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On with the chapter.

Chapter Twenty: Summer

Several weeks later, Kendall and Logan were sitting in Kendall's room. The weeks had gone by pretty well. They had gone to a few graduation parties their now former classmates threw. The best, though, when it was just them and their friends at Stephanie's house. Things were less awkward with Kendall's dad when it was time for Katie's grade school graduation. Kendall was a lot less hostile towards his dad. And Katie was really pleased the next day when Mrs. Knight came home with a puppy she rescued from the shelter.

Currently, Kendall and Logan could hear Katie scolding the puppy in her room. Apparently, he had chewed up one of her shoes.

"Sounds like Mario's working out well," Logan commented as he turned up the TV.

"All in all he's a good dog," Kendall said. "He's using our floors as a toilet less. And he listens to Katie. Mostly."

"He was really excited to see me."

Kendall laughed and pulled Logan so he was laying against Kendall's chest. "I was excited to see you too." He kissed Logan's temple.

"So why'd she name him Mario?" Logan asked. "I've been wondering."

"Well, his fur is kind of red-looking. Except on the top of his head and the bit around his nose that looks like a mustache."

"Like Mario from Super Mario Brothers?"


"What kind of dog is he?"

"No clue. He's a hardcore mutt, I think."

"I wonder how big he'll get."

"Only time will tell." Kendall started to kiss at Logan's neck, and his hand made its way to the zipper of Logan's pants.

Logan grabbed Kendall's wrist. "No."

"Why not?" Kendall asked with a slight whine.

Logan chuckled and turned so he was facing Kendall. "Because Katie is in the next room. And we need to start planning on what we'll bring to college with us. My dad said he'll buy us a TV."

"I don't wanna plan." Kendall's whine was more obvious this time. "It's summer. We should be having fun."

"Like having sex nonstop?"

Kendall poked Logan's chest. "Yes."

Logan rolled his eyes. "You're so not getting any today." He laughed at Kendall's pout. "That's not gonna work this time." He grinned as Kendall fell onto his back on the bed then rolled onto his stomach. Logan thought a bit as Kendall mumbled incoherently into his pillow. He smacked Kendall's butt. "Get your bathing suit."

Kendall turned his head to look at Logan. "Why?"

"I'm inviting you to my private beach."

Kendall sat up. "Really?"

"Yeah. It's hot out today, and the creek's pretty deep from the rain the other day. It'll probably be up to out thighs."

"OK!" Kendall was off the bed and searching for his bathing suit. When he found it he asked, "Will I need a towel?"

"There are plenty at my house." Logan stood. "We should invite Katie."

Kendall glared at him, but then he sighed. "Yeah." He went across the hall, followed by Logan. He knocked on Katie's door.

Katie opened it, the puppy running out to greet Kendall and Logan. "What do you guys want?"

"We're going swimming in the creek behind Logan's house," Kendall said. "Wanna come?"

Katie shook her head. "I have some friends coming over in an hour or so. You guys have fun."

"OK. Call if you need anything."

"I will. Bye, Big Brother."

Logan drove, and they left Kendall's car back at his house. Once they got to Logan's house, they quickly went upstairs to change. Logan grabbed some towels and sunblock.

"We don't need sunblock," Kendall said.

Logan made Kendall sit and put the sunblock on his back and shoulders. "Yes, we do. We don't need to be getting skin cancer."

"The trees will be blocking the sun."

"Not much." Logan handed Kendall the sunblock. "My turn."

Kendall stood as Logan sat and looked at the tube of sunblock. "Is SPF eighty-five really necessary?"

"I couldn't find the one hundred," Logan said as Kendall applied the sunblock.

"That actually exists?"

"There's even some above one hundred."

"That's fucking insane."

"There's nothing wrong with protecting your skin," Logan said. He stood when Kendall was finished. He grabbed the sunblock and put some on his face. "Now you."

"My face doesn't need it," Kendall said.

"Yes it does."

"No it doesn't."

While staring Kendall down, Logan put a glob of sunblock in his hand. Slowly, he walked toward Kendall.

Kendall pointed at him. "Don't you dare."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Logan said. In a flash, he tackled Kendall to the ground and smeared the sunblock on his face.

"It's in my mouth!" Kendall complained.

"Then close it!" Logan finished rubbing the sunblock in. He knew it was uneven, but it would have to do. "All done."

"You're evil," Kendall said with a frown.

Logan kissed him. "Love you too. Let's go."

They went to Logan's backyard and headed to the creek. They laid the towels on the little sand bank then went into the water.

"Shit this feels good," Kendall said. The cold water felt nice in the early summer heat.

"It sure does." Logan watched Kendall go underwater. "Feel even better now?"

"Oh yeah. You should do it."

"Nah. I'll wait. Or not do it at all." Logan saw the glint in Kendall's eyes. "Don't do whatever you're thinking."

Kendall smirked. "You mean get my revenge?" He pounced then, forcing Logan under the water. "Hah! That's what you get for shoving sunblock in my face!" he cried when Logan resurfaced.

Logan coughed. "Water went up my nose, you jackass!" He splashed a giggling Kendall.

They got into a splash war for awhile. When it ended, they floated around for a bit. Finally, they laid on their towels to dry off.

"So this is where you played when you were a little kid," Kendall said.

Logan turned his head to look at Kendall. "Yeah. Sometimes I was the heroic lifeguard. Once, there was a horrific shark attack and I saved many lives. Then the mayor gave me a medal."

"Aw. I'm dating a hero."

"Lucky you," Logan said with a smile.

"So. I can bring one of my game systems with us to college. Most can double as a DVD player."

Logan's smile widened. "Sweet."

"And I figured that since we'll be pushing out beds together, we should go pick out a bed spread and shit."

"That sounds good. And with the extra room, we can maybe add a little table along with some of those comfy fold out, cushiony chairs."

"And we don't need more than one hamper."

Logan snorted. "We're having separate hampers."

"What? Why?"

"Because if we share one, I'll always be the one doing the laundry."

"Damn. You know me well." Kendall laughed with Logan. "I can probably get my dad to give me money for a fridge."

Logan crawled over to Kendall and laid on top of him. He kissed Kendall's forehead, nose, and lips. "Thank you. I know you didn't feel like talking about college stuff yet."

Kendall smiled up at Logan and ran a finger down Logan's cheek. "Well, you wanted to. And you gave me fun when you wanted to plan. It was only fair."

