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Leaning over Batman Minx gasped as he sat up and Joker's body jolted awake simultaneously.

"Br-BATS!" immediately Minx was hugging his shoulders and checking his face worriedly when Gordon looked over from where a few of his men were taking the Hatter away.

"Where is he?" Batman craned his neck to see Joker was sitting up with a hand in his hair, looking around instinctively until he saw the inevitable. Minx went to the BATMAN over him. He didn't say anything though he just flicked his tongue out as if he had a nasty taste and ruffled his hair because it was falling flat.

Minx deliberately was ignoring him, which was making him nuts. In fact she, Batface, and Gordo all went off into their own contingent to discuss and try to figure out what to do with the Mad Hatter when Gordon decided to just keep him in holding until they could get a mental evaluation of him.

Disgusted, Joker just put his jacket back on and straightened himself out before heading over to the handcuffed Mad Hatter, who eyeballed him and grinned dryly.

"I almost feared you'd been lost in your own psyche…"

Pulling a cigarette out of his pocket Joker just stuck it between his teeth and nodded, "Oh I did…" raising his eyebrows he reached behind a wary cop and pulled something out though he wasn't looking, "you got me REAL good, Macrocephaly…" licking his lips he scowled, "lucky for ME…I get by with a little help from my friends…" wrinkling his nose he nodded with a grimace, "pays off in this town to not be a COMPLETE loser."


"Hey! Hey hey hey hey!" cops tried to seize Joker immediately as he beat on the Mad Hatter with a nightstick he stole from a cop's pocket and that immediately caught Minx's eye.

"YO! NANCY!" that shrill shout snared Joker's attention, but he was too focused on killing Hatter and not making it quick with a gun.

Batman stepped forwards and went to pull Joker away when Minx just couldn't take it and left the basement. That immediately made Joker stop and look around the room before making eye contact with Batman, smoothing his own hair, and lighting up his cigarette.

"What'd you see in there, Batbreath?" his eyebrow raised amusedly, "Anything…ex-CITING?"

Looking his longtime adversary in the eye Batman did answer, "Everything burned."

Joker nodded along before leaving because he technically did nothing wrong this time around. No one was arresting him tonight when that mother fucker tried to turn him into a dream-eaten vegetable. Gordon was clearly hesitant to let Joker go, but there were more important matters than the clown tonight.

Instead Joker smoked his cigarette up the stairwells and made his way to the lobby of the old apartment complex. There she stood in the night absent of moon; her hood actually off and the heavy rain dampening her hair. He grimaced, cringed, and rubbed the back of his neck before carefully striding over and removing his coat; draping it over her shoulders and wrapping an arm around her shoulders. He kissed her temple before murmuring.

"I'm sorry."

Angrily she turned to face him before raising an eyebrow and scowling, "For what?"

Taken aback by the coldness he shook his head, "I don't know…" that wasn't the reaction he anticipated from her.

"You're welcome by the way," nodding she ripped herself away from him and started quickly moving away from the complex, "Come on, the babies had a fucking heart attack when I could not find you. The forecast says three more days of this bullshit and then you can go off on your merry way."

He wasn't going to leave after three days; he wasn't going to leave after a thousand days that was her schizophrenia talking. Swallowing he moved to her side and hooked two of his fingers through hers.

Don't walk away, don't walk away, oh, when the heart is yearning