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No ones POV

No one went to the Dark zone. They hadn't in the six years sense the ghost king had been locked up again. No was brave enough. When they thought about the return of the Ghost King Pariah Dark they thought that something major would happen. They thought the sarcophagus of forever sleep would break releasing his hell upon the world. No one thought that a new ghost that happened to be an explorer would find the ruins of the castle. Nor did they think that said ghost would uncover the sarcophagus. They also never thought that the ghost would be dumb enough to open it. But had any one thought this they would have been dead on. Every ghost felt the wave of pure power and rage burst from it. Many ran and hide in their lairs while others got out of the ghost zone. Little did they know that two halfas had also felt the wave. One was in space and the other in his dorm at collage. Only one ghost saw all this coming but his bosses didn't allow him to send warning or to stop the ghost.

Pariah Darks' POV

As soon as I was awakened I found my Knight. I than spent the next two hours rebuilding my castle. After it was fully restored I called my knight to my throne room.

"Fright Knight! How long was I in that infernal thing?"

"A mere six years my king."

"What happened in those few years?"

"The younger male half breed has grown to be quite strong. He led all the ghosts to safe both worlds and was not excepted by his parents when they discovered his half ghost side. He is living with The ghost Pandora. He has become her adoptive son along with his clone. They both live at the temple yet attend mortal school. That is the biggest change during your absence my king."

"So the boy is now a prince? Very well. Knight I need you to fetch the boy for me." He bowed his head and flew off on his mare.

Danny POV.

"No Sam, I really am happy for you and Tucker!" I said for what felt like the millionth time.

"Are you sure Danny?" She asked again.

"Yes I am sure. I'm gay remember? It is totally fine with me." I told her as we walked down the side walked to her house like we did every day after collage. I would just make a portal to go back home after wards. We walked in silence till a blue wisp of air came out of my mouth. I sighed and looked around before changing into Phantom. I flew up and looked around till I saw the fright knight coming up.

"What do you want fright? I was kind of busy."

"My king would like to speak to you."

"And why would I go to him?"

"Because if you do not I will make you."

"Yea sure whatever. Look tell him that he better not try anything or I will just lock him up again."

"You will regret not going willingly phantom." He said. I rolled my eyes and sucked him into the thermos. After that I waved good bye to Sam and created a portal. After that I flew towards my home and released Fright knight along the way. Once I finally got home I relaxed a bit knowing that it was well guarded. I walked right up to my room and fell asleep.


"Daniel! You must wake up NOW!" Was said from above me.

"Yea! Get up you lazy sack of potatoes! I go get Cujo!" Was said on my right. I sat up quickly and saw Pandora and Dani watching me with amused smiles.

"That's not funny! And why did I have to get up any way?"

"Because you are going to be moving in with Pariah dark. He has decided that since he is high king of all ghosts and you are a prince that you will be his consort."

"WHAT?" I yelled.

"Daniel! Calm down. It will be fine. You will warm up to him in the month you live there or you will return home. And you must make an effort to warm up to him."

"But Mother! We are both dudes!"

"Yes and the last time I checked you preferred males."

"ummm...He's a ghost! And a malevolent one at that!"

"Yes and that is why Clockwork who is an ancient will have a talk with him about it."


"You see you have no real argument. Now hurry up and change. The Fright Knight and his Night mare will be here soon. They will also have clothes there for you."

"Have fun Danny. And it could be the fruit loop you know."

"Ugh don't remind me about him. I'm just glad he is still in space." I told Dani as she walked out the door. I quickly grabbed a pair of light leather pants and a dark tunic and slipped on my favorite pair of leather boots. After that I grabbed my ecto-Ipod that was made by Technus. Than I went and sat on the front steps to wait for him to get here.


He finally got here after half an hour of waiting. I glared up at him and flew next to him on the way back to the castle. Pariah was all ready waiting out side for us. From the sense of foreboding I knew that this was going to be hard to do.

"Hello Phantom. I have been informed that you are indeed a prince to Queen Pandora. That along with the fact that you are indeed more powerful then the other half breed and namely any ghost... if one does not count the ancient one. I assume that you already knew what I mean by consort and not what that filthy human world means by the word."

"Yea I know what a consort is. I learned a lot from Pandora. Is there anything else I should know?"

"Yes. I won't have full mortals in this realm any more and you will not be able to go any further then the garden wall. Any further then that and you will get a painful shock."

"What about Pandora? Or Dani or my mortal Friends and family?"

"Your ghostly family may visit but you will have to prove that I can trust you to return here before you may go back to the mortal world."

"Fine. Were do I sleep that was a long trip over half the zone."

"Fright Knight will show you to your living area." I nodded my head and followed behind the knight. We made it to a large room that was in the classic theme of black and white. There were two doors on the opposite side of the wall one on each side of the large bed. There were also two chairs next to a fire place on the wall to my right and a large window seat that took up half the wall on my left. The other half was taken up by book shelves.

"You will stay here." he said. I nodded and looked around again. This was either going to be a really hard task or really easy. I thought.


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