and started doing the same as Ichigo

"CHEATER!" Kon shouted

"Get the Rosario!" Ichigo shouted, as he blocked attack after attack from his Hollow form.

Ten minutes later,

"This isn't getting me anywhere!" Ichigo bellowed

"BANKAI!" Ichigo shouted as the cloth of his sword wrapped around his arm and soon lightning and dust covered the place as Ichigo went into his bankai form.

"So that is how we're going to do this are we?" hollow Ichigo said.

"BANKAI!" Hollow Ichigo shouted summoning his own Bankai soul cutter.

"Shall we continue?" Hollow Ichigo said as the pressure from both bankai caused the castle to creak and groan under it.

"Oh shit, ICHIGO!" Kon shouted as he neared the second pedestal in the room,

"WHAT!" Ichigo roared

"The house is coming down!" Kon said

"What, no way" Ichigo said as he saw the cracks in the roof.

"That is not good" Ichigo said.

"I'll end this quickly!" Hollow Ichigo said laughing.

"GETSUGA TENSHO!" the two combatants said as two waves of black and red energy surged towards each other

"When this is over, I shall have the means to become king while you will be nothing but a mule" Hollow Ichigo said.

"Not if I can stop you, and when I do I'll be the 'king' and you'll be the traitor executed for the highest treason!" Ichigo said as the two waves collided forming some an explosion similar to that of a nova.


"THIS IS IT!" the two ichigoes said as the nova released it's energy, destroying the castle and flinging the warring fighters in opposite directions.

"This is not over, for I now have the hollow's Rosario and with it I'll conquer worlds." Hollow Ichigo said fleeing as rubble shifted "I'll get you and save everything!" Ichigo said.

"We got it, the silver Rosario!" Kon said as he held it up liek a trophy. "Kou, is there any way to enter Yokai academy from Karakura Town?" Ichigo asked.

"Chu," Kou said

"Yeah" Kon translated. "Let's go" Ichigo said walking away from teh ruins.


"CHU!" the animals said

"Yes, we're going there to stop Nightmare, Hollow Ichigo and the days of shade" Ichigo growled "I feel pain coming on for this guy." Kon said.

Ichigo waited at the bus stop where the Yokai Academy was going to pick him up

"Five minutes in we'll be busted for being Shinigami" Kon said from the bag "Oh quiet, I'm going in human form so they won't spot me" Ichigo said as the afternoon sun warmed him

"Orihime isn't going to like this" Kon said

"chu?" Kou asked

"He's girl"


"Guys quite here it comes," Ichigo said as a bus pulled up.

`"All aboard" the creepy bus driver said

"Thanks" Ichigo gulped.

"Hey Kon what do you know about the days of Shade?" Ichigo asked as he sat at the back of the bus on his way to Yokai academy

"Well it was not a pretty sight, or fun time; as you know it was the war between Shinigami and Yokai. No one knows how exactly it started, there has been numerous theories and rumours; any way we're going off track here."

AS I was saying The days of Shade was a terrible and vicious war that was fought hundreds of years ago, ifd people would descriube it as a blood bath, they would understatement, it was a blood flood, thousands died over this feud; however even though they were skilled, the Shiningami started the war on the losing side as sheer numbers over powered and destroyed the shinigmai forces. But soon as a shinigami got they hands on a bankai level Zanpakuto, the revenge started to come for the Shinigami.

"Right but what about Nightmare?" Ichigo asked not sure where the story was going

"I was getting to that, shish impatient aren't we?" Kon said before going back into the story

Now in the twilight year of the war, some idiotic asshole vampire had stolen some hollow bait and summoned dozens of hollows before booking it out of theiur and seeting up a barrier to keep them in so the shinigmai could be defeated by the hollows; only one of them escaped the barrier and absorbed the idiot that summoned it becoming Nightmare. And that is where all records of the days of Shade end.

"So what happened after Nightmare was summoned?" Ichigo said getting off the bus and walked throught the gates.

"Well in order to find that out you have to ask the Gotei 13 and good luck with that, even if you did save thei collective asses" Kon growled.

"KON!" Ichigo barked before seeing the guy from the night he did recon.

"NO way Tsukune, I didn't realise he went here" Ichigo smirked before jogging over to him.

Tsukune Aono was wondering the grounds depressed, after he's friend Rosario and then being told she wasn't real in the first took a lot out of him

"I miss her, even if she was an illusion, I still miss her" he said as he wandered around Bus Stop Cliffs.

"I just wish she was here again, I love her" he said sighed

"Quit bitching Tsukune" a voice said,

"Huh? Ichigo, what are you doing here, man?" Tsukune said greeting his old friend

"Cheering you up" Ichigo said,

"Thanks," Tsukune said

"Hey what are friends for?" Ichigo asked notice a sealing chain of his friend's wrist.

'A sealing chain that means Tsukune has become a yokai, and judging by the type of chain its a powerful one; a ghoul maybe?' Ichigo though using what little knowledge he had of the types of Yokai

Inside a locked room a meeting was going on between the Gotei 13 and the Yokai grand council

"This is serious if a plot to start a new war occurs we will all be in trouble" a shinigami captain said.

"Of course that would be troubling for you, what with certain betrayals" a count asked

"Watch it fang face!" the captain said

"Captain Kenpachi settle down"

"Of course Captain-General" Kenpachi said

"And Lord Shuzen, may I ask you to be not so hostile against our allies" an exorcist said

"But how do we know what is going on?" a woman in a kimono said

"We don't, but hopefully we'll get some clues before our next meeting" the captain of the 6th division said

"In five days, I think not" the woman said.