"I love you. So much."

"I love you too, sweetness."

Logan rested his head on Kendall's chest. They stayed like that for a good chunk of the afternoon.

Logan pouted a little as Kendall parked the car. "I don't wanna be at this party."

"Why not?" Kendall asked.

Logan shot him a dirty look. "You know why." Logan sighed. "It's Bobby's birthday party as well as his graduation party, right?"

Kendall shut off the car and unbuckled his seatbelt. "It is." Kendall reached over and unbuckled Logan's seatbelt.

"So they'll all be there. All three of them."

"Most likely," Kendall said. "We won't stay long."

"You're just hoping I'll get all possessive so we can have a crazy fuck in the car again."

Kendall laughed and kissed Logan's cheek. "I was hoping we'd lock ourselves in the bathroom this time."

Logan felt himself blush. "Let's, uh, see how the night plays out. We're not drinking, right?"


Logan sighed again. "I'm not so worried about Dylan and Brian. Monty's the one who will freak out seeing us again."

"Don't worry about it, sweetness."

Logan rolled his eyes. "You're secretly wishing I'd hit him."

"That would turn me on..." After Logan's chuckle, Kendall said, "When Bobby invited me, he told me I had to bring you along."

"Really? Why?"

"He thinks you're hot. He likes having eye candy around. Even if he's not allowed to touch."

Logan absorbed that information. "I know that shouldn't make me feel better about myself, but it does." He shook his head. "I've been hanging out with James too much."

"What do you mean?"

"He always goes on about how great it is to be considered attractive."

"It is a real confidence booster." Kendall touched Logan's shoulder. "It's OK to like it when people call you hot."

"I'm not supposed to be superficial like that. Only your opinion of me should matter. But... I'm not used to people saying things like that."

"Which is why you enjoy hearing it. It's OK, Logan. God isn't going to think less of you."

Logan gave Kendall a small smile. "You know me well." He paused for a minute. "I guess we should go inside."

"Try to enjoy yourself?" Kendall said as they got out of the car.

"I'll do my best."

Kendall smiled and took Logan's hand as they walked into the house. Kendall saw Logan smile when those who remembered him from the last party greeted him. He was glad Logan seemed more comfortable this time. Though he barely spoke, he didn't look like he wanted to run off.

They were there for an hour when Logan saw Kendall's exes. The three of them were together, staring them both down. Logan could feel them judging him. Probably harshly.

Logan went to take a sip of his Pepsi—a habit he formed during the party to do when he was uncomfortable. He sighed when he realized it was empty. He got off the couch where he and Kendall had both been sitting, talking to Bobby and some other people. "I'm gonna go get another soda," he announced then paused. "Actually, I'm gonna go to the bathroom first." He saw the gleam in Kendall's eyes and pointed at him. "I'm going to the bathroom to pee, not... do what you suggested earlier."

Kendall pouted. "Fine. Don't be too long." He grabbed Logan's hand and quickly kissed it.

Logan smiled and went off to the bathroom. He was relieved that the line wasn't long. He did his business then went off to the kitchen. After grabbing a soda, he stepped into the hall and bumped into a person. Monty. Logan saw Dylan and Brian standing behind him. "What do you guys want?"

"Monty's wasted," Brian informed Logan. "I tried to stop him, but Dylan wasn't any help."

Dylan smirked. "I wanna see what the drama queen has to say to Kendall's new boy toy."

"I'm not a boy toy," Logan snapped.

"Oh please," Monty said with a slight slur. "You think you're special? Better than us? Better than me?"

Logan took a calming breath. "Monty, I'm sorry Kendall didn't, and still doesn't, love you back. But he's moved on now. So should you."

"You don't know what it's like."

"You're right. I don't."

"When you tell him you love him-"

"I already have," Logan said.

Monty studied him for a minute. "And he said it back?"

"Actually, he said it first." Logan figured it was a low blow, but Monty needed to hear it. He would never move on if he held onto the hope that someday Kendall would love him. Knowing Kendall loved someone else would hopefully make Monty realize he had no chance.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Kendall asked as he stepped to Logan's side.

Monty looked at Kendall with sad eyes. "Is it true?"

"What?" Kendall asked, confused.

"You... you told Logan you love him?"

Kendall put an arm around Logan. "Yes. I love him very much."

"And... you said it first?"

"Yup." Kendall placed a kiss to Logan's temple.

Tears fell out of Monty's eyes. "Oh. I see." He walked off.

"Ooh. I hope he's throwing a bitch fit." Dylan ran off after Monty.

Brian rolled his eyes. "Now I gotta go stop the fool from breaking something." He walked away without another word to Kendall or Logan.

"Well. I guess we should leave now," Kendall said.

Logan frowned. "But I just got my soda."

Kendall laughed. "You can take it with you."

"Why do we have to leave so early?" Kendall complained as he and Logan dressed.

"The hotel is four hours away, dearest," Logan said.

"Will we at least get some coffee or something on the way?" Kendall grumbled.

Logan chuckled and gave Kendall a kiss. "Of course we will. Let's bring out bags to the car."

"OK." While they did so, Kendall asked, "Where'd your dad get the mini van?"

"From my uncle Tom, his older brother. We need it since Andrew and Harry are riding with us."

Harry's head popped out of the car. "Andrew hates waking up early. Poor guy is practically falling asleep right now."

"And I would be asleep if you'd shut the fuck up!" Andrew said from inside the car.

Harry smiled. "He also gets a little bitchy."

"Did he even sleep last night, though?" Logan asked quietly.

Harry shook his head. "He's scared. He hasn't seen his parents in years. He doesn't know how they'll react to him being there."

"What would they possibly do?" Kendall asked. "I mean, in the bad sense."

Harry shrugged. "Who knows? He left before they could react to his relationship with me." He glanced into the car and saw that Andrew had fallen asleep. "I don't want him getting his hopes up. I think part of him is imagining his parents accepting him with open arms after years of not seeing him."

"My mom's been trying to keep him from believing that," Logan said.

"I know. But still..."

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell came out of the house then. They all piled into the car. Andrew and Harry in the middle section of seats, Logan and Kendall in the back. They quickly picked up a to-go breakfast and coffee then began their journey.

Logan tried to listen to music, but Kendall wouldn't let him. Then he tried to read, which Kendall didn't allow either. "What do you want from me?" He finally asked Kendall.

