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The depth of a lie

****************** 10 cadets stood to attention in the middle of a grey room; they remained perfectly still and didn't display any kind of emotion in their expressions. A man entered the silent room and stood firmly in front of the 10 cadets, He stepped forward and walked along the straight line eyeing each of the cadets until satisfied. Finally the man stood back.

"You know why you are here today," he said, "you have been chosen to become the next Ensigns, Lieutenants, Commanders and Captains of Starfleet's most secret operation, Special elite forces, S.E.F for short."

He started pacing up and down the line of cadets; he paused very briefly to breathe, before continuing, "When you officially leave this room you will be classified as an Ensign. As you already know, Starfleet officers are not told that the S.E.F exists for security reasons. Not even an admiral is given such clearance; the only people that know about the S.E.F. are the Agents themselves and the leaders of Starfleet."

He continued pacing as he took another short pause for breath again, then he continued, gesturing towards the exit. "When you walk out of that door you are not to talk about the mission or the S.E.F to anyone, except to other agents like yourselves. And when you do speak of the S.E.F, you must make sure you are in a secure area where no-one will overhear you."

The senior agent stopped pacing, and looked at each of the upcoming agents. "Every new group of agents is sent to another, more qualified agent with an undercover identity. We will give you their details and you will be sent to them. Your training will begin immediately, and will last until the supervising Agent believes you are ready."

The agent took a deep breath, giving off an air of importance as he added, "You have been chosen out of thousands of young hopefuls, for the S.E.F's Alpha team, the best of the best. This means you will go through more rigorous training than other trainees will. To this end, you will be trained by one of our best agents. You have probably heard about him, Commander Tom Paris."

He watched them mumble in surprise, Commander Paris was one of the best, and he was the youngest Commander in the S.E.F. He was due to be promoted, but his last undercover mission backfired. He was meant not only to find Chakotay and his crew, but find their secret base in the badlands. Unfortunately, the ship had been lost with Paris on it.

But Starfleet had recently received a message from them saying they were in the Delta Quadrant. Now, not only could they use Paris, to train these new agents, but this would also give the S.E.F, 11 trained Agents in another Quadrant.

"I thought Commander Paris was in the Delta pretending to be an ex-con and a Starfleet Lt." one of the Agents asked, confused.

"We have developed technology to create a wormhole to the Delta quadrant," explained the senior agent, "we can pin-point their location when the next data stream comes tonight. We will send you near to their location. Once there, you will send a Starfleet distress call." The agent paused to let the cadets absorb this information before explaining further. "They should be there within a day. You will all be given a cover story. Once onboard you must find Paris, he will know you are coming, since we have sent him a classified notice to inform him as such."

Having explained everything else, the agent went on to say, "Last of all, you have been taught how to conceal your emotions. You must not show them how you feel. All emotions must be faked; it is through discipline that this is achieved. Is that clear?"

He asked, getting a quick, sharp, "Yes sir!" If it hadn't been for his own training, he might have smirked at their enthusiasm. "Good luck!" He told them, "you're being taught by the best. We'll reconvene in the shuttle bay at 0700 hours tomorrow. Dismissed!"

With that the Senior Agent watched as they turned in unison, and walked out of the door. *If only they knew what they were going to go through. * He thought.


Tom Paris walked down the corridor, heading for the mess hall to meet B'Elanna and Harry for dinner, the new transmissions from the Alpha quadrant had come in today and he wondered if he got a message from his sisters.

He walked into the mess hall, and started to scan the tables for his friends. Then he noticed them in the corner of the room, eating what appeared to be one of Neelix's new concoctions. He started to walk over being greeted by the odd passer-by in a friendly manner.

"Hi Tom, you think you're brave enough to try Neelix's soup today?" Harry said, looking up at his friend.

"It's soup? I thought it was a casserole! Tom replied with a sickened look on his face, "I think I'll pass today." Tom said sitting down on the chair opposite Harry.

About five minutes later B'Elanna walked in to the mess hall with a pleased look on her face, which wasn't particularly common for the short-tempered half-Klingon. She walked up to where the two were sitting and sat down next to Tom.

"Guess what I got today," B'Elanna said in an eager voice.

"What?" Tom said in a calm voice.

"A letter from an old professor of mine, he said he got hold of Voyager's engineering reports, and wants me to write an article on warp core efficiency," B'Elanna said with a huge smile on her face.

*I wonder how long she'll keep that smile on her face* Tom thought, giggling at his inside joke.

"That's great B'Elanna," Harry said with a smile as big as hers on his face.

