I know... I should be working on Sweetheart. But I'm SO stuck. Like, I know where I want to go, but getting there is the problem. So, I ended up writing this. I'm not sure how long it will be, and I don't know how good it is. But I will go on until it's finished, and hopefully work on Sweetheart as well.

Chapter One: Becoming Friends

It was the first day of school at St. Joel High School. Kendall Knight's Senior year. He was happy that it was his final year at that hell hole. He wouldn't have to sit through a stupid mass every month. He wouldn't have to deal with religion class, and the bigoted assholes in the school. Kendall was tired of them and their shit. Every year, he had to hear about how being gay was wrong. Which irked Kendall. He had come out to his mom and sister in the eighth grade, and hated being told he would rot in hell by some teacher.

"I'm gonna get her this year," James Diamond-one of Kendall's best friends-said to him and their other friend Carlos Garcia.

Carlos sighed and shook his head. "She never gave you the time of day before. What makes you think she will now?"

"I'm not the same kid I was Freshman year," James said.

Kendall finished putting all his things in his locker. "You're just into her because she's the only girl who hasn't thrown her panties at you."

"You're just jealous that I get more pussy than you."

Kendall snorted. "Yeah. Because we know how much I love pussy." He smiled while his friends laughed. "Anyway, James, don't get your hopes up. It hasn't happened before. Why would it happen now?"

James crossed his arms and stared at Kendall. "Coming from the guy who's obsessed with a straight religious freak."

Kendall calmly shut his locker. "I am not obsessed with him."

James looked at Carlos. "I bet he'll have the dude's schedule memorized by Wednesday."

Carlos shook his head. "Nah. He'll have it down tomorrow."

Kendall shot them both death glares. "I know i don't have a chance with him. I mean, Christ, he wears a purity ring. There's no way he'd look at another guy. I've accepted that."

"Then stop scanning the hall for him," James said with a smug grin.

"I am not! I was j-just... I was..." Kendall sighed in defeat. "Fine. I was looking for him" Kendall turned his head and saw the object of his desire at his locker. "Shit! There he is!" He hid behind Carlos and James, peering over their shoulders to watch. "Only he could make these ugly ass uniforms look hot."

The guy in question, Logan Mitchell, felt eyes on him. But he refused to look around to see who was watching him. He figured someone was probably making fun of him. Something Logan was used to. He was a nerd and one of the more religious kids at the school. A main target for bullies.

"Hi, Logan."

Logan inwardly groaned. It was Mary. A girl with blonde, curly hair. She was the president of the We Love God club-Logan found it a stupid name. She went to the same church as Logan, and had a huge crush on him since the fourth grade. Logan wanted nothing to do with her.

"Hi, Mary."

"So, you gonna come to the meeting after school?"

"I told you on Sunday that I would."

"So... you sure you don't wanna be the vice president?"

"Positive. I told you. I'm not a leader. I'm content with just being a member."

"Will you actually go on any outings this yeah?"


"Look at that skank flirting with him," Kendall said from behind James and Carlos.

"Well, he doesn't seem interested," Carlos commented.

James smacked Carlos. "Don't give him any hope!"

"I was just saying! Logan keeps stepping away whenever she gets closer. And look! He just cringed!"

"Can you blame him though?" Kendall said. "She's fucking annoying." The bell rang and Kendall perked up. "I wonder if I'll have homeroom with him again."

"You have every year," Carlos reminded him.

Kendall walked around to face his friends. "Should I bother talking to him?"

"You try and fail every year," James said. "What you need to do is get over him."

"And how do you propose I do that?"

"Befriend him. Hearing him talk about girls and God and shit will turn you off of him."

Kendall frowned. "He'd never be friends with me."

"You never know unless you try," Carlos said. "So get to class and try!" He pushed Kendall forward.

As they watched him walk away, James said to Carlos, "This is a lost cause. I shouldn't have suggested it."