"I want you to pay attention to me," Kendall said with a pout.

Logan sighed. "But I always listen to music or read during road trips." He watched Kendall's pout become more pronounced. "How exactly do you want me to pay attention to you?"

"We can talk. Or play car games."

"No car games," Logan snapped. "I hate those."

"But, Logan," Kendall whined, "I'm bored."

"You're so annoying. Why am I dating you?"

"Because you love me," Kendall said with a yawn.

"You sleepy?" Logan asked.

"No." Another yawn.

Logan reached into the back and grabbed his pillow. He placed it in his lap and said, "Rest your head here, dearest. Try to sleep."

"I don't wanna," Kendall mumbled.

"I'll pet your hair until you fall asleep."

Kendall smiled. He unbuckled his seatbelt and laid down. He sighed happily when Logan started to pet his hair.

Logan stopped when he realized Kendall was fast asleep.

Harry turned to look back at Logan. "So things are going well with you two?"

Logan smiled. "Very well. There were some bumps in the road, but things are going pretty smoothly now."

"You think you'll be with him forever?" Harry asked, only half teasing.

Logan looked down at Kendall's sleeping face. "Yeah. I do," he told Harry. "It's weird. I've always imagined myself settling for some girl, having some kids, and always wondering what being with a guy would be like. I don't think I ever would've been truly happy. But now when I imagine my life with Kendall, it feels right. Like this is how it's supposed to be. I know I'm gonna be happy."

"It's crazy, isn't it? When you realize that meeting this one person is when your life fell into lace?" Harry said.

"It is," Logan agreed. "Especially when you didn't expect it at all."

Andrew started to make whining noises in his sleep. Harry moved closer to him and nudged him awake. When Andrew woke with a start, Harry gently said, "Shh. You were having a bad dream, darling."

"Yeah," Andrew said groggily.

"You wanna talk about it?" Harry asked. Andrew just shook his head and Harry raised his eyebrows at him.

"Later," Andrew promised. "I wanna go back to sleep." He moved closer to Harry and cuddled up against him, quickly falling asleep.

They were about an hour away from the hotel when Kendall finally woke. Someone was laughing. When he stirred, Logan rubbed his back. Finally, he sat up and rubbed his eyes. "I have to pee," he announced.

Mr. Mitchell laughed from the driver's seat, and Kendall realized that was the laugh that woke him. "Good thin we're stopping soon."

"Yeah," Logan agreed. "I've had to pee since before out last stop."

Kendall smacked Logan's arm. "You should've woken me up!"

"I didn't want to disturb your slumber," Logan told him.

"I wish he had woken you up earlier," Andrew put in. "You snore, Kendall."

Kendall frowned. "No, I don't."

Logan put a hand on Kendall's shoulder. "You do, dearest."

"Why didn't you ever tell me?" Kendall asked.

Logan shrugged. "I don't mind it. And it's not all the time." Logan started to bounce in his seat a little. His bladder felt like it was about to explode.

They pulled into the rest stop, and Logan flew out of the car. Kendall laughed a little and followed, having to go pretty badly as well.

After doing their business, Kendall and Logan strolled back to the car.

"It feels good to stretch my legs," Logan said.

"Sorry I used you as a pillow," Kendall said.

Logan took Kendall's hand and smiled. "I didn't mind. You were sleepy."

They reached the mini van, and Logan leaned against it as they waited for the others. Kendall stepped close to him, gave him a kiss, and whispered, "I love you."

"Love you too, Kendall."

Kendall kissed Logan again. They kept going until someone said, "Ew! Gross!"

Logan turned to his cousin. "Like you and Harry are any different?"

"We are," Andrew insisted. "We're much more attractive than you two. Men and women alike drool at the sight of us."

Harry gave Andrew a weird look and rolled his eyes. "You are so lucky I'm blinded by love."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Andrew asked.

"Nothing," Harry said with a smirk as he got into the car.

"Don't walk away from me!" Andrew went after him.

Kendall laughed. "They're ridiculous."

"They are," Logan agreed. "But still a cute couple."

"We're cuter than them though, right?"

"Oh, definitely."

Kendall smiled. "Sweet. Let's get in the car and watch them fake-argue."

An hour later, they were at the hotel. Mrs. Mitchell talked to some of her cousins as Mr. Mitchell checked them in.

Kendall's eyes roamed the lobby. " This is one fancy ass hotel. That pool is beast," he added when he looked out the large windows. Just like Mrs. Mitchell had said, there was a waterfall. What she didn't say was that the pool was huge. "We must swim in that," he told Logan.

"Let's worried about getting settled in first," Logan said.

Mr. Mitchell came up to them and handed them some key cards. "Your room is across the hall from ours. Get Andrew up there before his parents get in here. I saw their car pull in."

Logan nodded. He knew his parents wanted to avoid getting Andrew upset. Logan was sure it was impossible, but he figured it was best to postpone it as long as possible. He called out to Andrew and Harry, "I got out keys! Wanna check out our room?"

"Hell yeah," Harry said, distracting Andrew from searching for his parents. He grabbed Andrew's wrist and guided him to the elevators.

Logan and Kendall followed just as Logan saw his aunt and uncle enter the lobby.

A few hours later—after Logan and Harry napped—the four followed Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell to dinner. Mrs. Mitchell went on about how much she had missed her cousins as they walked. "Talking to them on the phone or internet just isn't the same," she said. "Seeing them in person is great. And they're so much more... open than my parents and siblings. It's so nice."

They sat with one of her cousins and his wife and children. Logan found that he liked this part of his mom's family. When he introduced Kendall as his boyfriend, they didn't even seem phased. He knew he wouldn't mind seeing more of them after the reunion.

Kendall talked to the kids—who were young—and asked them if they were excited about going to the amusement park. Mrs. Mitchell chatted with her cousin as Mr. Mitchell listened happily. Harry kept his eyes on Andrew, and Andrew's own eyes scanned the room. Logan saw when Andrew noticed his parents. Logan looked where Andrew was looking. Andrew's parents were sitting with Grandmom and Granddad. They had yet to see Andrew.

"Dad," Logan whispered.

"Yes?" Mr. Mitchell asked.

"Andrew's spotted them."

"Shit." Mr. Mitchell got out of his seat and walked around the table to Andrew.

"Should I go over there?" Andrew asked.

"No," Harry said. "If they want to see you, they'll come over here."

"You don't want me to see them?"

