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In Hetalia Academy cafeteria, everyone was giving the Bad Friends Trio's table a wide berth. Antonio played nervously with his lunch, stealing occasional glances up at his two friends. Francis and Gilbert had been staring at each other for five minutes solid now - it was starting to get creepy. Antonio cleared his throat but they took no notice.

"Listen amigos…" He started nervously. "Perhaps we should let this go before it pulls you two apart?"

With reluctance their shoulders relaxed and they went on eating in silence…for about 10 seconds.

"Are you really gonna forbid me from asking him out?" Shouted Gilbert.

Francis smirked and took a drink.


"Dude! Why? I thought we were friends?"

"We are. However, the beauty that has caught your eye happens to be my cousin."

He paused for dramatic effect.

" And we all agreed that family members are off limits. It is the basic principle of our oath!"

Antonio placed a hand on Gilbert's shoulder.

" He does have a point their amigo."

Gilbert put his head in his hands and rubbed his eyes.

" That was before I knew about him!" He whined. " How about I let you take a shot at Ludwig , huh? He's real easy after he's got a few beers in him."

Francis's lip twitched into a reluctant smile and he shook his head.

" As desperate as you may be, I have to say, non."

"Jesus man you're killing me!"

Francis laughed and patted him on the hand, forgiven for the moment.

"You'll find someone else in no time."

Just as peace had been founded at the table, the cafeteria door opened slightly. Gilbert held his breathe and stole a casual glance in that direction. His eyes found blonde hair and glasses and he swore everything in the room slowed down for a moment. A sharp kick to the leg brought him out of it.

"Hey!" Gilbert turned to a scowling Francis. " Dude! Uncalled for!"

"Gilbert, you're undressing Matthew with your eyes, it was clearly justified."

"You think too little of me."

Antonio excused himself, afraid of another outburst, and went to sit with Ludwig and the new Italian exchange students he was showing around.

Gilbert watched Matthew walk over to his usual table in a shadowy corner to sit with his friends; a big breasted Ukrainian girl, a pot head and a crazy Cuban. Yeah, they really were a weird bunch. Not that he could talk.

Francis watched his friend look over at Matthew with interest and restraint. When Gilbert had mentioned he happened to like someone as more than a one night stand it had peaked Antonio's and his interest. After he revealed it was Matthew he was so shocked he didn't know whether to punch him or just sit and stare at him for a good few minutes. However, now he had a chance to calm down and get around the fact that the most perverted person he knew - besides himself - had a crush on his adorable, shy little cousin, he really was curious.


Gilbert looked up to find Francis staring at him with a puzzled look in his eyes.

"Why what?"

"Why," He started. "Are you taken by my dear Matthew?"

"Your Matthew?"

"Merde, just answer the question."


Gilbert stood up straight and looked around. Satisfied that nobody besides Francis would hear him, he leaned in close so he could whisper.

"Well…wait, this isn't a trap is it?"


"I…really don't know why. I just can't stop thinking about him. He's awesome - really mean it. He looks so shy in school, but from the stories I hear from you he's a real live wire! Every class we have together I can't concentrate…I think I'm falling for him."

Gilbert decided it was best to leave out the fact Matthew had the ass of a god.

Francis's face fell as he ran his fingers through his head.

" Mon dieu! Not the love card!" He sighed.

It was silent for a moment until Gilbert swore he heard a faint mumbling.



"I said…" He took his head from his hands and smiled weakly. "Fine. You can ask him out to your hearts content."

"Seriously? Thanks Francis you're awesome!"

He pulled him into a bone crushing hug across the table. Francis slapped him on the back and he loosened his grip.

"However," Gilbert's face fell. " I have conditions."

"Dude I'll do whatever you want!"

Francis held up his hand and put up two fingers.

" I have two rules. Number one - for your first date, I will be following your every move."

"Francis come on-"

"NUMBER TWO - don't hurt him." His voice softened at the second part of the sentence. He sighed and gave him a serious look.

"Gilbert he's like a little brother to me."

"I know, Francis."

Gilbert looked over at Matthew, who was in the middle of a heated conversation with the Ukrainian girl. His eyes were wide with interest and he was laughing fondly.

"I promise."

Francis raised an eyebrow.

"And you promise your '5 meters' will never be mentioned in his company?"

"As long as we both shall live."


The bell rang for the end of lunch and they got out of their seats. Francis caught up to Gilbert, wrapped his arm around his waist and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Because honestly my love, I hate seeing you so lovesick, even if I'm very well sacrificing my family for your happiness."

Gilbert smiled and pecked him back, which earned a few stares from the younger students.

"Thanks dude."

He turned to a short freshman who was staring up at them. He quirked an eyebrow to Francis and winked. In the midst of their arguing they had forgot an age old tradition - torture the freshmen.

"Oh Francis! I love you so much~"

"Oh Gilly, I can't hold it any longer!~"



After finding out he could finally ask out Matthew, and successfully scarring another newbie by blocking his path with an intense make-out session, it turned out to be a pretty good day.


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