"Nah. You were right. Kendall has him on a pedestal. He thinks Logan's shit doesn't stink. He needs to learn that it does."


Kendall did have homeroom with Logan. Instead of trying to talk to him, he just stared at Logan for the entire period. The way Logan would sometimes bite his lip was sexy as hell. And sometimes he chewed on his pen. Kendall couldn't stop himself from imagining that mouth somewhere else on Kendall's own body. Kendall shifted in his seat a little. It was the end of the period and he couldn't get up while half hard. He had to think of something unsexy. He looked at his Lit teacher. She was old, fat, and wrinkly. Kendall imagined her naked. Problem gone.

The bell rang. Kendall wanted to at least mutter a "hello" to Logan really quick. But Logan moved fast. Kendall sped up and got into the hall just as some douche knocked the books out of Logan's hands.

"Hey!" Kendall shouted. "Not cool, Corey!"

Corey turned to Kendall. "Why are you trying to defend him, fag? People like him don't give a fuck about your kind."

Kendall rolled his eyes. He kneeled down and helped Logan gather his books. "Some people are idiots."

"It's fine," Logan said. "We're told to forgive. Um. I don't have a problem with you... you know... being... gay."

Kendall smiled. "Some of your friends do."

"I'm not really friends with them." The bell rang and both boys stood. "We're late. Thanks for helping me."

"No problem." He watched Logan walk away. That was pretty much his first real conversation with Logan. And it had gone well. Kendall practically skipped to his next class.


Logan hated being late to class. Especially Math. His best subject. But his encounter with Kendall was... pleasant. He had had classes with Kendall since Freshman year, but never really spoke to him. And Kendall seemed really nice. Logan just hoped Kendall didn't have a thing for him.

The only seat left in the classroom was in the back, next to Camille. Logan had known her since the sixth grade when she moved next door to him. She was the first non-church friend he had made. Actually, the only. Logan gratefully sat next to her.

Camille leaned closer to Logan and whispered, "I saw you on the floor with Kendall Knight."

"He was helping me pick up my books. Someone knocked them out of my hands."

"You know he's gay, right?" she asked, wiggling her eyebrows.

"I'm aware. And stop making that face. I told you we're not talking about... that."

"You can't avoid it forever, Logan. We're gonna have to have a real talk about it. I mean, you've been avoiding it since Sophomore year."

"And I thought we reached an understanding. We... talk, but not about me."

"You can just-"

Logan stabbed her with his pencil. "Pat attention to the teacher."

Camille giggled and faced the front of the room. Until she felt eyes on her. She turned to her left to see James staring at her. "What?" she whispered harshly.

"Nothing," James answered before looking down at his desk.

After class, James found Kendall at his locker. "He was hitting on her."


"Your man was totally hitting on my woman."

Kendall chuckled. "They're just friends, James."

"How do you know?"

"If they were into each other, they would've dated by now. What class do you have with them?"



"What do you have next?"


"Damn. We're not in the same class."

"It sucks. Everyone I know from Shakespeare last year is in your class." Kendall shut his locker. "Gotta go."

Kendall walked into his classroom. He tripped over his feet like an idiot when he saw Logan sitting in the second row. Kendall was surprised. Logan didn't seem like the type of kid to take Shakespeare. You had to do little performances in front of the class, and Logan never spoke much.

Kendall casually took the seat in front of Logan. He had a plan. In every Shakespeare class, there were Shakespeare Ones and Twos. The Twos were those who had taken the class the year before. The Ones were those who had never taken the class. Part of the requirements of the Twos was to help out the Ones with various assignments. Kendall was a Two, and Logan was obviously a One. When their teacher would ask a Two to find a One, Kendall planned on pouncing.

Kendall saw that bitch Mary walk in. She was also a Two. Kendall figured she wanted Logan as well. Kendall would not let that happen. Luckily, no more seats next to Logan were open, so Mary had to sit on the other side of the room.

