Mirai Kurosaki

Chapter 1

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"Hisoka! Hisoka! Hisoka!" Tsuzuki cheeped, pointing to the magazine that he was currently reading.

The younger partner groaned and ran a hand through his damp hair, brushing them off to the side. He turned in his seat to face Tsuzuki and asked, "What!"

Another squeal of delight came from the man as he bounded form his seat and beside Hisoka's desk. With a wide grin, he beckoned at the article on the page. "Look!"

Hisoka read the article and sighed. He shook his head in disappointment and said, "Tsuzuki, why are you reading articles at this time? Aren't you supposed to be finishing your paper work, perhaps?"

"But..." Tsuzuki drew tears but refused to settle back to work. He really wanted Hisoka to take this seriously!

"But nothing! Get your ass back to work," the boy snapped, huffing as he returned to his thick text.

"Why are you reading a book, then? You're not done with your paperwork." Tsuzuki raised an eyebrow, signaling for an explanation.

Hisoka gave an irritated grunt. "Quit the contrary, Tsuzuki. Unlike you, I have already completed my work for now and have the time to read."

"NOT FAIR!" Tsuzuki pouted.

"Shut up."

Tsuzuki huffed and struggled to show the article to his younger partner. He placed it right before the boy's face. "Do you want to go?"

Hisoka blinked to focus on the article once again shoved in his face. "Go where?"

"Vacation! We can go there! To uh…" Tsuzuki paused to take back the article and read its location. "The Spring's Relaxation Vacation!"

"Let me think…No."


"I said 'no'."

"Why not?"

"I don't want to bathe in public springs and watch little waterfalls surround our hotel."

"You're so cruel."

"I never said I wasn't."



"I'll cry and make you feel bad."


"You're eventually going to give in to my irresistible temptation."

"Congratulations. You know a word that can be used as an adjective to describe a word with more than five letters."


Hisoka smirked secretly and placed his book down for a moment. Tsuzuki's face was still down but he refrained himself from falling into temptation. Instead he gave the excuse, "Konoe will not give us a vacation."

Tsuzuki placed a finger to his chin in though. He then gave an evil grin. "Oh really…Who said we had to ask him ourselves?"

"Oh no…"


"Ooooh! Look at how beautiful this place looks, Hisoka!" Tsuzuki squealed with such great delight that his face was glued to the window.

Hisoka sweatdropped and gave dirty looks to anyone who gave them peculiar looks or whispers. He slightly sat up and pried Tsuzuki off the window and back onto his seat across from Hisoka.

"Tsuzuki, it's just nature. You see it everyday," explained Hisoka, finally trying to take a sip of his tea he was given.

Tsuzuki bounced gleefully in his chair and replied, "But it's different! I've ALWAYS wanted to take a relaxing vacation with you! We can bathe together finally!"

Immediately, a young pair (around Hisoka's age) on the train, who were seated on the opposite side to seats ahead, spun to face the two with funny looks.

Tsuzuki didn't seemed to mind or cared, but Hisoka, on the contrary, gave another cold glare and sneered. "What?! You want to have a foursome or what?! Mind your business!"

The two looked at each other and whispered amongst themselves while Tsuzuki leaned forward and spoke.

"What was that about Hisoka?"

"What was what?"

Tsuzuki cocked his head to the side and said, "That was mean."

With an accusing finger pointing at the pair that were beside them, Hisoka snapped, "Tsuzuki, you won't get through anything by letting anyone think whatever they think of you! You sometimes have to step up and snap back!"

Tsuzuki sat back and paused for a long moment.

"…You could have been nicer, though."

Hisoka groaned and took a gulp of his tea. It was no use trying to change Tsuzuki's gentle nature to others, despite their first appearance of him. "Idiot…"

One of the two males that had previously looked at the two stood up and came lazily to where Hisoka and Tsuzuki sat. He faced Hisoka and Tsuzuki had to slightly turn to see the man.

He appeared to be about 17 or 19 and had beautiful gray eyes. His black strands of hair fell over his eyes and down to his waist. He wore rather tight leather black pants with black tight tank top. Over his shoulders lied a long white/gray coat that waved down to his ankles. A cigarette dangled from his mouth.

He looks like a player, thought Hisoka, eyeing the man with suspicion.

Tsuzuki smiled widely and waved kindly. "Hi! I'm Asato Tsuzuki! And this is Kurosaki Hisoka! What's your name?"

Hisoka cringed and whacked Tsuzuki. "Stupid! You just don't go introducing yourself to someone like that! He looks like a player for God's sake!"

The man gave a chuckle and took the cigarette between his index and middle finger. "You are a smart boy, Kurosaki-chan."

Hisoka blushed at the name, but his face showed anger. "We are not interested so get lost."

"Oh ho! What a sharp tongue you have, kid," said the man, taking another puff of smoke into his lungs. "Maybe we should tame it, ne?"

