I feel like such a dink. Mostly because it isn't in my nature to throw out "updates that aren't really updates" like this. As a matter of fact, it kinda grates on my nerves when authors do what I'm doing right now, lol.

But there is a true purpose to this, and that is: I want to reconnect with all the wonderful people who have enjoyed my stories all these years and patiently wait for more, all while wishing me health and happiness. Today I got a review for Lullaby from someone who wrote as a guest under the name Natsuarina. I have gotten similar messages telling me how loved and appreciated my stories and writing style are, but for some reason today this new one really hit home. It blows my mind that you all are still out there and enjoying what I've sort of left behind.

Truthfully, real life IS a thing and it consumes you at times. A lot of personal things have been happening and getting myself together is an on-going process. I'm also currently working on moving (yet again, ugh) but fear not. I have heard all your praise and subtle - or not so subtle - wishes for more. I have been trying to work writing back into my routine for many, many reasons and something tells me that you, my readers, are fantastic motivation and mood boosters!

So, I have a proposition for you all: would it just destroy you if I decided to write something new (and possibly not DMC related but a different game/series) before finally deciding the final chapters for my two most popular stories are refined enough to be uploaded?

Also I have a tumblr if you wish to stalk me: mightyjiincks . tumblr . com and yes, my ask box is open so feel free to send me messages or whatever. I'd be more than happy to talk to you!

Thank you for reading this and I hope you can forgive me for updating but not really updating.