The bell rang, and their teacher Mrs. Spalding walked in. She went over what everyone was expected to do in the class. Then she told all the Twos to find a One and answer any questions they had.

Kendall turned around to face Logan. "Hi. You're a One, right?"

Logan smiled at him. "Yeah."

"Well, I'm a Two. Ask any questions you want."

Mary walked up to them. "Hey, Logan. Wanna partner up?"

"Sorry, Mary," Logan said. "Kendall already snatched me up."

"Oh." She frowned at Kendall then walked away.

Logan let out a breath. "Thank you. I know we're supposed to love anyone, but I can't stand her."

"A lot of people feel the same. Um. Can I ask why you chose to take this class?"

Logan sighed. "I needed a Fine Arts credit, and I suck at anything that has to do with drawing or painting, so..."

"You nervous about having to perform in the front of the class?"

Logan bit his lip. "A little."

Kendall managed to contain himself at the lip bite. "It's actually not that bad. Um. She gives us time during some classes to work on that stuff..."

"Are you volunteering to help me with that?"

"Yeah. If you want."

"I'd like that."

Kendall grinned. "Uh. Mary may try to snap you up for duet and final performances."

Kendall's attempt at subtlety was obvious to Logan. And his eagerness to work with Logan was endearing. "Well, I guess I'll just have to agree to work with you for those things."

Kendall's grin widened. "Awesome. There's no one else cool in this class anyway."

"You think I'm cool?"

"Uh. Well. Um. Well, f-from what I know of you."

Logan chuckled. Kendall was kind of adorable. Then he got rid of that thought. Things like that shouldn't be going through his mind. "You seem nervous."

"Nervous? Me? Psh. No..."

"I'm not gonna, like, try to Save you or anything."

"I know. I just... always kinda wondered what it would be like to talk to you. I mean, you don't speak much, and you're labeled a religious freak..."

Logan nodded. "Yeah. It's not easy for me to make friends. And I've always wondered what it'd be like to talk to you too."

"Y-y-you've noticed me?"

Logan tilted his head. "Yeah. We've been in the same homeroom since Freshman year, and have had various classes together."


"Talking with you is surprisingly easy. Usually conversation doesn't flow well..."

Kendall placed a hand on Logan's shoulder. He just wanted to touch him so badly. He felt little jolts of electricity run up and down his arm at the contact. "I'm glad to help with the conversation flow." He saw Logan look at his hand and pulled it away. "Sorry. I swear I'm not hitting on you."

"Oh, it's fine. I didn't think you were. And I highly doubt you would anyway."

"What do you mean?"

"I can't imagine that someone like me is your type."

"Wh-" The bell rang.

"So it's agreed?" Logan said. "You and I work together all year?"

"Um. Yeah."

Logan gathered his things and stood. "Thanks, Kendall." He hurried out of the room before Mary could get to him.

Logan walked to the cafeteria, slightly flustered. Kendall shouldn't have affected him like that.

Logan entered the cafeteria. He dreaded the fact that the only people he'd be able to sit with would be the God club.

"Logan!" He turned and saw Camille running at him. "We have the same lunch period!"

Logan looked up. "Thank you, Jesus!" Freshmen through Junior year, Logan and Camille hadn't had the same lunch period, much to Logan's disappointment. He looked at Camille. "Please tell me I can sit with you."

"Of course!" She grabbed his wrist and led him to her table. "I'm sitting with Stephanie King."

"Oh. I know her." They got to the table and Logan put his things down. "Hi, Stephanie."

Stephanie smiled. "Hey, Logan."

"Logan?" Mary stood on front of him, a disappointed look on her face. "Aren't you going to sit with us?"

"Nah. I'm going to sit with Camille. We haven't had a lunch period together since grade school, so..."

"Fine," Mary spat before walking away.

"You really need to drop those freaks," Camille commented.