"Calm down, if we panic then everyone panics" a woman in a little black dress said.

"I agree with the Succubus" the captain of the fourth division said.

"An interesting event has taken place," the Exorcist said.

"What?" the vampire lord said

"A hollow attack on Castle Shuzen" the exorcist said

"The castle was destroyed, both of the rosaries housed there are gone and no one was injured" the Exorcist said

"But my home was destroyed!" Lord Akashiya shouted

"Then you are welcomed here at the academy" the exorcist said.

"I thank you and your school for your hospitality" Lord Akashiya said

"But, if someone does have both Rosaries then we are all in trouble" the vampire said.

"Agreed," the two councils said.

"Now, I shall have my assistant in form our school's heroes of this disaster" The Exorcist said.

Tsukune was showing Ichigo around when he saw Yukari Sendo, a twelve year old witch who wore a modified school uniform "Yukari, hey!" Tsukune shouted

"Tsukune, you seem happier, and who is this?" Yukari asked

"This is Ichigo Kurosaki, a friend of mine" Tsukune said

"Nice to meet you" Yukari said hugging the human shinigami

"Hi there" Ichigo said looking shocked.

"Relax, she's friendly" a female voice said, Ichigo looked behind him to see a girl with sky blue hair, a modified uniform and hair ties, and a chest that Kon described as a 'summit'

"I'm Kurumu Kurono" the girl said as a purplett stood up from the bushes

"And that is Mizore Shirayuki" Kurumu said.

"Hey I'm Ichigo" Ichigo said.

Soon the group were talking about thing they did,

"So Tsukune, how long have you known Ichigo?" Kurumu asked

"Since we were six, I moved away but everyday me, Ichigo and his fried Tatsuki were play together, usually after their training" Tsukune said "Hey, who's that?" Ichigo asked

"Moka" Kurumu scowled as the others didn't look happy to see her.

"I'm getting something bad here" Ichigo said as the girls guarded Tsukune. Ichigo took in Moka; Silver hair, large bust average school uniform, Red eyes and a choker with a clip on it around her neck,

'So this is who the Rosario I have belongs to' Ichigo mused.

"Who is this?" Moka asked coldly,

'Strong and cute' Ichigo mentally laughed

"He's a friend of Tsukune's" Kurumu said

"Trying to charm this one as well, have you no pride?" Moka asked

'Strong, cute and fierce; ouch Tsukune got himself a good one' Ichigo continued.

"We liked you better when you were sealed" Yukari shouted.

"She was an illusion, I am the real Moka" Moka said

'An Inner Moka and an outer Moka. Interesting I'm betting this one is the inner one.' Ichigo thought.

Inner Moka was now looking at Ichigo,

"So you're a big bad fighter, you look like an idiot to me" Inner Moka said.

"Well better an idiot than a bimbo" Ichigo smirked

"He's dead" Mizore said sucking on her lollipop as the now insulted inner Moka went to punch his lights out,

"He we go"

Ichigo stood firm as Inner Moka released her punch, but as soon as it came within range he caught is by rotating his arm making teh punch lose its power, then he threw her out of range.

"He caught it" Tsukune said surprised,

"And threw her" Yukari said.

"Lucky shot" Inner Moka said getting off the ground and flipping over to kick Ichigo, who spun around Inner Moka and kicked her in the back. "You're going to have to do better than that!" he mocked as Inner Moka swung her right arm with her back to her opponent. Ichigo caught her right with his left and pulled it across her body.

"You're unfocused because your friends are angry with you, your boyfriend is depressed and some unknown comes along and beats you, Or are you unfocused because your home was destroyed, two items taken; One by someone wanting to bring back the days of shade, the other by me!" Ichigo said clipping her Rosario on,

"How?" Inner Moka asked as she was bathed in a soft pink light

"I was defending your home from the guy who destroyed it" Ichigo said as the light stopped.

"That Light; MOKA!" Tsukune shouted running towards it

"Tsukune wait!" kurumu said holding her hand out, to stop him,

'I can't if that light was the seal's light then she could be back.' He thought. He stopped running to see Ichigo lying on the ground gazing up at the garnet red sky

"Yo" he waved

"Hey, is she?" Tsukune asked

"chuuu" Moka quietly snored.

"I'll take that as a yes" Tsukune said resting her head in his lap as he gingerly stroked her pink hair.

"So is this form your girl?" Ichigo asked,

"Yeah, she is" Tsukune said before kissing her forehead.
"That must be one complicated relationship" Ichigo mumbled.

Soon Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari joined them and were not expecting to see the outer Moka sleeping in Tsukune's lap.

"Moka!" the three girls gasped

"Huh?" Moka woke up to see her friends, "What's wrong?" she asked

"Nothing but your back, well your outer form is" Kurumu said hugging her best friend

"My outer form?" Moka asked

"Yeah, thanks to Ichigo over there" Yukari said. Suddenly a new girl burst into the scene

"Guys, something happened to..." She stopped when she saw Ichigo,

"You're not supposed to be here, only the Gotei 13 are suppose to be here, and you are not one of them" the new girl said

"Ah, Ruby what are you talking about?" Tsukune asked

"Your friend is a Shinigami" Ruby said shocking everyone.