Tsuzuki narrowed his eyes but kept a gentle tone. "What's your name?"

The man gave a lazy grin and replied, "Sharou Yukio. Over there is Sharou Zenshin, my younger brother." He beckoned to the boy who was waving stupidly at them.

"Excuse me, sir?" One of the attendants approached Yukio with a shy look on her face. She cleared her throat and said, "I'm sorry, sir, but you are to be seated while the train is in motion."

Yukio gave her a charming smile and replied, "Of course, miss. To disobey such beauty is a sin." The woman turned crimson and stammered in protest.

Yukio laughed and took a seat by Hisoka. "I'm seated. Sorry for any inconveniences."

"No, sir, not at all. Thank you," exclaimed the woman heading back to help another passenger.

Once she had left, Yukio wrapped his free arm around Hisoka's slender neck, enjoying himself.

Hisoka shuddered in disgust and demanded, "Take your arm off of me NOW."

"You're a pretty boy, you know?" said Yukio, blowing a large puff of deathly smoke into Hisoka's face.

The boy coughed violently, using his hand to cover his face to block out the stench.

Tsuzuki began to get irritated. He asked, "Is there something you wanted?"

Yukio smiled again and brought Hisoka closer to him, as if though they've known each other since children. "I heard this kid's idea of a foursome and was intrigued by his offered, not to mention honored."

"Uh…I think he was being sarcastic," said Tsuzuki, scratching his head. "Weren't you Hisoka?"

Both Hisoka and Yukio sweatdropped as Tsuzuki tried to contemplate the statement that came from Hisoka earlier in his head.

"Is he always like this?"

"Go away."

"I'm trying to be friendly here."

Hisoka turned away and simply said, "I know what a player is you moron."

"I know."

"Listen, I'm on vacation and I do not want to be interrupted on my and my partner's time," said Hisoka, finally able to breathe once Yukio placed the cigarette away from his face.

Yukio raised an amused eyebrow. "Your partner…"



Yukio yawned tiredly and dumped his cigarette in Hisoka's teacup with boredom. He then reached into his breast pocket of his coat and took out a slip of paper. He handed it to Hisoka, who hesitantly took it.

"It's my number," he said with interest.

Hisoka growled lowly and watched Yukio stand up and head back to where his red haired brother sat. "That…"

Tsuzuki sat comfortable back down and proclaimed, "He was nice."

Hisoka groaned and placed away the number, trying to forget the incident.


Tsuzuki stretched his sore limbs once the train came to a stop. He blinked a few moments and looked at Hisoka. The boy must have fallen asleep as well. He went over to his partner and nudged him gently.

"Hisoka, we're here."

Hisoka moaned and rubbed his eyes slowly. He stretched his legs by standing and then his arms. He watched Tsuzuki leap with joy once he gathered most of the bags and dashed out the train quickly.

Hisoka shrugged and took the only bag that was left and slung it over his shoulder. He noticed the people as he passed by. About two elderly couples were seated near the front and a few single men and women that appeared young. There were also a few pairs of couples, walking our arm and arm to their hotels noted Hisoka.

He stepped out from the train and searched for Tsuzuki.

"Oh my goodness! Look at the man!"

"Has he gone insane!"

Hisoka paused and rushed over to where a group of people that had gathered as each person stepped from the train. "What's the matter," he asked.

An old woman pointed to a very enormous red wood tree. Hisoka squinted his eyes and gasped in alarm. "TSUZUKI!!!!!"

Indeed, at the very top of that tree, sat Tsuzuki, scanning the area like a little child.

"I feel sorry for the person, who brought him here, if any," declared a man, with his hands on his hips in amazement.

Hisoka flushed in anger and humiliation as he went closer to the tree, in front of the crowd, where he found their bags. He took in a deep breath and spoke at the top of his lungs….or screamed, rather.


Tsuzuki peered down and saw who had spoken to him. "HI HISOKA! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! WHY DON'T YOU COME HERE AND LOOK?" he asked, hoping that Hisoka heard him.

The others laughed at the two but Hisoka brushed them aside. "I SAID GET DOWN HERE OR WE'RE GOING BACK TO WORK!"


























Hisoka sighed deeply and threw his arms up in exasperation. He knew this was going to be a long day. He could only think to take three bags from the six they had and took off to their hotel.



Hisoka sighed deeply and watched the ocean that surrounded their luxurious hotel. Well, it wasn't necessarily the ocean where sharks and other dangerous creatures lived. It was pure blue and not that deep. The only thing that lived in their were the fishes and plant life. The ocean was beyond that point where it was separated.

He heard the shower go off and soon came out a soaking Tsuzuki with a towel wrapped around his waist and one around his broad shoulders. He had fallen from the top but managed to grab onto a few branches before finally crumbling to the ground. Then, he had run off with the bags to catch up with Hisoka, ignoring the looks he got.