"That's not it, darling. I don't want you going over there, have them say something cruel, or even ignore you, and upset you. We're here to have fun, remember?"

"Besides, they haven't seen you yet," Mr. Mitchell said. "You know how your mother is with surprises."

Logan's eyes went back to his aunt and uncle. It was then that his uncle noticed Andrew. Logan saw emotion flicker across his uncle's face. Logan turned to Andrew, who was now squirming in his seat.

"He wants me over there. I can tell," Andrew was insisting.

Kendall nudged Mrs. Mitchell, alerting her to the situation. "Oh dear," she said with a sigh. "Andrew, sweetie, just stay here. Let him adjust to the idea of you being here this weekend."

"Also," Logan said, "Grandmom and Granddad are over there. Do you really wanna deal with them?"

Andrew frowned. "I guess not. I do hate those two after all." He straightened in his seat. "Mom saw me. Oh shit. Oh no. She looks mad." He whimpered a little. "She's coming over."

She got to their table and didn't even look at Andrew. "Joanna. May I speak with you?"

"Sure." Mrs. Mitchell stood, and followed her sister to the ladies room.

A small sob escaped Andrew. Harry put an arm around him and asked, "You wanna go back to the room?"

Andrew sniffled. "No I-I should finish my food." He ate slowly. When Mrs. Mitchell came back, he asked, "What happened?"

Mrs. Mitchell sighed. "She's mad that I brought you here. I calmly told her that this is a family reunion, and you have every right to be here. If she has a problem with it, she can leave."

Andrew glanced at the other table. "She's still here." He sighed. "For now."

Once dinner was over, they all went off to their rooms. For a few hours, Logan and Kendall watched TV with Andrew and Harry. Logan went to the bathroom, and when he opened the door to leave the bathroom, Harry was there.

"Jesus!" Logan put a hand over his heart. "You scared me."

Harry chuckled. "Sorry. Um. Could you and Kendall maybe leave for a bit? So Andrew and I can talk? And he can have a good cry if he needs to?"

"And so you can also have sex?"

"Ha! Well. Maybe..."

Logan smiled. "Sure." He walked over to his and Kendall's bed. "Hey, Kendall?"

Kendall looked up at him. "Yes, sweetness?"

"You wanna go for a swim in the indoor pool? We can go down the water slide, and even use the hot tub."

Kendall looked at the time. "Isn't it closed right now?"

"We can still get in. There's just no lifeguard. If we're lucky, we'll be all alone." Since he wasn't sure Kendall was convinced, Logan rolled his eyes and added, "Maybe you—we—could skinny dip."

Kendall hopped off the bed. "I've always wanted to do that!"

"Of course you have."

"Let's do it."

Logan grinned. "But put your bathing suit on just in case."

"OK!" Kendall ran off to the bathroom to change.

"He got really excited at the idea of skinny dipping," Andrew commented.

Logan looked at his cousin. "He likes to be naked. It's so weird. God. Last night he was complaining he wouldn't be able to sleep naked this weekend since you guys are around."

Andrew laughed. "You snagged an interesting one."

"Don't I know it."

Logan changed after Kendall, then the pair made their way to the pool.

"So why'd you wanna do this?" Kendall asked.

"Harry asked if we could leave them alone for awhile," Logan answered honestly.

"So they can get it on?"

"In addition to other things." Logan opened the door to the pool. "Oh wow." This pool was just as large as the outdoor one. A small water slide was over at the deep end. Off to the left was a hot tub that looked like it could fit about a dozen people.

"Sweet," Kendall said. He dropped his towel on the closest chair. Since no one was around, he broke into a run and jumped into the pool.

"How's the water?" Logan asked when Kendall surfaced.

"Great! Come on in!"

Logan got in—using the stairs—and they swam around for a bit. They raced each other for awhile; Kendall winning six times, Logan winning four.

Kendall watched carefully as Logan floated around while catching his breath. He swam toward Logan and grabbed Logan's ankles, making him flail.

"What are you doing?" Logan asked when he got his balance back.

"Wrap you legs around my waist," Kendall commanded.


Kendall rolled his eyes. "Just do it."

Logan sighed and did as he was told. His hands rested on Kendall's shoulders. And Kendall's hands settled on Logan's ass.

"Now what?" Logan asked.

"Now we kiss." Kendall brought their lips together. Logan was reluctant at first. Kendall assumed it was because anyone could walk in. But Kendall was going to make Logan forget about all that. So he nibbled at Logan's bottom lip, and gave his ass a squeeze.

Logan pulled back. "Kendall, I don't kn-oh."

Kendall chuckled as his mouth continued to graze Logan's neck. He felt logan pull at his hair. Kendall allowed himself to be removed from Logan's neck so they could kiss again. While they kissed, Kendall walked them toward the pool wall that they were closest to. He leaned against the wall, Logan moaning into his mouth.

Something in the back of Logan's mind was telling him he shouldn't be doing this. But for the life of him, he couldn't recall why. All he could focus on were Kendall's mouth and hands. His body felt like it was on fire. He reached down between their bodies, and undid Kendall's bathing suit. He started to push it down with his one hand and feet.

Kendall giggled. "Hold on." He let go of Logan and managed to get his bathing suit off, while keeping both him and Logan afloat. Then he worked on Logan's bathing suit. It involved a lot of awkward wiggling and bending since Logan refused to detach himself from Kendall.

When they were both finally nude, Kendall quickly prepared Logan. It was quick because Logan kept telling him to hurry up. Kendall assumed it was because Logan didn't want to get caught.

Once Kendall was inside Logan, Logan's legs tightened around Kendall's waist. Kendall held onto Logan's hips when he began to move, and Logan held onto the edge of the pool. Kendall's mouth went to work on Logan's neck, collar bone, and chest. Logan started to moan Kendall's name continuously.

Logan felt himself getting close, so he begged, "Touch me."

"Not yet," Kendall said. He put his lips to Logan's to quiet the protest that was about to happen. It worked, and soon Logan was caught up in the kiss. It wasn't long before Kendall was coming. He didn't give himself a chance to recover from his orgasm, though. He pulled out of Logan, turned them around, placed Logan on the edge of the pool, and took Logan's member into his mouth.

"Shit," logan groaned out. He pulled on Kendall's hair as he came. "God."

Kendall chuckled and kissed at Logan's thigh. "I figured you wouldn't want to come while in the pool."