"Yeah it is!" B'Elanna said looking at the padd. "Oh, I almost forgot. You got one too Tom!" B'Elanna said tossing him the other padd.

"I hope it's from my sisters they said they would write," Tom said in a happy voice.

"I don't think so it's got a password authorisation on it," B'Elanna said casually. Tom knew instantly that it was from the S.E.F, but why was the question.

"You were going to read my mail," Tom said with a bit of hurt in his voice. The fact was he wasn't really bothered, she would never get the code; it was unbreakable. But he had to show some kind of emotion so she wouldn't get suspicious about him.

"Sorry Tom, who is it anyway," B'Elanna said curiously.

"Oh, It's just my sisters writing," Tom lied, but that was nothing unusual, it was just a daily chore to him. "They use a security code on a letter to their Brother." Harry said a bit taken back.

"It's personal Harry, my sisters are very thorough when it comes to this type of thing, they are just like dad sometimes, even though they wouldn't admit it." Tom said, trying to brush them off the track they were on.

"Oh, so what does it say?" B'Elanna said trying to get a peek at the padd in Tom's hand. Tom closed the padd down so B'Elanna could not see; he would read it in private later. "I'll read it later," Tom said with his best 'faked' smile.

"Ok well I'm off, I'm on tonight see you two later," Harry said getting up and walking out of the mess hall. "Well I'm off too." B'Elanna said, leaving as well. Tom sat alone. He liked being alone sometimes; it gave him peace once in a while.

The truth was he did care for voyager but not as much as he did the S.E.F. The S.E.F had always been there. He had started training when he was 16, because he was spotted at an early stage. He had been in the Alpha team and was one of the best, and still was.

He was on a spy mission to uncover a Maquis base but it went wrong. In this situation you had to give yourself a personality completely different to your own, so he acted like he was cocky and was always laughing and joking, which was the complete opposite to Agent Tom Paris. His true self is serious and clever, which is why he had been picked at such a young age. He wasn't immune to jokes and fun like Tuvok but he preferred to train and work on continually bettering himself as an agent. Many people said you 'can't get better than Tom Paris' but he had his own personal goals to accomplish. He got up and walked out of the mess hall. He would go to his quarters and see what the S.E.F had to say.


At 0700 the 10 agents walked into the shuttle bay looking around at their surroundings as they walked up to the older agent they had seen the previous day. They stood in front of him, knowing very well that they weren't going on an average induction training course, and that they weren't going to see their families and friends in a long time if ever again.

They had been picked for not only their skills and intelligence but at their ability to keep going and to stay alive in, what looked like a hopeless situation. That was one of the main factors that made you a good agent in the Alpha or in their case, the Delta Quadrant. It's all well and good if you have the skills but you also need the stamina to stay alive in deadly situations. The 10 agents looked at their commanding officer and he looked right back at them, his face as stoic as a Vulcan.

"This is your ship; you all know your cover story and make sure you show no true emotions. We need this to look real if it is going to work at all," the agent said pointing at them one by one as he said it to make sure he got through to every single one of the new agents.

"As you can see your ship is brand new, you will get to the Delta Quadrant and then put out a distress beacon. If you get into trouble or are attacked before they arrive, we have developed a high range cloak for emergency use. We hope to hear from you when the next data stream comes. You know what you have to do so, good luck; I'll see you when you get back. Dismissed." The 10 agents walked on to the shuttle all knowing their place and job.

The older agent stood in the observation room as the shuttle took off, he wondered if they would ever make it to the U.S.S Voyager, let alone come back.

**** Paris walked into his quarters wondering what the S.E.F had to say to him. It wasn't like he could do a mission for them here, in the Delta Quadrant, but then again you should never underestimate the S.E.F, if they wanted to do something they would do it. Paris sat on the sofa the padd in his hands. * Should I look? * He thought to himself.

He tapped the padd with his hand and the padd came to life, his eyes focused on the small screen as he began to read it.

To Commander Thomas Eugene Paris of the S.E.F.


The S.E.F has chosen you, to train the newest and best agents of the S.E.F.

As you are in the Delta Quadrant, this maybe difficult, but we at the S.E.F are confident that you will be able to do it. You are to give them the usual training given to all new agents. As these are the Alpha agents, you must give them the toughest training possible.

There are 10 agents and they should be in the Delta Quadrant around the time you get this letter. They will arrive via an artificial wormhole. Voyager will receive a distress call within the next couple of days so be prepared.

They have their cover story, so play along. They know who you are, so they will approach you within their first day onboard Voyager.