"It's a very expensive looking place, Tsuzuki," said Hisoka, opening the tiled see through doors to enter the patio.

"Well, Tatsumi is easily drawn in by my cute looks when I cry and got Konoe to give us enough money."

Hisoka grunted. He noticed the beauty of the patio was equal to the inside. Not only was the 'ocean' only two feet lower than the height of the wall to their patio, it surrounded the other nearby hotels until it ended up to the large beach. To his right there was a beautifully set table waiting for any guest for a king's meal. Also, there was pool only a foot away from Hisoka.

I actually only appeared to be an odd shape filled with the same cerulean liquid from the ocean. To the left side of the pool, two benches and a table sat there upon the gray tiled floor. To the end were three steps that led to the Jacuzzi. There was also another see through tiled doors that led a shortcut to the Jacuzzi.

What Hisoka loved the most though was the idea that no one was able to see them, due to the limit that the swimmers could go so that they would not disturb the public. There was a small garden growing around the area, vines creeping up upon the walls creating beautiful displays.

Tsuzuki leapt outside and gasped. "Wow! It's amazing! It's so beautiful!"

Hisoka nodded in agreement and entered the 'living room' over their hotel. It was amazing. Once he entered the hotel room the first time, he was shocked. To the right was a large red couch, which was decorated with a flawless design. In front of the couch, was a marbled table that held freshly cut fruit for the guests. To the left, were two seats, and in between was a long mirror. Between the doors that led to the Jacuzzi and the two chairs, were the stairs. Oh, yes, and there was the bar like kitchen off to the left of the entrance door.

"I'm going to take our stuff upstairs, Tsuzuki."

Tsuzuki turned form where he stood, staring out to the ocean. He smiled and said, "Okay, I'll come with you. I need to change anyway."

Both carried an even amount of bags and headed up the carpeted stairs. Once they reached the top they noticed it was just one room, which was located towards the back. But before they could reach the room, it was like a whole completely new living room. There was another couch, green this time, with what looked like one of those Egyptian beds. There were also two more chairs off to the side and a table in the middle of an immaculate rug. To the back was another patio, only set at a higher level with another table set. There was a pure white rail that looked beyond the stretched ocean and beach.

Hisoka and Tsuzuki looked at each other with awe for a moment before stepping towards the room. Inside the room, was an even more wonderful sight to discover. There was a bed against the right wall and a desk lied before it, carrying some sort of Champaign. Their was a desk to the left side of the bed, decorated with a lamp, mirror, a vase of baby breath flowers, a plate of cherries, and an alarm clock. There were two ruby silk chairs to the side and another black chair to the left. Another rug lied upon the wooden floor. There was a lamp in the corner and a large window with dazzling green and blue curtains that gave a view of the beach and restaurants.

"Hey Hisoka!" called Tsuzuki from where he stood at the edge of the rail.

Hisoka set the bags down and went to where Tsuzuki leaned. He stepped out and admired the peace that washed over him.

"What is it?" he asked.

Tsuzuki pointed forward. "Look! It's an island!"

"Ah." Hisoka turned to Tsuzuki and said, "It's an island for adults. They have clubs, a large restaurant, and a huge pool that links all over the island. You can just swim there."

Tsuzuki grinned. "This is going to be the best ever! The BATHROOM was so cool!"

"How so?"

"Well," began Tsuzuki, giving a child like smile, "Okay, you enter the bath and it's HUGE! Well…not huge but long! It's like a little waterfall and stream. Once you enter there's the looong 'bathtub' that looks as if though it's been carved into the floor! Then there's the tiny waterfall that falls from an even higher bathtub…thing. And then there is one more waterfall that leads to another bathtub thing! It's so cool! And there's a view of the ocean too! But that's in the patio and you can cover it with curtains if you want. Oh! And there were lots of plants around! ^_^"

Hisoka blinked trying to consider what Tsuzuki said. "Oh my…this is fancy."

Tsuzuki grinned widely again and bounded into the room.

"I'm going to go change now, okay?"

"All right."

Hisoka stepped inside and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

Tsuzuki called out form upstairs, "You better change too, Hisoka."

"Why? It's almost nine." Hisoka asked, opening the fridge and searching for something to eat. He found many choices but decided to try the fruits already prepared on the table.

Tsuzuki came down quickly, wearing a rather…different outfit than usually. Loose leather pants, a white long sleeved blouse like shirt, which was not to be buttoned at the top. It was almost irresistible. Okay, so it was.

Hisoka nearly gagged on his apple and coughed violently. "Ts-Tsuzuki…Why are you wearing that?"

Tsuzuki grabbed Hisoka's arm and began hauling him up the stairs. "I'm going to find some clothes for you to wear and then we're going to that island to party and enjoy our vacation!"

"Tsuzuki! I don't think that's a brilliant idea! You must be 18 years of age!"

"Not unless you act as my lover!"


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