A lightbulb went off in Logan's mind. "Fuck! We're in a public place." He hopped back into the pool. "I completely forgot where we were."

"Really? Then why did you want me to hurry?" Kendall asked.

Logan blushed. "I, um, just wanted you inside me."

With a smile, Kendall grabbed Logan's face and kissed him. "I love you."

"Yeah, yeah. Love you too." Logan was suddenly aware that they were naked. "Where'd out bathing suits go?"

"I think they floated that way." Kendall gestured toward the shallow end of the pool as he kissed Logan's jaw.

"We should get them and put them back on."

Kendall looked at him and pouted. "But I wanna swim around naked for awhile."

"Having sex in the pool wasn't enough?"

"Nope." Kendall smiled when Logan laughed. "The water slide is still running."


"You and me go down the slide naked?"

Logan's eyes widened. "Kendall!"

"Right after we do that, we can put our suits back on then go back to the room."

Logan considered. "Ugh. Fine."

"That breakfast buffet was awesome," Kendall commented as they headed to the amusement park.

"It really was," Mr. Mitchell agreed. He made the turn to head to the parking lot. "Jesus. It's crowded."

"Well, it is a holiday weekend," Harry said.

"I hate a lot of people," Mr. Mitchell grumbled.

"You'll deal," Mrs. Mitchell told her husband with an eye roll.

After what seemed like forever, they got a parking spot. Then they took the long walk to the entrance where everyone from the family reunion was gathered. Tickets were handed out, then everyone went into the park.

Kendall looked at the map and said, "All these roller coasters look great! We have to go on every single one!"

"Hell yeah!" Andrew agreed, and high fived Kendall.

"Ew. Long lines," Logan commented.

Kendall nudged him a little. "It'll be worth the wait." He quickly made a plan and the other three followed him—Mr. And Mrs. Mitchell had gone off to do their own thing.

While they waited in the first line, Logan looked over Kendall's planned route. "This is good. After this roller coaster," He pointed on the map, "we can get lunch. Then maybe do some other rides after lunch. Then do more coasters until we end at the one near the entrance."

"See? I know my shit," Kendall said.

It was their turn to get on. Kendall looked at Logan once they were strapped in. "Are you... are you praying?"

"I always say a quick prayer before a ride starts," Logan informed him.


"So there's not a freak accident that causes us all to die."

Kendall laughed. "I have the weirdest boyfriend."

Logan smiled. "Hey. You picked me."

"And I wouldn't change it for the world. Love you."

"Love you too."

A few hours later, the group of four was sitting down for lunch. Logan was getting made fun of for ordering chicken tenders when someone interrupted.

"Andrew." They all looked up.

"Dad?" Andrew said. Harry quickly grabbed his hand, and he relaxed a little. "Um. Where's Mom?"

"Getting one of those Old Time photos done with her parents. Can we talk?"

"Sure," Andrew said. "But we're talking here."

Andrew's dad sighed. "OK. Um. I know it's been a couple years since we last talked."

"It's not like it's my fault," Andrew said.

"I know, I know. Listen. After what happened with Randall, I promised myself that if you turned out to be gay, I would fight your mother to not send you away. I had already lost one son, I wasn't going to lose another. But then you just... left. I lost you anyway. I blamed your mother. You have no idea how close we came to divorce. I miss you, Andrew."

"You do?" Andrew asked, tears in his eyes.

"Yes. I've come to realize that having a gay son is better than no son at all. It never bothered me like your mother anyway. I may not agree with it, but it's your life. And you're my kid. I'm supposed to love you no matter what. And I do."


"Yeah. I know we may not be able to see each other much, but... we can talk on the phone?"

Andrew nodded. "Yeah. OK."

Andrew's dad smiled. He handed Andrew a piece of paper. "This is my cell number. You can call me when you get back home."

Andrew smiled. "I will."

The next day at the water park, Andrew was in a significantly better mood. Which Kendall commented on to Harry.

"He is happier now," Harry said. He and Kendall were sitting on some chairs by the wave pool while Andrew and Logan decided to brave the wave pool's crowd. "I know he was hoping his parents would want to accept him or whatever after finally seeing him again. He was devastated by his mom's reaction. Yesterday with his dad made him so happy. Especially knowing his dad wouldn't have let him get sent away."

"But he still has issues with the whole gay thing," Kendall said.

"It's better than nothing."

"Yeah," Kendall agreed. At least Andrew's dad was willing to look past that to have a relationship with his son. "Can I ask you something, Harry?"


"Do you think that if Randall never... if he was still alive... do you think you'd still end up with Andrew?"

Harry thought that over. "Huh. I've never played the 'what if' game. I mean, Andrew a I got closer after Randall's death. But... I always thought he was a cool kid. Probably, with time, I would've fallen for him anyway. Maybe it would've taken longer, but I feel that things that are meant to be will happen not matter what."

Kendall sighed. "I play the 'what if' game all the time. What if Logan's parents were different? What if Logan decided to keep pretending to be straight? What if Logan's grandparents succeeded in taking Logan away? I'm always wondering if we'd still be together if things were different."

Harry chuckled. "You'll drive yourself mad playing that game." He saw Kendall's frown. "It would happen any way you play it out, Kendall. Like I said: things that are meant to be be will happen. No matter what."

"What if we're not meant to be?"

"Everything we experience in life is meant to happen. It shapes who we are," Harry said.

"Even the shitty stuff?"

"Unfortunately. I'm not saying it's all fun times, or people deserve the shit that happens to them. I've just always believed that things happen for a reason. It's helped me get through the tough times."

"I feel like a lot of people would disagree with that theory."

Harry nodded. "And they have every right to. I totally get why other people wouldn't agree."

Kendall sighed. "Even if Logan and I are meant to be now,who says we're meant to be forever?"

"Logan's been taught through church and his grandparents and years of Catholic school that being gay is wrong. He was prepared to spend the rest of his life denying who he really was. Christ, he wore a purity ring for years. But it all changed when he started hanging out with you. He dropped the ring, stopped pretending, came out to everyone he knows because of you. Logan wouldn't have done all that, and sleep with you, and tell you he loves you if he wasn't in it forever. That's just who he is. You wouldn't have been pretty much his first everything if you weren't special to him. If he didn't feel you were worth it."

Before Kendall could respond, Logan and Andrew walked up to them. Logan sat behind Kendall and put his arms around him.

"You're wet," Kendall stated.