I want a report from you in every data stream Commander, good luck; we know you will do us proud.

Captain John Mavis.

Training co-ordinator for the S.E.F/ Alpha division.

Paris sat with a slight feeling of shock from what he had read. He would have to do even more lying than he was already doing, and he was doing enough lying by his standards already.

Paris sat back, closed his eyes, and gained his bearings. He opened his eyes and there was no sign of emotion in them, he stood and walked out the door.

*The S.E.F are counting on me, I'll do what any good agent would do. * Tom thought as he walked into the tubolift.

"Holodeck," Paris said plainly and the doors closed.


"30 seconds till we enter the wormhole," Davis shouted over the groans of the ship as it got pulled into the wormhole.

"We're going in, everyone hold on like in the simulation," Turner shouted, albeit calmly.

"5.4.3."Davis shouted to be heard over the straining of the ship.

"Hold on!" Madison shouted clinging to the side as he entered in commands.

"1.0." The Ship flew into the wormhole. The 10 agents were gone.


Paris stood in the centre of the holodeck this is where the training would be held.

"Activate Paris Arrow," Paris said calmly. 'Arrow' was the training program for S.E.F agents. Every officer was given the Arrow program, so that they can train themselves and others in any situation. The surroundings changed from grey walls to a beautiful forest, which looked like it went on for miles.

"Activate program 01 with characters," Paris said, raising his hands, preparing to defend himself against whatever enemy may appear in the program. The programs were designed so that it was never the same situation, and just as hard or harder than the one before it. Paris looked around waiting for the unexpected to happen, and it did.

A humanoid in a black suit and mask appeared behind Paris, grabbing him by the neck trying to snap it. Paris expertly grabbed the man's arms and threw him over his back, onto the floor in front of him. The man struggled up, but Paris kicked him back down and pulled his arm behind his back to stop him from getting out of his vulnerable position on the floor.

To complete the level you either have to knock the enemies out or kill them. Paris didn't mind if he had to kill someone, but he would only do that if he had no other choice. In this scenario the best thing to do would be to knock the person out, as they were more vulnerable, so he did just that. With one swift punch, the man was on the floor unconscious.

The man disappeared so that next opponent could come out. The more opponents that were defeated in the program the harder the program got. The second enemy, Paris was forced to break his neck, as he was hard to knock out. The third fight was just about to start when the com-line came to life. "Lt. Paris report to the bridge." Janeway ordered over the line.

*That was quick* Paris thought, knowing exactly what was happening, and that the charade had begun.


"Voyager is within range," Knight said with a smile, they had managed to get out of the wormhole without being torn apart, and now just three hours after they had sent out the distress call, Voyager was coming to their aid.

But Knight started to think that the S.E.F had strategically put them in empty space

*How long were they planning this before we came along* Knight thought in wonder.


"Hail them." Janeway said, wondering how a Starfleet ship appeared in the Delta Quadrant.

"They're responding to our hail." Harry reported in his usual optimistic way.

"I'm Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Star ship Voyager. We are responding to your distress call, may we be of some assistance?" Janeway said as she found herself looking at the bridge of the Starfleet vessel via the view screen.

She was taken aback at first, as all the crew appeared to be young Ensigns no older than twenty-one or twenty-two years of age.

*What are they doing running a star ship all on their own* Janeway thought, but decided to question later and help now. "Thank you, Captain. Please may my crew come onboard? We don't really know where we are." Turner said looking confused.

"Of course, how many on you're crew?" Janeway asked.

"10," Turner said simply. Janeway looked partly shocked. "I'll explain later."

Paris had been carefully watching the entire conversation; there was no doubt about it, that it was they. Paris had noticed a couple of the young agents looking at him, they knew who he was. They had probably been fed holo-pics of him, so that they wouldn't get the wrong guy. The agent at the front of the ship, apparently the leader of the team, was discussing preparations with Janeway for them to come on board for a briefing on their situation.


Turner was in front of the others, discussing the meeting arrangements for the two ships. They had all spotted Paris, who was at the front and had looked them over once or twice, recognising them as his new trainees, and they too had recognised him as their new trainer.

He was known as the best agent in the S.E.F, qualified 'top of tops', in all subjects. He was the leading trainee agent of the Alpha team, and was probably the best you could get. The only flaw in this agent was that no one knew what his personality really was. He had played so many, and was always playing one or the other, so that no one would or could say with certainty that they know the Paris behind the mask.

