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Lauren sat in front of her computer, frowning. It was a good fic, right? There were no grammar mistakes, she had shown it to her friends, who had all loved it, and she was sure everyone was in character. And on top of that, it had been favourited several times. She even put in a little note for everyone to review the fic. Did that change anything? No.

She looked at the clock, wondering what time it was. 2 am.

"Damn..." She muttered. She hadn't intended to stay up so late, even after taking those allergy pills that normally would knock her out. It was the fanfiction's fault.

Suddenly, she got an amazing idea.

"Yeah, and if Matt does this, and then... yeah, yeah!" She quickly logged in, and began writing. She paused for a moment, and could've sworn she heard noises from the other room. I'm home alone, she thought, and went to go investigate.

"Mello, I'm sorry!"

"Shut up! Get out of my house!"


Lauren could've sworn she was hallucinating, probably resulting from the fact that she hadn't slept in three days. She decided it was from lack of fresh air, and stepped outside. The cool night breeze blew around her, messing up her hair and reminding her of the giant rat's nest.


"What are you doing outside here? This is Mello's house." Someone had crashed into her.

Not just anyone.


The Matt.

Mail Jeevas.

The subject of almost all of her fanfics, which had him in some pretty interesting situations with Mello. She looked up at him, ecstatic.

"Oh, it was y-you guys who rented the rooms." The house was pretty big. Lauren could've sworn that they hadn't rented out the rooms yet, and that if they had rented them out, it would be to people known to exist. Nobody would believe her when she said she had two Death Note characters staying at her house.

"You live here?" Matt asked. He lit a cigarette. "The exact reason Mels kicked me out."

Lauren laughed nervously. "So, where are you gonna stay then?" There was his Camaro, in the driveway.

"I'll sleep in my car until he lets me back in. This isn't the first time this has happened, and he usually lets me back in a day to two weeks. But this time I don't have any of my games with me." He blew out some smoke. "Ohmygodwhatifit'stwoweeksandIcan't *gasp* goonlinesotheyhackmecuz *gasp* thinkIstoppedplaying!" He grabbed her shoulders and shook her.

"I have keys. I'll let you back in."

"What about Mello? He scares me when he's mad, and he's mad." Matt looked over at the house.

"You're right. If he doesn't cave by tomorrow, I'll let you in. Okay?" Lauren asked.

"Yeah. Thanks."

She ran back into the house at top speed. She could hear Mello complaining to himself. She rushed into her room, and starting typing as fast as she could. She had the greatest idea ever. She clicked save, went over to New Story, and submitted her story. She went to the link. Then, she fell asleep.

She woke up at 11 the next morning. The story was still there.

"It really happened! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god." She squealed, and ran outside. "Matt! Matt! Matt!"

There was no Camaro.

"He must've driven off." She shook her head. "Needs a computer." Lauren walked inside. "Mello! Mello! Mello!" She ran through the house, screaming for the blonde leather-clad fangirl fantasy.

"But-but the story, I wrote it, and..." After running around and opening every door, she deduced Mello wasn't there. She sat on the floor, about to cry. She got up, got a glass of milk, and saw a note on the counter.

We found our own house! We've only been here one day, but here's the check.

-The pleasant one.


Lauren screamed as loud as she could.

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