Logan laughed. "Is it bothering you?"

Kendall turned his head to kiss Logan's nose. "Not at all."

Logan rested his chin on Kendall's shoulder. "So why is your deep thinking face on?"

"What? How can you-"

"I just can. So what were you thinking about?"

"I was just having a talk with Harry." Kendall looked over at Harry who was laughing at something Andrew said.

"About what?"

"Just about relationships and stuff. I kinda mentioned my worries about you."

Logan ran a hand through Kendall's hair. "What worries, dearest?"

Kendall sighed and leaned more against Logan. "It's dumb."

"Tell me."

"I do-"

"Kendall. Tell me."

"I'm just afraid that you won't want to be with me forever," Kendall said quickly.

"I wish I knew how to fix your insecurities," Logan whispered. He thought for a minute, trying to find the right words to say. "I wouldn't be thinking about a future with you if I wasn't in this forever."


"Of course."

"But... I'm your first real relationship..."

Logan hugged Kendall tightly. "And you're the only one I need. No one else will do, Kendall."


"Yes. I love you. More than I ever thought was possible to love someone."

Kendall turned around to face Logan. He had a big smile on his face. "It's amazing how you feel the exact same way I do." He gave Logan a kiss. "I love you so much."

That night, they were back at the hotel. Sitting on their room's balcony. Waiting for fireworks to start.

"I'm glad we didn't go downstairs," Harry said, looking at the pool area. "So many people are down there."

"And then there will be crying kids because of the noise," Andrew added. "Oh! It's starting!"

Kendall tried to pay attention to the show, but Logan was so distracting. Not that Logan was actually doing anything. He was just watching the fireworks go off. He just looked so beautiful in the light of the fireworks. And Kendall told him so.

Logan giggled and said, "Stop it."

All in all, Kendall decided it was the best Fourth of July he ever had.

Logan's phone rang, and he grinned when he saw who was calling. "Hello, dearest," he answered. "Are you happy that your two weeks with your dad are almost up?"

Kendall laughed. "Yes. But not because of my dad. He's been pretty good. He actually talks to me. He asked me about my plans for the future. Asked me about you. We actually had some father/son bonding time."

"That's great."

"Yeah. Though it was awkward sometimes. But he's making an effort. So that's nice."

"So what's the problem then?" Logan asked.


"Uh... what about her?"

"Fucking Landon took her to a party so she could meet some kids her age around here. And she fucking met people, alright. Luke and I went to pick them up. She was on the porch sucking face with one of Landon's friends."

"Oh my God!"

"Stop laughing! It's not funny!"

"Please tell me you didn't punch the kid," Logan said, calming himself.

"Luke stopped me. But I sure as fuck wanted to. How could she do that? She's just a kid!"

"She's about to be in high school," Logan pointed out.


"She's older than you feel she is. And more mature. And if I recall, you lost your virginity Freshman year."

Kendall was silent for a moment. "God, I wish she was going to an all girls school."

"Katie's a smart kid. She won't do anything stupid."

"I know. But still... she's my baby sister."

"I know, Kendall. Wanna hear something that'll make you feel better?"

"Please," Kendall begged.

"You'll be back home in time for out nine month anniversary."

"I know," Kendall said, and Logan could hear the smile in his voice.

"Well, I was thinking we could do something special."


Logan felt himself blush. "You mentioned a few times about roleplaying..." When Kendall was silent for awhile, Logan said, "Kendall? Hello?"

"Are you for real?"

"Yes," Logan told him. "We could... do that student/teacher one."


"Yeah. But I feel we should discuss how we'd go about doing it."

Kendall laughed. "OK. Like how?"

"Well, I assume I'd be the teacher."

"Naturally," Kendall said. "What else?"

"I'd rather be more like a college professor."

"Ooh. Professor Mitchell. I like."

Logan chuckled, though he still felt a little uncomfortable. "So. I figured you could be one of my student, and you could come to my office—which is my room—to discuss a paper or something."

"But I have ulterior motives because I think you're hot."

"And maybe my motives aren't so innocent either," Logan said, playing off Kendall's idea. "So I give in to your seduction. Um... I feel like in this situation, I'd top."

"Fuck yeah."

It became obvious to Logan then just how badly Kendall wanted to do this. He probably fantasized about it many a time. Logan hoped he wouldn't disappoint Kendall. "Just remember I've never done this before. So... I might not be the best at staying in character and stuff."

"You'll do great, sweetness. You've got a freaky side to you."

"I do?"

"Oh yeah. Which only I get to see." Kendall paused. "Shit. It's getting late. Dad gets pissy if I'm up past one."

"I'll let you go then."

"Good night, Logan. I love you."

"Love you too, Night." After he hung up, Logan began to mentally prepare himself for roleplaying. Something way out of his comfort zone.

Kendall knocked on Logan's front door, excited. He knew Logan's parents weren't home, and this was his reunion with Logan after two weeks of not seeing each other. Just as they planned.

Kendall was wearing what he hoped was typical college student gear. Which was pretty much his everyday wear. He had on just a pair of Vans, jeans, an unbuttoned plaid shirt with a white tank underneath, and he was sporting a backpack.

Logan answered the door, and Kendall took a deep breath. Logan, too, was wearing his own typical clothes. He had on some nice shoes, black trousers, a white button up shirt under a dark blue sweater vest, and a black tie. A mother fucking tie. Kendall wanted to jump him right then and there. It had been too long. Surely Logan would forgive him for not going through with the roleplay. Then he remembered how long it took Logan to actually want to do this. He may not get another chance.

"Hello, Professor Mitchell," Kendall said.

Logan cleared his throat. "Hello... Kendall, right?"

Kendall nodded. "Yes, sir." He saw Logan take a deep breath. It seemed he enjoyed being called sir.

"Well then. Follow me."

Kendall stepped inside and locked the door behind him. He followed Logan up the stairs, his heart thumping in anticipation. When they entered Logan's room, Kendall saw that Logan had brought a chair up from the dining room. Right by his desk. Kendall walked over to the chair, put his bag down, and sat. He saw Logan lock the door. Logan turned around and Kendall asked, "Why did you lock it?"


"Why'd you lock the door, professor?"

Logan stuck his hands in his pockets. "Um. Sometimes my colleagues walk in without knocking. I, uh, lock it when I'm meeting with someone. That way we won't have any interruptions."

"Oh. OK."