They had been given, amongst the piles of padds worth of notes and orders, Paris' current personality, the personality he had been playing for almost six years on Voyager. Apparently he was playing a cocky ex-con pilot, with a sense of humour that would lighten moods in every situation. That wasn't that hard, they had to act themselves, they could not show their true face and they knew that people might forget who they really are, like they did with Paris.

"Ok, thank you Captain. We will land in your shuttle bay and meet you there. I look forward to a proper introduction, Turner out." Turner closed hailing frequencies and turned around to look at his colleagues. "Remember, who you are, and keep your covers." After that no one said a word as they docked into the bigger ship's shuttle bay.

*I wonder if we will ever find out who Paris really is. Or if he even knows himself that is. * Davis thought as they entered Voyager.


Paris watched as the small ship entered Voyager, he wondered how hard this was going to be; keeping this many secrets from the crew, and it wasn't just him now. He had to make sure the young agents didn't slip up and let something out that they shouldn't. If that happened, then they would all be found out and non-committed officers would know about the S.E.F. That was a definite no-no.

If the S.E.F did get found out, then all the projects that had been going on would be exposed and the S.E.F would not be able to carry on with their investigations. Years of hard work and agent sacrifices for the S.E.F would be for nothing, and all those agents would have died in vain. He would never let that happen, whatever the cost.

"Tom, Tuvok, your with me. We're going to meet them in the shuttle bay and see if we can gets some answers." Janeway announced heading toward the turbolift. Tom stood up; he was glad he was going, just in case a slip up occurred.


"Welcome to Voyager, I'm glad to meet you all," said Janeway looking at every one of them. They were so young.

"Pleased to meet you Captain." Turner said, stepping forward to greet the Captain in a respectful manner. Janeway stepped forward and shook each one of their hands. They all had smiles on their faces. This made Janeway think that they probably didn't know where they were.

*I don't want to give them the bad news, right now. I'll do it when they're sitting down. * Janeway thought, shaking the last of their new colleagues' hands.

"Please come to our briefing room, we can all get some of the answers we need." Janeway said guiding them out of the shuttle bay.

They had noticed Paris, but avoided eye contact, as it may have looked suspicious. Paris had silently agreed with their decision to avoid contact for now, as he walked out last. This was going to get interesting.


They all entered the Briefing room, there was not enough room for all of them so, they decided the three most senior officers from each crew would sit, while the rest stood around the table. Janeway, Chakotay and Tuvok sat at one end of the table and Turner, Davis and Knight sat at the other.

"So, pardon me if I'm way off, but you all look a little young to be on a ship all by your selves." Janeway said lightly, starting the meeting she didn't want to shock them, they'd had been through enough for one day.

"We were on a training mission, and then the wormhole appeared. When we got through, our sensors said we were in the." Turner took a breath, trying to make it look realistic.

"It said we were in the Delta Quadrant, there must have been something wrong with the sensors." Turner looked up a worried look etched onto his face, they had been taught drama in the S.E.F. All good agents needed to be able to act, to lie, as lying is an act in itself. "We're not in the Delta Quadrant are we Captain?" Turner said, not moving his gaze from the Captain, and neither did anyone else in the room.

They all had worried looks on their faces, waiting for an answer that, really, they already knew. "Yes," Janeway replied simply, bowing her head down, not wanting to the see the expressions on their faces, but she had to see. She saw tears fall freely down all of the young Ensign's faces, they comforted each other, and she felt sick.

They were so young and they were stuck out in the Delta Quadrant now, like Voyager's own crew. One thing was for sure they would be a part of this crew, they had enough space, and she wouldn't leave them being so vulnerable.

Then something struck Janeway. Tom was standing in the corner of the room, looking at the new additions to the Voyager crew with a careful eye. But what surprised her most was that he showed no sign of surprise or sadness.

*Well, Tom doesn't like to show emotions, it's probably just you Janeway. You're slowly going mad, I'm sure of it. * Janeway thought with inner humour. Janeway carried on talking to Turner about the arrangements for them to join the crew.


Tom looked at the new agents, who were about to come aboard Voyager, to stay. They were supporting each other, crying in shock from the heart breaking news that they might never see their families or friends again. If Tom weren't a highly trained agent he wouldn't have been able to tell they were faking it. But he had to give it to them, they were good, they had been trained well by the S.E.F, very well.

But then, they were the Alpha team; they had to be good to get trained by him, especially as he was in the Delta Quadrant. He was going to make good agents out of them, he knew it, but one of the rules of training a good agent was to never tell them how good they are until they see what it's really like to be an S.E.F agent.

