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As heated as things were right now, Kurt and Blaine had thought about it but they didn't want to mention it to each other. They had been dating for a couple of weeks and more than once things had gotten really heated but they still hadn't gone farther because they wanted to take it slow. Sure they got to the point where they were in their underwear and dry humping which usually resulted in stains from them both. In these situations it was usually Blaine who had to pull away. It was just so hard... Kurt was so sexy and he didn't even realize it, he just did so many things to him. It was even harder pulling away every time he did Kurt thought it was because Blaine didn't want him and because he had the sex appeal of a baby penguin or so Kurt thought. Kurt had just reached for Blaine's belt.

"Wait, Kurt I think we should cool down" he held his boyfriends hands in place gently sighing trying to regain control of himself.

Kurt pouted, this was really beginning to get frustrating. Blaine was just so sexy and he just expected him to calm down? he groaned in frustration mainly because of the heat of his erection that he needed to take care of and it didn't help when they were half naked and pressed against each other

" Why, don't you want me Blaine?" he scrunched up his eyes a little and pouted a little more. It was times like these where he felt rejected and he hated it. It made him want to cry but of course he didn't then Blaine would think he was overly sensitive and he was.. he just didn't want to scare off Blaine yet by crying half naked.

Blaine caught Kurt's expression and it immediately tugged on his heart strings as he pulled him in for a loving hug.

" Of course I want you, you are so sexy that I wonder how I can pull away but baby you have to understand me I want to take it slow. I want our first time to special not just a random act of our horny selfs." Blaine bit his lip, that didn't come out right it sounded like he was rambling random stuff but luckily it seemed that Kurt understood him.

Kurt nodded " Ok, you're right"

Blaine added a soft and sweet smile " I will promise you something, when the time comes and we can't find ourselves to stop then we won't stop because it will be the right moment and we will both feel it"

Kurt smiled and kissed his boyfriend " You sir are perfect, you know that?" Blaine blushed at his comment.

" Thank you Kurt, you are way to good to me" they stared at each other then smiled laying in each others arms.

Damn it ... Kurt thought. I seriously hope the day comes soon . I just can't control myself or my dick anymore. I need Blaine and I need him soon but I love him and he loves me. I'll wait because I know he has a point. I can't let myself get carried away so quickly but I just can't help. I want him really bad. I would tell him this I just don't want to scare him off. I love you him too much I just hope he's ready soon.

Kurt looked at Blaine then drifted off to sleep.

What they both didn't know is that Kurt wasn't the only that wanted them to bang.

A couple of hours later after Blaine had gone home he logged into FaceBook. So yeah him and Blaine talked everywhere and practically 24/7 he did not get tired of it.

Blaine Anderson: Having a party tomorrow !:)

Kurt Hummel and 67 others like this.

Noah Puckerman: Having a party? ;) I'll bring some booze then you can finally get some with your boyfriend.

Kurt Hummel: O.O Noah, do not talk about these subjects online or anywhere its not right and its not your business.

Santana Lopez: Oooh , action between you and dapper boy. Wanky Wanky ;) wait.. Kurt I thought you and I were secret lovers, or did you forget ?;).

Blaine Anderson: Umm Kurt? O.O

Kurt Hummel: She's kidding babe.

Santana Lopez: Maybe I am, Maybe I'm not ;)

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Kurt Hummel: Ah, Facebook... a place where people can poke each other and not care about invade other peoples sexual lives.

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Santana Lopez: Woah, so you and dapper boy are getting it on? Wanky ;)

Brittany Pierce: Oooh! Kurt you never told me you and Blaine were dolphins ! :)

Kurt Hummel: Santana, I am still a virgin.

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Kurt Hummel: And Brittany... no I haven't had dolphin sex with Blaine if that's what you're wondering.

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Brittany Pierce: Can Dolphins have babies ? If so... I wonder when the stork will come for Kurt.

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Kurt Hummel: I do not know about Dolphins but It is impossible for a baby to come out of me.

Blaine Anderson: It's impossible and there's not enough space.

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Brittany Pierce: Ah, that sucks. Hey maybe you two can do that... what's it called... sugargate?

Santana Lopez: No, sweetie it's called surrogate.

Brittany Pierce: Oooh... anyways... gay babies equal rainbows ! I like rainbows 3

Kurt Hummel: O.O

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Noah Puckerman: Definitely attending Blaine Anderson's party, oh and ND remember what we talked about ;)

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Blaine Anderson: Please tell me all those people are not coming to my party. My house is only so big...

Santana Lopez: That's what she... oh wait.. that's what he said ;)

Blaine Anderson: Really Santana ? -.-

Santana Lopez: Oh come on... ;) lighten up a little dapper boy. I bet that's what Kurt will be saying soon.

Kurt Hummel: WHAT? Santana, please stop making me turn red via internet.

Blaine Anderson: I wonder why the sudden interest in Kurt's and I's relationship?

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Kurt Hummel: That is exactly what I wonder

Santana Lopez: You'll know soon enough what were talking about boys ;)

Blaine Anderson: Why do I have a feeling something is going to happen tomorrow?

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Blaine Anderson: When did I have so many friends on FB?

Wes Montgomery: When I accepted them all so you wouldn't be lonely.

Blaine Anderson: Thank you Wesley O.o

Kurt Hummel: I am getting off for now. I have more important things to do than for people wanting to know everything about my relationship with Blaine. Doesn't privacy exist anymore?

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Blaine Anderson: You speak the truth baby .

Kurt Hummel: Why do I feel like people are going to try to get us to have sex?

Santana Lopez : Who told you ? :O Anyways, time to pop those cherries boys ;)

Blaine Anderson: Oh... um... you are a very interesting person Santana.

Kurt Hummel: This party will definitely be interesting. I think she's kidding though Blaine I don't think she would go that far. Right Santana?

Santana Lopez: ...

Kurt Hummel: O.O Well then.