Logan walked to his desk and sat in his chair. "So you wanted to discuss your paper?"

"Yes, sir," Kendall said as he went into his backpack. He tool out a folder, then handed a paper to Logan.

Logan recognized it as the last English paper Kendall wrote. Logan remembered Kendall was been very proud of the paper. And he was rewarded with a 98. Logan pretended to read through Kendall's paper. He felt Kendall's eyes on him the entire time. An intense stare, causing the atmosphere in the room to shift. "Kendall..." Logan began, "this paper doesn't seem to need any improvement."

"Really, Professor Mitchell?" Kendall asked. "There are no areas that need more work?"

Logan set Kendall's paper on top of his laptop—which Logan pushed to the side of his desk. He planned on making use of the desk. "I'm actually rather surprised."

"You are?"

"Yes," Logan said. "You never seem to pay attention during class. You always appear to be somewhere else mentally."

"Well, you might be right, Professor Mitchell."

Logan's heart began to speed up. They were starting to get to the point. "Am I?"

"Yes. I have some... difficulties concentrating in your class."

"Am I that boring?" Logan asked.

"Not at all, sir. It's just that I get easily distracted. By you."

"Um. How am I distracting?" Logan cursed himself for fumbling over the words, but Kendall had that look in his eyes. The 'I'm about to jump you' look that really turned Logan on.

"Well, Professor Mitchell, I've never come across a teacher as... sexy... as you."

"That's very inappropriate, Kendall," Logan said nervously.

Kendall stood up. "I watch you teach, and I can't stop my mind from wondering."

Logan felt his body temperature rise. "And what does your mind wonder to?"

Kendall smirked. "I imagine you calling me to the front of the room. You make me strip. Then you push me up against the board and do me while the entire class watches."

Logan briefly wondered where Kendall got these fantasies of his. "Well. That would never happen."

"I know," Kendall said. "Which is why I'll have to settle."

"Settle? Settle for what?"

Kendall took a step forward. He took off his plaid shirt and tossed it aside. "For my second favorite fantasy about you."

Logan gulped. "And that is?"

"You fucking me right here in your office." He stepped closer to Logan again. He was right in Logan's personal bubble. He put a hand behind Logan's neck. "That's why I asked for a meeting with you. Just imagining being with you isn't working anymore." He loosened Logan's tie. "I have to have you, Professor Mitchell. And don't act like you don't want me too. I know that when our eyes meet you feel that same crazy, sexual charge I do."

"Doing what you want... It would be... unethical."

"Fuck ethics." Kendall kissed Logan fiercely. It helped that he hadn't kissed Logan in two weeks. It was much easier to make the kiss as desperate as it needed to be.

Logan's hands went to Kendall's ass and he forced Kendall to straddle his lap. When they took a break for air, he said, "Kendall... We, um, shouldn't do this. I'm your teacher. It's wrong."

Kendall took Logan's sweater vest off and threw it across the room. "Having sex with me is completely legal." He started to untuck Logan's shirt.

"But... I could get fired."

"Don't worry. I won't tell." Kendall finished unbuttoning Logan's shirt. Then he took off his own tank top.

"Fuck. You're hot," Logan mumbled. He ran his hands up and down Kendall's stomach and chest. "If we do this... don't expect me to just give you an A for the semester."

Kendall laughed. "All I want from you is your cock inside me."

"Shit." Logan pulled Kendall in for another kiss. Then his mouth moved to Kendall's neck and he bit down hard. "We're never going to talk about this, but you're sure as fuck gonna remember it." He went to the other side of Kendall's neck and did the same. Then it was time for Kendall's chest.

Kendall moaned. "Jesus, Professor Mitchell."

Logan pulled back to look up at him. "Yes? Did you want me to stop?"

"Fuck no." Kendall grabbed Logan's tie and pulled him in for another kiss.

Logan held onto Kendall and stood. He made the few steps to his desk and placed Kendall on it. As he kissed Kendall, he took off his shirt. He tried to take off his tie, but Kendall grabbed his hands.

"Leave the tie on," Kendall said. "I like it."

"Whatever floats your boat, kid," Logan said with a shrug.

Kendall laughed then nipped at Logan's collar bone as he undid Logan's pants. He slipped a hand down Logan's underwear and began to stroke.

"God. So good," Logan muttered.

"Makes you wanna fuck me, doesn't it?" Kendall asked.

"Are you always a cocky asshole?"

"I bet it turns you on that I am."

Logan pulled Kendall off the desk, turned him around, forced down his pants and underwear, and pushed Kendall's upper body onto the desk. He put some fingers to Kendall's mouth. "Suck."

"Yes, sir."

Logan it his lip as he felt Kendall's tongue swirl around his fingers. He wished that tongue was going to work on his cock instead. "Enough." He removed his fingers from Kendall's mouth and began to prepare him. He leaned over Kendall and whispered, "You're wishing it was my dick inside you, aren't you?" Logan had no idea where the words were coming from, but he knew Kendall liked it. If that groan meant anything.

"Just fuck me already. Please."

Logan laughed. He moved back and pushed down his own pants. "Someone's eager." Though he hated doing it, he used his own spit for lube. "Ready?"

"Yes. Fuck!" Kendall cried in half pleasure, half pain. Logan was inside him in one swift movement, and it had been awhile since Kendall bottomed. But he couldn't stand that Logan paused. "Just do it already, professor."

"As you wish." Logan wasn't gentle. The scene they had set up didn't call for it. The way they were both actually feeling didn't call for it. Though it had only been two weeks, it felt like they had been separated forever. There was just do much pent up sexual frustration they needed to get out. "So. Fucking. Tight."

Kendall had his hands braced against the wall as Logan pounded into him. "Fuck yes! So good! Close. So close. Touch me, please."

"So bossy," Logan said, but did what Kendall asked.

Kendall didn't take too long to come. Logan soon followed. He collapsed on top of Kendall, who was still bent over the desk.

"Can I break character now?"

Kendall chuckled. "You just did, sweetness."

Logan placed a kiss to Kendall's shoulder. He backed away, kicked off his shoes, and got rid of his pants and underwear. Then he walked over to the bed and laid down.

Kendall did the same, except he laid on his stomach. "Hot damn."

"Did I do OK?" Logan asked.

"Hell yeah. You've never talked like that before."

"I have no idea what came over me," Logan admitted.

"I liked it," Kendall kissed Logan's cheek. "I missed you."

