The boy couldn't have been more than five; body fragile and pale as he sat curled up in the dark. The room consisted of a bed, nothing more. There would be no space to even be able to stand up. Bruises in many colors-new and those who were fading- covered the boy's malnourished body. Then his eyes met mine and I was stunned by the intense unnatural green.

He wore a t-shirt large enough to reach his mid-thighs. The front was stained in a darkening red that stuck to the boy's chest. At first he didn't seem to see me; a doll like face that lacked emotions, those impassive eyes seeing right through me. Just watching him made me shudder and I let out a breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding. By then he must've noticed me; the still inexpressive eyes widened, his head tilted to the left. The vibrant green flashed crimson and a red stream of blood poured down his cheek like a tear. My vision started to get blurry; like a bad reception on one of those TV's the muggles used. The last thing I heard before I was surrounded by darkness was a hoarse whisper crying for help.


Mathew carried the child close to him, the scrawny raven haired boy snuggled deeper to his chest. He smiled slightly at the sight but soon faltered when realizing the seriousness of the situation.

So far it hadn't been one of his better evenings; his client had told him he wanted a certain man dead, when arriving at said prey's apartment. A very appalling apartment. He saw the man and couldn't help his jaw from dropping, eyes widening. Better than just looking like a gaping fish was that in his shock he must have revealed his presence in the room.

Wanting it to be a quick kill, he'd slashed out but the man squealed and avoided, running around in the room like some type of annoying fly not wanting to get caught. The second time he slashed out, the man had stupidly tried to attack him; resulting in impaling himself on the blade. Blood had splattered over his face; usually he wouldn't have minded but this horrid man's blood could do that to you. Mathew was a very shallow person, hating ugly and powerless things.

Done with that night's job, wanting to sit down and inhale and exhale smoke, relaxing his every muscle. But then he felt it. It laid like an invisible mist over all of London. It was magic, pure dark magic. Knowing none of London's dark magic users would have the guts to reach for the seemingly harmless source in these times he did so himself. Curios of what he would find.

What was he met with? Harry Potter 'the savior of the light' emitting such strong pure dark magic at his age. Finding him with vile abusive muggles that all looked like they could be related to that evening's earlier kill.

So what did he do? He took the boy, with his beautiful magic. The pretty little thing. After all, Mathew held no grudge against the boy; actually he was interested in how a child at one year could defeat the dark lord. Even if he was an obvious dark wizard he had been neutral in the war.

Now what to do with him? 'No idea' he thought as he looked down at the child in his arm, who seemed perfectly content. But he had at least come to one conclusion.

From today onwards until the day said person wanted to change the fact- Harry Potter was dead.


Prologue ended.

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