Harry twitched.

"What are you implying?" irritation was clearly heard in the voice of Harry Potter also called Ash Mecurice.

"The Mortcessus vault is-as I said-too dangerous" he quirked an eyebrow and smiled mockingly at the goblin king.

"Sooo…you're incapable of bringing me to my vault? The goblin king thinks it's too dangerous for me to be near my vault, ha!" his facial expressions froze and the tone in his voice now indicated that he was not to be denied "bring me there".

If this 'person' would deny him what was rightfully his… Well, let's say the end result would not be pretty. He'd make sure of it, personally. He couldn't let the servants have all the fun. Not that he had any servants…yet.

"Lord Potter I must inform you that every goblin that ever touched the vault's door died…" the overgrown goblin trailed off as he saw the non-faced expression on his face.

Xnet sighted, defeated.


The Potter vaults, yes, vaults. One trust and the family were piled up with money. Lots of it. Just thinking of how he could spend it and spend it but practically never become broke made him cackle in glee. The Potter vaults made him richer than the Malfoys and the Malfoys went beyond average rich. Mathew also visited and showed him his vault, which were filled with books. A great amount of them. After all it was common knowledge that the Mecurice family was the long lost heirs of Rowena Ravenclaw herself. There was just the little fact that they had no money. The wonders of spending must've gotten their old and noble family, well, quite frankly, dead broke. Therefore the reason for Mathew's current job, it's like whoring out services! Never again-would he- the most powerful and gorgeous wizard his age do anything like that again. He let out another cackle at the thought of his power, beauty and of course…The money! He needed to have the wizarding world on their knees and only seeing him. Ahhh, such euphoric imaginations…

Mathew and the ughh-malformed goblin cast worried glances at him behind his back. Which he politely ignored. They would-after all- eventually fear and love him when he had his throne.

Lastly they arrived at the Mortcessus vault, which had taken them over half an hour of an underground rollercoaster ride to get to.

"I can't touch the door for you, neither do we have a key" his eyes twitched, this deformed goblin was starting to piss him off. Was it on purpose?

"And how am I supposed to get in? Not to mention that you are unable to touch the door? Are you an invalid?" the raised eyebrow was starting to become his new trademark.

"No, as I said Lord Potter. All the people that have touched the door have died and nothing have been able to prevent their death" he face palmed.

"That bastard, maybe he didn't mean it this way.." he muttered, not loud enough for the others to hear.

"I do not wish to die, but since I am-well, me- I shall open the vault" he spread his arms dramatically and grinned. But was interrupted-again(insolent fools)- before starting his display of power.

"Ash, you're not feeling well right now…"

"I'm just fine, this has been one hell of an eye opener, so please let me do this Mathy" Yes, the nickname and puppy-dog eyes. He could never defeat him.


Entering his vault had been easy; he took to his instincts and used his all too long nails to cut open the half healed wound in his palm and dripped some of his blood on the vault's door. Blame Azkaban for the nails.

The vault's inside was darker than the night, but a source of power came from somewhere deep inside. There was a mist of dust and spider web covering the entrance and he had to tangle himself out off it to get inside. He was excited to see what this infamous and legendary name's vault could hold. Some people proclaimed the whole name and the myth of the 'offspring of Satan' a myth. Was death the devil? Or was he not? Was death even a person and were there even a hell and a heaven?

He lit Mathew's wand by whispering a quiet "lumos" and kept on travelling deeper inside the vault. He had yet to have the pleasure to purchase a new wand. Not that he had ever bought an official one from 'Ollivander's'. Mathew and the deformed goblin were refraining from entering, since the wards and the curses that may have been placed to protect the vault would most likely lash out at them rather than someone who was actually able to open it.

He had wandered for quite some time now in the seemingly empty vault when he saw a desk up front. Speeding up and coming closer he noted it was not white as he had first thought. No, but that was a damn lot of dust. There were two things on the table; a darkening silver bracelet and a thick opened book with empty pages- though there was always the possibility that the words printed on it had faded due to age.

He touched the book and it was like being stung by an electric wave. Torches on the walls lit up the way he ha walked- seemingly the longest corridors he'd ever seen. Which was very odd since this was-after all- a vault. Like in a spell, dust and spider web had been swept away and instead there were butterflies. Yes, the so called 'Satan's offspring's' vault was filled with butterflies. Black and blood red butterflies that radiated with a beyond normal dark-no, say black- aura. There were also crows or were they ravens'? He could not see since they were at the end of the room were he had entered. Two enormous dark birds anyway, guarding each side of the entrance. He turned back to the book only to note that it had closed and strange engravings that probably only he could read as '*Death Magic*' was on the front page. He felt intrigued and opened the first page, he frowned at a sentence that did seem surreal.

'*Under the table you shall find your companions*'

Disbelief vanished after he looked under the table, a basket with dark furry…puppies. They happily tried to get out of the basket but did not succeed. This was not the version he had thought he would be met with after entering the vault. They were about the same size but they were different. One had the same color on it's fur as Harry had on his hair, it's fur was longer than the others night black and thicker fur. The night black one had the strangest red-orange colored eyes, like a hidden fire was held within them. The raven one's were misty gray and were strangely enough..slitted.

They may look alike but they were definitely two different races. Names would be a problem; Tweedledum and Tweedledee? Just thinking the names made him gag; those names were out of the question. His mind was battling between two different pair of names that seemed fitting. Huginn and Muninn or Cain and Able. Let's leave Huginn and Muninn for the birds. He decided Able for the fiery eyed one and Cain for the other. After petting both of their heads he looked up at the book again and found it-once again-closed. He sighted, what an annoying book. It felt like it was mocking him. Ah, well..

He opened it again and the title '*Death magic*' was written on the first page. He turned another page and had to frown again. The index. The contents made both of his eyebrows rise.


Death creatures and their duties

Soul magic used by mortals

Soul magic

Mates, soul mates, chosen ones etc.

Blood magic - rituals

Blood magic - battles

Necromancy – calling for a soul and the limits

Necromancy – waking the dead body

Magic manipulation-for those who can sense and see magic

The art of demon summoning

The between-magical and nonmagical people?

Travel to the between and its risks

History of the Mortcessus

The understanding of the mortal soul*'

A smirk had taken place on the young teens' face "This should be fun"


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