"I missed you too." Logan scooted closer to Kendall and let Kendall cuddle against him. "That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be."

"Coming from the person who will actually be able to walk tomorrow."

Logan laughed. "I was so paranoid I'd mess up."

"But you got into it. I knew you would."

Logan ran a hand up and down Kendall's back. "This time last year I'm pretty sure no one would've guessed that I—some quiet religious kid—would do all of that."

"All thanks to William Shakespeare."

"What?" Logan wasn't sure if Kendall has lost his mind.

"If Shakespeare had never been born and written all those plays-"

"Well, it's arguable whether or not he actually wrote all that."

"Yes, I was there for that part of class," Kendall said with an eye roll. "My point is: if none of that happened, a class dedicated to Shakespeare and his-"

"Or her."

"-works... Stop interrupting!" Kendall smacked Logan's chest.

Logan giggled. "Sorry. Go on."

"Anyway. A class dedicated to Shakespeare never would have been invented. If there was no Shakespeare class, you and I never would've bonded. A relationship never would've blossomed."

"But... shouldn't we be thanking God and not Shakespeare?" Logan asked.


"But God created Shakespeare. And all the people who enjoy Shakespeare's work. God created the person who decided to five our school a Shakespeare class. God created us. We should be thanking Him, not Shakespeare."

"Nope," Kendall said. "I'm gonna continue thanking William Shakespeare."

"Well, I'm going to continue thanking God."

"Whatever works for you."

It was August. Summer was coming to an end. They would be going off to college soon. Kendall was glad for that. He wouldn't have to sit through church anymore. At least this Sunday, Father Loam was doing the Homily. Kendall didn't mind listening to him talk. And he wasn't so bad to look at.

At the breakfast buffet, Father Liam came up to Kendall. "Hello, Kendall."

Kendall smiled. "Hi, Father Liam."

"You enjoy the Homily?" Father Liam asked.

Kendall shrugged. "I guess. You're a good speaker and all. But me and the God stuff... And today you were talking about miracle, which I don't really believe in."

"You don't believe in miracles?" Father Liam questioned.


"Well, may I ask why?"

"I just have a hard time believing in things like that. I mean, there's probably an explanation for all those seemingly incredible things. Maybe I'd feel differently if I ever witnessed a miracle."

"But you have," Father Liam said.


"Miracles aren't just those incredible, unbelievable things. Miracles are all around you."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes. You, for instance, are a miracle. When you were conceived, the, uh, sperm that created you had to go against so many others. If you look at the probabilities that you'd be the outcome, it's pretty miraculous."

"Why are you trying so hard to convince me?" Kendall asked.

"Everyone should believe in miracles. No matter how small. They can give us hope during dark time s in out lives." Father Liam looked around the room. Then his eyes fell on someone and he smiled. "Logan."

"What about him?" Kendall asked.

"What would things be like if his grandparents never got together? If his parents were never born? Or if his parents never got together. I know Joanna didn't give into Alex's advances right away. There's a chance she never would have. Or maybe he would've given up. If they never got together, Logan never would've been born. What if they ended up having a girl? Or if they had a straight son? There are so many paths people can take in life, Kendall. So many choices. If you do the math, I'm sure the probability that different choices would lead a person to where they are in life now still, are so tiny it's ridiculous. I mean, what if I wasn't sent to work at this church? When Logan came for advice on his sexual orientation, who knows who would've helped him?"

"Then maybe Logan wouldn't be with me," Kendall said.

Father Liam nodded. "The paths and choices of so many people—some you probably don't even know—led you and Logan to where you are now. One change, things could be extremely different. So your life being what it is now is pretty miraculous, right?"

Kendall let that all sink in. It was just like the 'what if' game. And kind of fit in with Kendall's thanking of William Shakespeare. The idea that something so far in the past could influence his life now was crazy. "Um. I guess. I'm, um, gonna go back to my table."

"What did Father Liam want?" Logan asked when Kendall sat back down.

"He was trying to make me believe in miracles."

Logan laughed. "Yeah. He's a fan of miracles. I've heard him try to convince a lot of people."

"I think it worked with me," Kendall told Logan.


Kendall nodded. "He used you as an example. You're a miracle, Logan." Kendall thought of how his life had changed since Logan came into it. He was beginning to have a better relationship with his dad. He got the courage to let people read his stories, which helped him get one published in a literary magazine. He was able to fall in love, open himself up to someone. "You're my miracle."

Logan smiled and took Kendall's hand. "You're my miracle too, Kendall. My life wouldn't be this great without you. You've made it better. So much better." He placed his forehead against Kendall's. "I love you."

"Love you too," Kendall said, thinking that Father Liam was right. Miracles were pretty awesome.

Logan was sitting on Kendall's bedroom floor, helping him pack. "We leave next week, and you still have so much to do."

Kendall smiled sweetly. "Luckily I have you. I feel bad that we never went to a summer orientation thing, though."

"Oh well," Logan said as he folded some of Kendall's clothes. "We've got First Year Orientation. And together we can do a nifty tour of campus and the surrounding areas. We'll make friends in class. And try to be social with the people in our hall."

"Are you scared at all?" Kendall asked.

"A little I'm so used to my parents being around if I need them. And it'll be weird not having Camille right next door. I won't be able to go to Father Liam if I have a crisis of faith. But I'm gonna have you, so that eases the fear. You scared?"

"Terrified," Kendall said. "What if something happens to Mom or Katie? At least I know the dog will protect them if someone breaks in. I mean, he acts like the mailman is a murderer." He sighed. "I'll miss Carlos and James. They've been there my whole life. It'll be strange not having them close by. And... what if you leave me?"

"Kendall. I'd never leave you," Logan assured. "You're stuck with me forever."

"Good." They were silent for a moment. "I'm glad it was you, sweetness."


"I'm glad you are the person I fell for," Kendall clarified. "There's no one else I'd want to spend forever with."

Logan smiled and kissed him. "You're the only one I want to spend forever with too. I'm happy you're the one I'm going on this journey with."

"What journey?"

"Uh... the journey of life?"

Kendall laughed. "It should be an interesting journey."

"Everything with you is interesting," Logan said.

"And fun?"

Logan rolled his eyes. "And fun. You're the best."

"I know." Kendall laughed again at Logan's scowl. "You're pretty great too."

"Gee thanks."

"Even better than me."

"That's more like it," Logan said.