Morning After…

" Look at him!" Shouted Alfred. " Holding his hand - bold as brass!"

Arthur gave him a punch in the arm.

"Alfred be quiet. Wait. 'Bold as brass'?"

"Shut up." Alfred huffed, crossing his arms.

Alfred had almost had a fit when Gilbert showed up at his house this morning. Then died when he just waltzed right in and went into Mattie's room. Not cool. He'd have to have a word with him when Mattie wasn't looking.

Arthur noticed his expression and gave a scoff.

"You're acting like his father rather than his elder brother. Calm down would you?"

" You wouldn't understand…" He mumbled. "…It's not like it's your brother being molested right before your eyes."

"Right." Sighed Arthur. "I'm leaving. Call me when you've grown up a bit."

Arthur's pace formed into a light jog as he swung his school bag over his shoulder.

" Wha? Wait! Come back!"


"Hey, this is my boyfriend Mattie."


Gilbert continued walking with Matthew's hand firmly grasped in his own, then abruptly stopped when another person passed them. He tapped them on the shoulder.

"Hey. This is my boyfriend Mattie!"

The man gave them a weird look and continued walking. Gilbert grinned and started to walk again until Matthew elbowed him in the side.

" Did you even know that person?" Asked Matthew quietly.


" Or the one before that?"

" Nu-uh."

"Then why?-"

"Because." Gilbert swung their clasped hands. " You're awesome and I'm showing you off."

" Showboating?" He asked with his eyebrow raised.

He nodded.

"Yeah sure. Whatever that means."

Gilbert gave him a quick peck on the cheek as they came to the school gate, causing him to redden furiously with his head burrowed in his collar. Gilbert shrugged, too high in the clouds right now to care too much. Spotting Francis and Antonio he waved them over.

Antonio gave him a wide grin and a discreet high five when he noticed Matthew standing beside him. He glanced over to Francis who was looking surprisingly content considering.

Quietly Matthew excused himself when he spotted Lars, giving Gilbert a quick goodbye hug.

"Aww he's adorable Gilbert!" Cooed Antonio. He gave him a thumbs up. "Good job!"

"Thanks man!"

Francis out of the blue gave him a hug, which Gilbert mistook for a charge before bracing himself. Gilbert gave him a confused look as Francis put a hand on his shoulder.

"Treat him well mon ami. He seems happy enough." He smiled.

Gilbert looked to Antonio.

" He was screaming blue murder before you arrived," Explained Antonio. "Something about ice-cream?"

Oh. Shit.

"I can explain -"

Francis twitched.

"- the car broke down! We ended up going to this Chinese restaurant instead. I swear."

He wasn't going to mention the beach.

Francis considered him for a moment, then cleared his face of any anger.

" It's okay I understand." He answered. " I got the impression that Ivan had something to do with that when Alfred and Arthur gave me a ride home last night…"

Gilbert shivered.

"Wait. Alfred AND Arthur?"

Francis nodded.

"Mmhm. Suspicious isn't it at such a late time?"

The morning descended into them gossiping like old women. He didn't care what anyone else thought - he loved Monday mornings.


End of the school day…

"Fine I admit I overreacted."

Arthur smiled in triumph, ruffling Alfred's hair slightly.

"You can be such a drama queen at times," Said Arthur. " He mustn't be THAT bad if Matthew likes him."

Alfred groaned sadly.

"You obviously don't know my brother that well. He's an awesome master of disguise."

They walked in silence until they came to Alfred's house on the corner, where they stood awkwardly.

"Do…you wanna come in?" Asked Alfred.

I shouldn't be shy. He's been in my house plenty of times. It's just now…

"Sure…but, wont Matthew be home?"

Alfred shook his head.

"Nah. Mattie goes to Lars's house after school on a Monday, and my parents are working late tonight."

Arthur gulped.

"I suppose I'll stay for a while."


Alfred opened the door, throwing his bag and jacket on the hall floor. Rolling his eyes Arthur went to the cupboard where you were he explained you were supposed to place your things.

Alfred laughed.

"Come on Artie, just put them anywhere! I'll be in the lounge, k?"

Alfred danced a little inside. This was gonna be great. On the car ride home he'd been sure something was going to happen. Well. Until Francis flagged their car. Arthur looked set on running him over but Alfred reluctantly convinced him to pull over - he was his cousin after all.

Alfred in a daze opened the door. Then froze when he noticed two figures on the couch, one with blonde hair sitting on the other ones lap.


Matthew and Gilbert jumped out of their skin, turning to see Alfred in a little dance of rage at the door. Gilbert let out a repressed laugh at the sight, which rewarded him with a slightly threatening glare.

"Get out."

Matthew got up.

"Come on Alfred-"

" No, really! Get out! I have Arthur in the next room and you guys will ruin the moment!" He hissed.

Matthew gave him a confused look but Gilbert got the idea and jumped out from his seat.

"Come on Mattie, we'll go out the backdoor and leave these lovebirds alone~"

They quickly exited out the back as Alfred gave a sigh of relief. Arthur came into the room a minute later.

"Did you shout?"

"Nah. Spider."

"Man up Alfred." He scoffed.

Alfred broke into a grin as Arthur took a seat and turned on the television, sneaking around until their legs were touching. He blushed and fiddled with his shirt as Alfred leaned in to kiss his cheek.

There was a rapping on the window. They turned to see Matthew trying to pull Gilbert out of the garden.

"WEAR A CONDOM KIDS!" He bellowed.

"Gilbert shut up!" Matthew paled.

Alfred ran to the front door and opened it with 'death' printed in his eyes.

Gilbert pulled Matthew off his feet.

"Quick Mattie! RUN!"

Matthew groaned. He was going to have to get used to this.


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