Dean and Cas are in bed, Cas's back pressed against Dean's chest, content and lazy. His hand is in a strip of light that's shining through the curtains, a soft glow that gives Cas's hand the look of something elegant. Cas lets his ring finger shift, watching, enthralled, as the light bounces off of it, making it gleam.

The marquise is beautifully set on the wisp of gold, catching and refracting light, a rainbow of color rimmed in gold. Cas will never admit it, but it reminds him of Dean's soul, even in hell, surrounded by blacks that catch color and never release it and reds and yellows and oranges that only serve to burn color away, Dean had keep his, an unchallenged rainbow in the realm of the hateful dead, singed at the edges but still reflecting every one of his Father's creations. Castiel had wrapped that soul up in wings of gold light and brought that soul back to his Father's earth where it was even more beautiful than Castiel could imagine.

The arm around his waist shifts, reaching out to play with his hand, to shift the ring again. Dean's breath is steady against his ear, his chest moving in tandem with Cas's own. Cas ignores the ring in favor of Dean's hand, the rough pads of his fingers sliding against Cas's softer skin, the contrast of Dean's bronze tones to Cas's paler ones, the heat emitting from it, warming what Cas hadn't even known was cold.

"Hey," Dean's breath tickles his ear and the rasp of his still sleepy voice makes Cas shiver.

"Hey," he returns, feeling the smile against his skin as Dean kisses him.

"I never though we'd do this, you know?" Dean admits, fiddling with the ring on Cas's finger, "but here we are. Engaged." It's disbelieving wonder that marks his tone, naked as the morning light.

Cas brings Dean's hand to his lips, pressing them against the back of his hand, "here we are" he murmurs into golden skin. It's hard to describe, what he's feeling right now, a paradox of rapid excitement that's urging him to do something, anything, to dispel the overwhelming joy, mixed with a blanket of contentment that has him wishing to never leave this bed and the comforting circle of Dean's arms. It's an intoxicating mix.

Cas runs his finger over the protection runes engraved on the gold band, feeling the old power they conjure to keep the wearer safe and knows that Jess was much loved.

He flips himself over to face Dean, leaning up for a slow kiss that's returned with the same feeling of drugged happiness. He places his ringed hand over Dean's heart and the tattoo there that keeps Dean safe.

"Sam has informed me," He starts as they pull apart, "that asking me to marry you while we are eating White Castle burgers in the Impala is terribly unromantic."

Dean snorts and rolls his eyes.

"He's offered to plan the wedding so we don't 'ruin that too'" Cas smiles, "I agreed."

"I was pumped that I didn't have to put up with a Bridzilla but now you've got Sammy taking that role for you," Dean nudges Cas's leg with his foot, "'sides, what's wrong with a Star Trek themed wedding? I think you'd look great as a klingon."

Cas doesn't understand that reference, and Dean knows that, but he doesn't really mind, it's just something else Dean can teach him. Cas glances at the ring before meeting Dean's eyes. They're sparkling with a smile and green as the gardens that Joshua guards, and Cas is further from the Host than ever, no grace left in him, but he can't help but think that this is heaven.

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