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AN2: Rinnie is the name of the young girl Emerahl helps at the beginning of the series.

Rinnie nervously looked at the old lighthouse on the cliffs. She had heard the stories about the old woman who lived here, about how she was a powerfully gift sorceress who was rumoured to be older than Corel. Rinnie snorted at that idea. Surely a sorceress THAT powerful would live in a far better place than this little hovel.

Her father might like to put on airs about Corel, but it was still a hovel and anyone who claimed otherwise was a Gods-forsaken liar or a delusional fool. She was quiet happy to put her father in the latter category.

Thoughts of her father made Rinnie shiver with disgust. She'd only been ten years old when her father started to touch her in a way that made her scared of him.

"Suck daddies sausage." She murmured under her breath and bile rose in her throat as she remembered what it had been like. The first time he came inside her mouth, she had gagged and afterwards she vomited when he left. It had made her feel so unclean that she had thoroughly washed her mouth out and practically scrub herself so raw that her skin turned red. She wished it had ended there, had gone no further. But Rinnie's father was always greedy for more.

On her twelfth birthday, he had told her that he had a special gift for her. By now, she was familiar with what her father normally wanted from her when he told her to come to him in private. But even she was unprepared for what her father did to her that night. Instead of touching and groping away at her growing body, or making her suck his erect manhood, he slammed her to the floor and thrust himself inside her in an orgy of pain and violence. Rinnie crawled away from her father when he finished.

She had heard village women making jokes about sex and how some men were better than others, but how could any woman in her right mind enjoy THAT?

Her father was quiet happy to take her when he decided to 'treat' himself to her body, or when he had had a particularly difficult day. Rinnie shuddered again at the memories of some of the worse times. She hadn't even been able to crawl away afterwards when those times happened.

And now other men in Sorel were beginning to try their luck, eyeing her like a piece of meat. Their stares made Rinnie feel even more disgusted than usual and she knew full well that she couldn't rely on her father to protect her. She also knew that the only reason the men hadn't taken her the same way her father did was because they feared her father. Once they realised that her father was no barrier, then she had no doubt as to what they would do to her.

Rinnie looked again at the old lighthouse as Lewis Allen looked at her and licked his lips slightly. It wouldn't be long before those looks escalated into far more, she knew that. Perhaps she ought to try talking to the old wise-woman of the lighthouse. She might not be a powerful sorceress, but she had helped others in the village, with cures and the like. Taking a deep breath, Rinnie started to walk to the lighthouse.