Two tables away, Kendall was taking his seat. "Why does James look pissed?" he asked Carlos.

"Logan and Camille," Carlos answered.

"Logan? Where?"

Carlos pointed. "We say here because James wanted to creep on Camille. Then Camille saw Logan, got all excited, and ran over to get him. He ditched the God lovers to sit with Camille and her hot friend."

"That's Stephanie King," Kendall told Carlos, his eyes never leaving Logan. "She's, like, a horror buff. She started the horror movie club when we were Freshmen."

"I may have to join this club."

"You do that," Kendall said. "Anyway. I have Shakespeare with Logan."

Carlos rolled his eyes-not that Kendall noticed. "And you stared at him the whole time. Nothing new."

"No. I actually spoke to him."

James stopped glaring and looked at Kendall. "Shit. Really? About what?"

"Well, since he's a One, I told him I'd help him out. And since that Mary bitch is in our class and he doesn't like her, I snatched him up for the duets and final performance."

Carlos let out a whistle. "Damn. So much progress in one class period."

"And," Kendall went on, "Logan said he has issues making friends, but it was easy to talk to me." Kendall finally looked at his friends and did a little happy dance in his seat.

"Don't get your hopes up," James warned. "Remember: he's straight. He's not gonna magically fall in love with you."

"I know, I know," Kendall said sadly. "But I think you're right about being friends with him. Maybe I'll stop having these stupid fantasies about him. And, James, maybe I can get him to put in a good word with Camille."

James scowled in Logan's direction. "If he doesn't try to get her first."

At Logan's table, Stephanie said, "Why is Kendall Knight staring at Logan?"

"Where?" logan asked. Stephanie pointed, and Logan looked. His eyes met Kendall's, and Logan smiled and waved. His smile widened when Kendall waved back. He looked back at Stephanie. "I believe Kendall and I have just become Shakespeare buddies. He saved me from Mary."

"I think he wants you," Camille said.

Logan let out a laugh. "He does not."

"Logan," Camille began, but stopped at his stern look.

"We're moving on from this subject," Logan said.

Camille frowned at him. "Fine."

Stephanie looked at them in confusion for a minute then said, "So, first meeting of the horror movie club is tomorrow."

"So?" Camille asked.

"Could you please join? You too, Logan? We need more members. And ones that aren't annoying nerds who'll hit on me all the time."

Logan and Camille laughed.

"Fine. I'll join," Camille told her.

"I guess I'll give it a try," Logan said. "It doesn't interfere with my other clubs."

Stephanie smiled. "Awesome. Can you ask Kendall, Logan? Then have him get Carlos and James too?"


"Could you do it... now?"

"Um. OK." Logan got up. "Need any trash thrown away?" Camille gave him her whole tray. "Cute."

Once Logan was gone, Stephanie stared Camille down. "On a scale of one to ten, how gay is Logan?"

"Shit. How'd you know?" Camille asked.

"I have excellent gaydar. Do his religious friends know?"

"No. And don't say anything to him about it. He refuses to talk about it. Or even act on it with a guy."

"Are you the only one who knows?"


"So he's dated all these religious girls..."

"Because they won't want to have sex. Or so he thought. He always ended it because they wanted more."

"Can you blame them? The boy is fine."

"I know. It's so unfair."

"What do you think about him and Kendall being Shakespeare buddies?" Stephanie wanted to know

"I have no idea. Maybe Kendall will help him confront his feelings?"

After Logan threw the garbage away, he went over to Kendall's table. "Hey," he said to Kendall.

"Hi," Kendall said happily.

Logan felt awkward under James' and Carlos' stares. "I've, um, been sent here on a mission."

"Sit," Kendall said. After Logan did, he asked, "What mission?"

"Stephanie wants me to ask you guys to join her horror movie club."

"The hottie sitting with you and Camille?" Carlos asked.