*I'll just have to see how they get on, you never know what to expect in the S.E.F, that's for sure. * Tom thought, leaning against the wall as he watched the perfectly timed drama act which displayed its self in front of him. * You never know. *


"Thank you for letting us join your ship Captain, we don't know what we would have done without you." Turner said walking out of the briefing room.

"I'm just glad I can help." Janeway said, shaking each one of the distraught Ensigns' hands. "One of my crew will take you to each one of your new quarters, get some rest and we will talk tomorrow."

Janeway scanned her senior officers in search of someone to show the new crewmen to their quarters, then it hit her. Tom hadn't said much today, it would be good for someone like Tom to lighten their moods.

"Tom, show our new crewmen to their quarters, there are quite a few spare between deck 8 section b-c, if there isn't enough there go to F.C quarters." Everyone on Voyager knew that F.C stood for Former Crewmen; people, friends they had lost over the years.

"Yes, Captain." Tom said casually, guiding the 10 crewmen out onto the bridge and into the turbolift.


The turbolift closed and silence was the only thing, which dared say anything. The agents looked at each other, prompting one another to say something. Finally, the silence was broken.

"Well are we just going to stand here or is someone going to report to me as an agent should?" Paris said, out of the blue.

The agents were momentary shocked by the disrupted silence, but Turner got his act together and stepped forward, he was the leader of the Alpha team's new agents.

"Sir, we are here in the Delta Quadrant, so that you may train us, to be at the same standard that you are today. You know our cover from the briefing." Turner said looking at Paris, the only sign of emotion in his beaming, brown eyes was respect.

"Good. Now listen; in public you will call me Tom, when we are training you will call me sir or Paris I do not mind. On this ship you will make friends, gain their trust, but you will not use your real emotions. They must be fake emotions, or you will get attached and it will end badly." Paris paused to make sure the agents understood what he was saying.

When he knew his words had sunk in, he continued, "I've got many friends on this ship, and if you don't already know we call them Project friends. You may go into a 'project' relationship, but no emotions. I'm in a project relationship with Lt. Torres, the chief engineer, I don't despise her, which helps, but it is a purely project relationship to avoid suspicion."

Paris looked over the young agents one at a time, making eye contact with each one as he went on, "when you see us being intimate in the mess hall, it is all an act. In public I am cocky and always making jokes. That is not the real me at all. I'm not exactly bright when it comes to my acting personality, I pretend to be useless at science and engineering, but it's all to avoid suspicion again. You've all read my file, so you know my expertise."

He took another, very short pause, to give the agents time to process this information. Then he stood straighter than he had before, if that was even possible, signalling the importance of his next words. "You will train with me in the holodeck from 0200 hours until 0600, which will fit in with your duty shifts as none of you will be put on night shifts."

While Paris continued his speech, the turbolift began to slow down as it approached deck 8, "If you become too tired, the S.E.F stimulant hyposprays to keep you awake are in my quarters, ask me as soon as you get fatigued. Your first few days may seem difficult, but you will get used to it."

The turbolift stopped, and the doors opened. As Paris led the group of young agents off the turbolift and down the corridor, he made certain the corridor was empty before continuing, "Don't worry about anything else for now, I have sorted out the holodeck bookings, all you have to do is be there tomorrow night. Rest tonight, you will need it." As he said the last few words, he pointed to five spare rooms in the Guest section. "Get into pairs, you will share between two, I'll leave you to pick your own roommates."

And with that, Tom departed, leaving the agents speechless where they stood. They quickly organised themselves and went into their new sleeping quarters, but all of them knew they weren't going to be sleeping much.


Paris walked into his quarters and sat down, this was going to be tricky and he knew it. He was going to put these agents through rough training and also try to blend them into the Voyager family. The fact was Paris felt guilty, 7 out of 10 agents died in their work and he was training them so seven would die.

He was once a leader of Alpha trainees, like Turner, and yesterday he found out that he was the only one still alive out of 10. 1 out of 10, this is what they were getting themselves into.


Janeway sat in her quarters thinking about the day's events. She felt sorry for them, but she also thought there was something weird about it, but it was probably just her imagination. Tom had been distant and had said nothing about taking them to their Quarters or anything in fact; she would have to talk to him later.

Anyway if anything were wrong, he would tell her, wouldn't he? He kept to himself a lot, there being most likely things that even B'Elanna didn't know and probably never would. Suddenly the red alert alarms went off. The Captain ran out of the door. The day wasn't over yet; it was never over in the Delta Quadrant.


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