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Danny POV

"Dude I can't believe it's your wedding day!" Tucker said as the two of us got dressed in our tuxes. Mine was all white and his was a light blue color. Sam poked her head in the door.

"Hey you two almost ready? Clockwork wants to talk to all of us."

"Yea we're ready." I said. She came in wearing a black dress with a couple of the red and white flowers on it. Clockwork came in wearing his normal outfit only his hood was down to show off his slightly blue hair.

"As you know Daniel will in fact have to pass away before he will be able to marry Pariah. In order for this to happen he will have to drink a mixture of crushed blood blossom petals and cherry blossom petals in water."

"So it's like the thing that symbolishs death and the one that symbolishs life?" I asked.

"Yes. This is the only sure way to make you become full ghost and not move on." He said. The three of us nodded our heads. Clockwork pulled out a jar and just before he opened it my mortal parents burst in with Jazz on thier heels.

"DANNY! We know that your going to die and we couldn't just let you go and die and not get to see you still alive before it happened." Maddie said. I looked at her and tried to calm down.

"So you decided to come, on my wedding day, just to say goodbye?"

"NO! Well yes... but no we want to be apart of it. We missed out on so much of your life and we don't want to miss the biggest day of your life." Jack said. Jazz walked in front of them and pulled me into a quick hug.

"It's okay little brother, I checked and double checked that they had no weapons, and the speeder is inactive. So they cant't and won't do any thing. Just give them a chance okay?"

"Fine. One toe out of line and you'll see how protective ghosts are of their sons, brothers, friends, prince, and mates."

"Yikes that's alot of titles dude."

"...yea i know..." I said. Sam rolled her eyes.

"Well this is all very nice but i do believe that the planner would like to have you be on time yes?" Clockwork said. Jack and Maddie and Jazz all looked at him.

"Who are you?" Maddie asked. Clockwork shifted to a young child from his old man form.

"I am Clockwork, master of time and the last of the ancients. I am also young Daniels self-appointed mentor."

"Cool." Jazz said. Clockwork used his staff to make a glass appear before him. He than poured in the mix of flower petals.

"You'll need to be in ghost form." He pointed out. I nodded and made the shift. He handed me the cup and I drank the bitter liquid. I felt a cold shiver run thorugh me and my rings appeared again. I felt them go over me and I could tell that I had changed. I went to touch my hair to see if it was still like normal hair only to find a freezeing flame. I called up a mirror of ice and looked in it. I saw the light blue skin, the pointed ears and I could feel my now forked tounge and pointy canines.

"D-dude you l-look like HIM!" Tucker said. I nodded my head.

"Funny thing is I still feel my humanity, I don't feel different." I said. Tucker and Sam shook their heads. The Fentons looked confussed.

"The person we are talking about was an alternate version of my self. One in a timeline where I cheated on the C.A.T and you three plus Sam and Tuck and all died. I had to move in with Vlad. I had him use the ghost gauntlets to take out my ghost half which ripped out his. The two merged and I became evil. I killed my human half and destroyed all of the world. It was horrid. Clockwork here was supposed to kill me in this time line to make sure it didn't happen. But with his help i defeated Dan and you guys were saved. That is another part of the reason I never wanted to go to Vlads' house." I explained. Just after I finished Paulina came and made every one leave so that the ceremony could begin.

"Jazz wait!"

"Yea little brother?"

"Would know um like walk me down the isle? Pandora said that it's tradition for one of the ghosts greatest friends to do it rather than a parent cause a lot of them don't have them. So i thought that since your my sister and Sam and Tuck are already in it that you might like to do it."

"Oh Danny! I would be honored to do that!" She said. The two of us waited for about ten more minutes before the music came on for us to walk out. She linked our arms and we walked out. I looked around at all of the decorations. One side had white snow flakes and streamers while the other side had black flames and black streamers. inthe middle the two mixed togther and made it look like the snow was in the flames. The carpet was white with black swirls and the benchs matched it. Looking at the alter I saw the arc of the white and blood red flowers along with Pariah. He was wearing a simple black suit that was elegently done. And instead of wearing the crown of fire he had his hair pulled back into a ponytail at the back of his neck. We finally made it to the alter where Jazz put my hand into Pariahs. We stood across from each other with Clockwork in the middle.

"As last of the anicents I have come to wed these two ghosts. If any one has any objection as to why they should not be wed, get over it I all ready know what your going to say and no one cares." I saw my parents sit back down in their seats after that. Clockwork turned to Pariah.

"Pariah Dark, King of the ghosts, fire elemental do you take this young ghost to be your lawfully wedded husband? To treat him as an equal? and love him no matter the circumstances? To hold and protect him in his hour of need and stand by and let him free in his brightest moments?"

"I do oh ancient one."

"And do you Daniel, prince of the ghosts, ice elemental and saviour of the two worlds take this ghost to be your lawfully wedded husband? To respect him and listen to him? To obey when it is needed and disobey when it is not? To come to him with troubles and worries and help him with the rebuilding of the Ghost zone?"

"I do oh ancient one."

"Then by the power veseted in me by the most ancient ones...and the observents... i pronounce you two man and husband. You may now kiss one and other." He finished. Pariah pulled me over and lifted my chin so our mouths could meet in a quick kiss. He than releashed me and grabbed my hand. We walked out of the grand hall to wear the reception was set up at. We went and sat at the table at the front of the room with the rest of our wedding party the few humans that came along with that one crazy camra man that always got stuck with on the sight ghost fight covrage got food and proceeded to eat. The ghosts all danced around the dance floor with Technus as DJ. I mingled with a few ghosts and so did Pariah. It felt like things were finally going to get better rather than that almost constent feeling of dread i had as a halfa. This truly was the best day of my after life.


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