Logan chuckled. "Yeah. They, uh, need more members, and when she found out Kendall and I bonded in Shakespeare, she sent me over here to ask you guys."

"Whose name did she say first?"

"Uh. Kendall's."

"Duh. You were talking about him. Did she mention me or James first?"


"Fuck yeah!" Carlos threw his hands in the air in triumph. "That almost never happens! I actually have a chance with her. When's the meeting?"


"You can count me in."

"Will Camille be there?" James asked. At Logan's nod, he said, "I guess I'll go too."

"What about you, Logan?" Kendall asked. "Will you be there?"



"So. You'll go?"


"OK. I'll go tell Stephanie." Logan stood. "Carlos. Um. Don't, like, hit on her. I mean. Be friendly and yourself, but don't hit on her. Let her, you know, come to you."

"Why?" Carlos asked.

"She, um, seemed annoyed about other guys in the club hitting on her. So, be different?"

"OK," Carlos said. "Thanks, Logan."

"Sure. So, uh. Bye, Kendall."

"Bye, Logan." Kendall watched him walk away. He eventually turned to his friends. "See? He's awesome."

Carlos nodded. "It was nice of him to give me advice on Stephanie."

"I still don't like his involvement with my woman," James said.

Kendall tossed a napkin at him. "She isn't yours. She barely speaks to or looks at you. And there's nothing going on with her and Logan."


After school, Logan walked into the room where the We Love God club met. Mary immediately went up to him.

"What is with you today?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

"You talked to Kendall Knight all during Shakespeare, and you didn't sit with us at lunch."

Logan let out a sigh. "Camille and I have been friends since sixth grade. We haven't been able to have lunch together since eighth grade."

"So you're gonna sit with her everyday?"


Mary pouted. Logan figured she was trying to be cute. She failed.

"What about Kendall?" she asked.

"What about him?"

"You know he's gay, right?"

"I have been informed, yes."

"What of he tries to turn you?"

"Mary. One can't be turned gay. You either are or you aren't."

"If we can turn people strai-"

"Those people are just-"

"Alright. We won't have this argument again. Just promise me you won't let him turn you gay."

"He's not going to turn me gay, Mary."

"Good." She looked around. "Well. Everyone's here. I'm gonna start the opening prayer."

Once the meeting ended, Logan rushed didn't want Mary catching him and try to convince him to hang out.

He walked through his front door and went into the living room. His mother was sitting on the couch. "Hi, Mom."

"Hi, Logan. How was the first day of school?"

"It was fine."

"You make any new friends?"

Logan sighed. His mother was always on his case about making friends who weren't involved in church and God. She felt Logan sheltered himself too much. She feared he was hiding himself from the world. She didn't want him becoming too naive or distant. She didn't want him to be like how she used to be. Which is why she was thankful Camille was Logan's friend. She took him out of his bubble a little.

"I guess I did," Logan said.

"You guess?"

"Well. There's this guy I had homeroom with since Freshman year. We have Shakespeare together this year, and he started talking to me during it. And, um, Camille's friend Stephanie asked me to join her club."

"That's fun. You have any classes with Camille?"

"Yeah. Calc. And we have lunch together."

"Good. Good."

"Yup. Well. I'm gonna go upstairs and change. Maybe read."

"OK. I'll come get you when dinner's ready."

As Logan changed, his thoughts drifted to Kendall. He couldn't believe Kendall had actually wanted to talk to him for awhile. Kendall seemed nice. And sweet. He also had a dazzling smile. And pretty eyes. And those lips-

Logan shook his head. He couldn't let himself think those things. He's managed to avoid "inappropriate" thoughts about actual guys he knew in real life fore years. He couldn't let one guy ruin it. Ruin him and his relationship with God-the one thing that helped him feel not so alone when he had no friends.

Logan figured it would be best if his friendship with Kendall didn't go beyond school. Or he could let things run their natural course. He'd have to see.

So yeah. I hope this wasn't bad, or anything.